Getting Your Brand Noticed

A company’s brand represents its past (what it did to obtain devoted consumers), present (what it is now) and future (what it wants to become). It can also be stated that a brand represents its values (past), mission (present) and vision (future). Define your brand to establish your company as an industry leader and key influencer.

The American Marketing Association defines a brand as, “A name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or services as distinct from those of other sellers.”

using name tags name badges and personal identification to establish your brand

A brand helps develop a strong feeling of trust between those involved and plays a big part in raising a company’s standing. Properly branding a company allows it to stand out from competitors and realize its business potential. It also lets the consumer know what they can expect from that company. After all, when it comes to a brand, standing out is the primary goal.

Logos and Branding

Entrepreneur Magazine defines branding as, “The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.” The goal of branding is to differentiate the product or company in the marketplace to attract and retain loyal customers.

Branding can be a promise of quality, trust or service. It can be quite the process to get a logo that is easily recognized and brings your brand to the top of the market. By using name tags with logos, your business can make itself more visible to others and open the door to better opportunities and experiences.

using name tags name badges and personal identification to establish your brand

The foundation of your brand is your logo. Your website, packaging and promotional materials–all of which should integrate your logo–communicate your brand.

Using name tags reflects who you are and humanizes your business to others. Most people tend to judge on first impressions, especially when everyone involved is a stranger. But, if you can make yourself stand out, your business will become recognizable. And it helps to make others around you more at ease.

Name Tags that Will Get Your Brand Noticed

Consistency is key to developing business recognition because the more frequently people see your brand, the more likely they are to remember it. So, branding only works when you use name tags and other identification correctly. Adding your business logo and employee names and titles is essential to establishing consumer trust.

Choose a material and color that best suits your brand. Then, add your logo (engraved or printed) to set your business apart from the competition. Lastly add pertinent information such as employee first and last names. If you choose a style that supports it, you can also add in titles and credentials.

Get your brand noticed and design your perfect name tags.


Ordering A Predefined Stock Template

Our website has changed! We have now made it easier to order a predefined stock template name tag.

ordering a predefined stock template name tag or name badge with metal and plastic materialsSelect a template and material type from one of our available options. Each option has been set up with predefined text lines and a name tag size. No proof is required for these name tags, and there is no required set-up fee. Provide your name and title list when placing your order for possible next day shipping. Keep in mind that quantity, material and other options selected on the order page will affect the pricing and production time.

Stock templates are available as both metal and plastic name tags. All name tags ordered on these pages will only have text. (If you want to add a logo, they are still available on the other order pages.)

ordering a predefined stock template name tag or name badge with metal and plastic materialsPlastic

All text is laser engraved into the top layer or core of the plastic to reveal the second color to create a two color plastic name tag. Solid colors have a matte finish, metallic colors have either a brushed or smooth finish, and wood grains have a slight gloss finish.

ordering a predefined stock template name tag or name badge with metal and plastic materialsMetal

Laser engraving creates a two color name tag. Each colored metal has a lacquer finish or a reflective mirror-like finish. The engraved color will be the silver or bronze of the underlying metal. On gold and silver tags the laser oxidizes to a dark gray or black.

ordering a predefined stock template name tag or name badge with metal and plastic materials

ordering a predefined stock template name tag or name badge with metal and plastic materials

All of these predefined templates have the option of adding at least a first name. As you browse these templates, notice that each option has different features. Such as Styles A and B only have one line for a first name, while styles J and M both have three lines for names, titles and company name.

Each template option comes in plastic or metal and has the same color choices! Choose from 29 plastic color combinations and 18 metal colors. Plastic options come in a combination as the engraving process requires that one color will show through the other. Metal is a bit different as it just reveals the underlying color of the metal instead of a two layer plastic.

Whatever your choice, these new stock template pages are easy-to-use and will give you a professional looking name tag. And, they’re sure to meet any need!

10 Logo Tips for Name Tags

What makes a good logo? And how do you use it in your company branding?

What makes a good logo? And how do you use it in your company branding? Many customers struggle with their company’s branding when making their name tags. A logo designed for use on the internet or printed media doesn’t typically look as well when you try to fit it onto a name tag.

Consider these few things assuming you already decided to use your company logo on your name tags.

What process will you be using to create them? A full color printed name tag can hold more colors and detail than a hot stamped one. Laser Engraving will limit possibilities even further.

Keep the size of the tag in mind. In most cases, logos will be much smaller than what you usually see, and little details won’t be as visible.

Remember that you may have to be flexible in the colors associated with logos. If you choose a yellow tag and your logo is yellow, consider changing it to black, so it shows up. If you select a hot stamped logo, colors are very limited. You may have to compromise with a basic shade of your colors.

When placing a logo to fill the allowable area on a name tag, the smaller the logo, the larger it can be.

When placing a logo to fill the allowable area on a name tag, the smaller the logo, the larger it can be. Consider using one or the other for logos that incorporate an image and text.

Remember that a name tag’s primary purpose is to convey a person’s name. So don’t make the names harder to read in favor of a bigger, fancier logo.

There are additional ways you can help logos look their best on name tags:

Try to limit the amount of detail in logos. Smaller sizes will not be visible. And many processes will have a hard time duplicating it. But, on the other hand, you only need enough detail to make logos recognizable.

Even if you generally use logos on the internet or printed materials, single color logos are best for name tags. Laser engraving and one color hot stamping need an image that is black and white. You can convert most logos into a single color image. But some will require extra effort to maintain the visibility of all logo elements.

Short and wide logos, such as a company name spelled out in fancy lettering, generally look best at the top or bottom center of the tag. Logos that are square or taller than they are wide will occasionally look good on the left or right side.

adding logos to custom shaped name tags

Another option you can consider to make your logo look its best on your name tag is to try a custom shape. Design your name tag with a shape that follows your logo, with an extra area to hold names and titles. Custom shapes are only available for laser engraved or hot stamped logos, but they can make any name tag stand out!

Hopefully, these tips can help you design your company name tags. In addition, they should give you a big forward step on the road to brand recognition!

These tips and graphics are provided by guest author Melanie Bunch, Graphic Artist at Coller Industries.

6 Ways To Personalize Name Tags

From logos to engraved text, name tags can be made to match a brand.

6 Ways To Personalize Name Tags colors logos graphics text names titles

While this may seem like a trivial thing to bring up, names are an important feature on name tags. Putting someone’s name on a tag or badge does raise a couple of quick questions. Should you put on the person’s full name (first and last) or simply the first name? What about placement? Whatever you decide, make sure it fits properly and is large enough to be seen.

Not all name tags have a title or company name on them. Sometimes, people settle for just a logo instead of a company’s name. And those titles can be a bit pesky if they don’t fit right on the size of name tag chosen. Whichever you decide to use, make sure it fits properly in the space provided.

LOGOS AND GRAPHICS6 Ways To Personalize Name Tags logos and graphics
From bright colors to a simple engraved one, all logos look great on name tags. Just like logos, graphics can be perfection on the right name tag. When opting to use graphics, make sure you choose the appropriate name tag for the job such as the full color logo option.

As name tags are meant to identify an individual, we would like to add that when creating a name tag, take into consideration if it will be worn with or without a uniform. No sense in the overkill of the use of a logo.

Not many people have their picture on a name tag. However, our photo identification cards are great for that special security measure. Had names, titles, pictures and more to these great personal identification products. Photos are a great way to get all relevant information and identifiers onto a badge for all employees.

This actually may need to be the first thing to tackle when choosing a name tag. Do you need something for a one time use, such as adhesive name badges? Or do you need something that is going to last a long time, such as metal or plastic laser engraved name tags? Making sure to select the correct material is key to getting the right name tag.

6 Ways To Personalize Name Tags color and choice of materialCOLOR
Why, yes, this is an issue for a lot of companies. Don’t sell yourself short on this angle of making your name tag truly unique. You might think the person’s name and a company logo are it for branding, but what about a complimenting color? Or does your company actually have a branding color? Make sure to pick a color that matches your needs.

People Who Wear Name Tags

From politicians to office managers, all people wear name tags!

While traditionally people wear name tags in the work place or at a convention, some wear them to other events such as conferences and horse races. From babies and pets to famous people, name tags can be seen everywhere!

name tag name badge scott ginsberg the name tag guy people who wear name tagsFrom Scott Ginsberg, “People wear name tags more often than you think. The majority of retail establishments, stores and other social gatherings require name tags for several purposes. Sometimes it’s for security. Other name tags are solely for identification. But simply stated, people wear name tags for one reason: so other people can use their names for friendlier, more personable service and conversation.”

Recently even Prince William and his wife Catherine were even spotted wearing name tags! They were sporting the bright purple name tags at the recent, and annual, Royal Ascot (a five-day social horse racing event). Rather than keeping with traditional first and last names, they were labeled with “HRH (His/Her Royal Highness) The Duke/Duchess of Cambridge.”

Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge along with James Meade people who wear name tags at Royal Ascot Photo Chris Jackson - Getty Images

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at The Royal Ascot - people who wear name tags (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

Titles are often used in office settings or in retail environments, thus making managers and head staff stand out a bit more from other employees. Titles are also handy during a conference or convention to separate attendees from staff. Staff can range from the workers and servers to speakers and presenters. While typically titles are kept brief, remember to not sell anyone short when using their title on a name tag or name badge.

So, what other people wear name tags? Even politicians have been known to wear a name tag. Typically it has a support message along with their name and title encouraging the viewer to remember their cause as well as their name.

Another person who might wear a name tag is: YOU!
Have you ever worn a name tag for a job or other purpose? If so, where and when?

Something to always remember about name tags:

“A person’s name is the sweetest sound they will hear in any language. When you use their names, you will make them feel appreciated, welcome and important. Maybe it’s printed on a plastic clip. Maybe it’s written on a paper name tag. Even if it hangs from a lanyard, stares you in the face, look at it, and SAY IT!” exclaims Scott Ginsberg.