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Rotary engraved, template 3 - Blue plastic with white text.

Rotary Engraved: Style 3, 2 x 10 inches with one line of text

Using nameplates to mark meeting rooms and offices is convenient for new hires and guests, and they also add a feeling of professionalism to your building and the entire company.

NOTE: Rotary engraved nameplates are not recommended for new orders, unless you are attempting to match existing nameplates. For new modern nameplates with expanded options go to Laser Plastic Name Plates, Template Design.

Product Specifications

Quantity Pricing

Rotary Name Plates (Style 3)

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Product Specifications

Rotary engraving carves into the plastic and removes the top layer to produce a relief effect. The material has different colored layers, and as the top layer is engraved, it will reveal the color of the substrate.

SIZE: 2 x 10 inches, two-ply plastic is 0.06 inches thick.

LAYOUT: One line of rotary engraved text with a limit of 14 characters. The characters will be approximately 0.80 inches in height.

FONT: The text on these nameplates must be selected from a list of fonts that are specific to rotary engraving.

MATERIAL: Fifty-six color combinations are available.

ADHESIVES & HOLDERS: Display your new nameplates on a desktop or wall using adhesives. Metal and plastic desk holders and wall mounts may be ordered that allow the nameplates to be easily changed.


PRODUCTION: Quantities of under 25 nameplates may be shipped the next business day. For the fastest service, provide your list for engraving when placing the order. (Production Schedule) .

SHIPPING: Shipping methods and the opportunity to tell us your need-by date are offered during checkout.

Quantity Pricing Tables

PRICE INCLUDES: A 2 x 10 inch rotary engraved nameplate, template style 3, with one line of engraving.

Plastic Name Plate$11.23$8.31$7.69$7.12$6.41$5.79$5.20Call
*Velcro - Hook$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85Call
*Velcro - Smooth$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85Call
*Velcro Hook and Smooth Sides$1.70$1.70$1.70$1.70$1.70$1.70$1.70Call
*Double Sided Tape$0.45$0.45$0.45$0.45$0.45$0.45$0.45Call
*Magnetic Tape$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10Call

*Add the cost of the optional adhesive to the price of your plates for the product total.

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