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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
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Name Badges Create the Conversations that Lead to Sales

Name tags play an important role in starting conversations between employees and customers. These interactions will lead to sales for your business. Customers can quickly see who your employees are when they wear name tags. This also breaks the ice and makes them feel more comfortable starting these important conversations. So, make sure that all of your employees wear proper identification to help them create even better connections between your business and your customers.

Classic name tags with retail employee.

Classic Name Tags

Temporary employees are great to have around to help keep full time operational coverage. So, employers need to find identification that can quickly be given to everyone. These name tags are a great solution for seasonal and high turnover positions. Simply provide us with the names and titles you want on the badges, choose your material and color, and you are good to go. Choose from one of our 13 stock template designs, or get creative and design your own tags.

Reusable Badges

Many businesses require temporary and high turnover staff. These crucial employees are necessary to keep your business running the way your customers are used to. As a cost effective option for staff, these temporary employees help your business remain flexible as you need to adjust the size of your workforce. Using reusable name badges provides quick identification for all your employees so your customers feel at ease as they do business with you.

Reusable Badges for employees.
Two examples of logo-name-tags

Continue the Conversation

You have worked hard to build your business and become known in your community. Adding a logo to permanent name tags lets your customers know who you are and that your business is here to stay. These name tags are also a simple and effective networking tool for events as well as at work.

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