Things To Consider: Name Tags

Does anyone ever really consider what it takes to produce that name tag they are wearing?

When considering a name tag the first thing that usually comes to mind is typically the name that appears on it. However, there is so much more to consider when looking at name tags.

An excerpt from a Coller Industries employee:laser engraved name tags

Name Tag, Inc. opened my eyes to what really goes into producing a name tag. When wearing a name tag one never really thinks about all the work, the people involved or machines used to make it. When first looking at a name tag the color, the person’s name and title, and the logo are what really stand out. Not much else is really considered.

As part of customer service, my view has definitely changed on what goes into making a name tag and the process behind the scenes. A lot goes into setting up orders, sending out proofs and working with design worksheets. There are so many colors and materials and different ways to put a name tag together. This may sound weird, but I feel like I help make name tag dreams come true.

Orders start with an internet order or a phone call. Once the specifics are laid out by the customer, the design team goes to work. Sometimes a customer has an image from the online design tool which provides a more visual picture of the “dream,” and sometimes only simple instructions like size, color and logo placement are included as instructions. Whatever the case, all customers end up with a PDF proof showing them what the name tags will look like.

consider using classy name tag frames - small, medium and large
consider adding an epoxy dome to name tags both plastic and metal

Once a proof is seen, all the extras and smaller details begin to take shape. Many customers have questions at this point, such as the tag size, the option of an epoxy dome, or adding a name tag frame. All these options come highly recommended, and while they do add a minor cost to the name tag purchase, the end results are worth it.

Once the proof has been approved by the customer, the order is sent to a quality checker to make sure that all the order information is correct and consistent. Then, when the order passes this check, the production team takes over. There are various machines that make different name tags. Laser engravers are used on both plastic and metal materials to cut and engrave names, titles and logos. There is also a full color print machine that prints in vibrant colors. Each name tag is carefully completed according to the specifications that were check and rechecked in customer service.

consider which name tag or name badge fasteners to usePart of production is assembly of the product. Fasteners, such as magnets, are affixed to the name tag. Before any name tag is shipped, two more quality control people review the order again. Once this is complete, the package is sealed and given to a trusty UPS driver who then gets them delivered directly to the customer.


Now that’s a lot to think about and consider when looking at a name tag! So, the next time you see a name tag, I hope that you can take a moment to reflect about all the hands and time (and care) that went into its production.

Personalized Custom Luggage Tags

custom luggage tags from plastic name tags printed full color or laser engraved

Create your own unique way to identify your baggage during the holidays. With the holidays nearing rapidly, many people are starting to plan for their holiday travels. In the process of booking flights, packing your bags and getting to your destination, one minor detail can be overlooked. How do you find your bags at the airport or train station once you get to where you need to be? How about personalized, custom luggage tags!

With so many different types of luggage tags to choose from, trying to find custom luggage tags that meet your needs and expectations can be tough. When people think of luggage tags, typically they picture credit card sized plastic tags that require an insert you write your name and address on. While these type of tags are useful, why not create something that is unique and special to you?

Many of our name tag products can be used to create personalized tags for your luggage. Laser engrave plastic name tags with your name and address. Or, print them in full color with a logo or background to really make them personal and easier to see when trying to locate them on a busy, spinning baggage carousel.

Stock Template Plastic Tags

Choose from eleven professional templates to create a laser engraved luggage tag. Multiple colors are available in this two-ply plastic material. Each tag will be engraved with text that you choose. These make the design easy and also provide an inexpensive way to go custom.

Custom Design Plastic Luggage Tags

Use your own custom design for your laser engraved luggage tag. Create your own text with a special font and request a punched slot for easy attaching to your baggage.

Full Color Tags

Show your creativity with full color, digital printed name tags on a plastic material. The thermal transfer process captures your logo in crisp, bright full colors. The logo and background color may extend off the tag (bleed) and text can be printed in any color. These are truly the most unique way to go! And don’t forget to request the punched slot to attach these to any luggage you have.

Photo IDs Aren’t Just For People

In a touching story from a few years ago, we all learn that it doesn’t matter your position in life, everyone can wear photo IDs!

To be easily identified in the hospital wards, Ralf, a Giant Schnauzer, must wear a Photo ID on his collar. Ralf has been working miracles by getting kids back on their feet after their operations. He sits with them during treatments or takes them on walks around The Royal Children’s Hospital.

Photo ID Badges quickly identify every employee with their image next to their name and title. These badges are perfect for heightening security and making sure employees feel like they belong. With pictures, names and titles, they are great for schools, high security establishments (like hospitals) and, for that matter, practically any business concerned with safety.

More about Ralf and his Photo ID

therapy hospital dog wearing photo id name tag name badge

An excerpt from Ralf, by Anne Crawford

“It was late March 2012 when Caroline Lovick discovered that the family pet, Ralf, a Giant Schnauzer, had become famous. Ralf was a ‘therapy dog’ at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, padding the wards every week with Caroline, visiting young patients who were ill and injured, helping in their recovery in often remarkable ways. A daily newspaper published a story on 20 March about the ‘miracle’ pooch and the effect he was having on children and adolescents, with a photo of a toddler, Zeke Harrison, who had a rare genetic disease, walking the corridors of the hospital next to the huge black dog. The article and picture of the chubby-legged infant wearing a nasal-gastric tube went from Melbourne to Sydney to newspapers in the United Kingdom and the US, and then spread on the internet. The story took off in Europe. Spain. Turkey. India. Chile. A German radio station sent a crew to Australia to record a show on Ralf. Dawn French, the British comedienne, posted Ralf on her Facebook page. A woman called Karla from Donegal sent him a gift of engraved dog tags on behalf of the people of Ireland. Caroline had always known that there was something special about the dog that looks you directly in the eyes from beneath his shaggy forelock and bushy brows with kind brown eyes. But she wasn’t prepared for this. Ralf had gone global.”

Photo IDs and Other Name Tags

custom name tags name badges used as pet tags

All pets can have their own Photo IDs or name tags. Design your own, or choose from a variety of stock name tags. No matter what you need, we’re sure to have something that will work for your pet.

From dogs to cats, we have even have custom shapes that will suit man’s best friends. Choose from different colors, font choices and make the most out of your new name tags and photo IDs.

Full Color vs Hot Stamp! Which process will be the champion?

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping
Full color name tags


name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping
Hot stamped name tags

Here at Coller Industries (Name Tag, Inc) we have 2 major color processes to choose from. Many of our customers have specific branding requirements to follow and using certain colors is a big part of those requirements! Our Hot Stamp and Full Color processes are both fantastic, but who will emerge victorious?
Round 1
My company is requiring that we do a specific color for our logo, can you accommodate us?

Full Color: Yes, we can! Please provide your specific PMS (What’s this?) color, and we will match it as closely as our process allows!

Hot Stamp: We may be able to. We have a limited about of foil colors available (See them here.). If one of our offered colors will be acceptable your tags we would love to get your process started!
Round 1 Winner is Full Color!

Round 2
I need a custom shape for my tag as well as color in my logo, can you accommodate me?

Full Color: Unfortunately, no. We are not able to do custom shapes with this process.

Hot Stamp: Yes, we can! Please provide a Vectorized outline (What’s this?) of the shape you would like your tag in, and it’s dimensions!
Round 2 Winner is Hot Stamp!

Round 3
I need a really professional looking tag. I would like it to be metal, or at least look like metal. Is this possible?
Full Color: We only print on plastic, but we have metallic finishes available in European Gold, or Brushed Aluminum.
Hot Stamp: Our process only works on plastic, but we have a variety of metallic finishes that would be acceptable.
Round 3 is a tie!

Today’s match is a draw, folks! Hot Stamp and Full Color are both fantastic products that are incredibly durable and professional. If you are unsure about which is the best for you please give one of our friendly customer service reps a call, and they would be happy to help you decide!

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