Acupuncture, Healing & Name Tags

What does acupuncture have to do with name tags?

Coller Industries Incorporated loves giving back to our community. It’s what helps define our business standards and practices. And, without these donations, we know we wouldn’t be complete. Our most recent contribution goes to a wonderful corporation who is helping their community through acupuncture.

Acupuncturists Without Borders of the National Capital Area (AWB-NCA)

using acupuncture to help survivors, first responders, emergency personnel and other care providersAWB-NCA offers acupuncture and integrative medical care to restore vitality and renew the spirit of people suffering from traumatic stress. We create peace for one family, one community, one world, one person at a time.

AWB is committed to collaborating with local community-based organizations and treating all who have been affected by traumatic events. This includes survivors, first responders, emergency personnel and other care providers. We offer services and training in local communities with the goal of creating long-term, sustainable benefits after we leave. They intend to empower each community we serve in a way that best supports their particular needs for rebuilding and recovery.

Susan Berman, Licensed Acupuncturist at AWB-NCA, said, “Acupuncture is an ideal approach for the multiple, complex and over-lapping symptoms associated with high levels of stress, including insomnia, pain, digestive disturbance, challenges with cognition and focus, depression and anxiety.”

AWB-NCA’s Recent Disaster and Crisis Relief Efforts: In 2018, they responded to the shooting in Parkland, FL, the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii and the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico. In 2017, AWB provided thousands of treatments in Texas, Florida, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, and California communities devastated by hurricanes, floods and fires.

Berman also said, “Acupuncturists Without Borders of the National Capital Area (AWB-NCA) is a year old! Thanks to our supporters and our dedicated volunteer staff, we are proud that we have provided over 250 free acupuncture treatments in our local community in two free community acupuncture clinics. Acupuncture has been an effective tool to help people cope with the anxiety, insomnia, pain and other stress-related symptoms that have increasingly affected our community members during this past year.”

helping AWB with name tags work better with acupuncture treatmentsDonating Plastic Name Tags for Acupuncture

Coller Industries donated purple, plastic name tags with magnetic fasteners. These name tags are both durable and economical. They can be customized with names, titles and logos for any office, business or organization. And, the magnetic fasteners are one of our most popular choices because they are so easy to use.

Each donation we make is something that helps us stand out from our competition. And every time we donate, we are grateful for the opportunity to share back into our community.

Customer Spotlight: Keith Lund

I taught high school graphic arts in Los Angeles Unified School for 40 years. I started in 1969 and I got a New Hermes engraver for use in my classroom in 1972. Still have it and still use it. I have been involved in Boy Scouts and also the LDS Church. I have been doing various types of engraving for name tags signs, etc. I also do silk screened t-shirts for everything from our Primary kids to troops, and local schools as a service.

I don’t charge for doing them, or just the cost of the ink. For engraving I don’t charge.I have made plaques for Eagle Scouts, with their badges, etc., and plaques outside sponsors offices listing their Eagle Scouts.I usually do a couple of thousand shirts a year for schools and groups and several hundred badges. I am an Eagle Scout, received the Silver Beaver Award (Scouting highest award for volunteers) and been called as a Bishop twice. I retired in 2008 and moved to Arizona with my wife. Still doing the same kind of volunteering. I am currently printing shirts for one of the local elementary schools Talent show. We will do 200 shirts, two sides, two colors each side, and I charge them 50¢ a shirt.I help them do the designs in a vector format, make the screens, do the printing. They provide the shirts or I get them.

The High Adventure badges I just ordered from you folks is typical to what I do. I have done at 2,500 of those. We have been using them since 1981. I know the number because I am the only one doing them, and we have ordered 2,500 of them. We were getting them from Hew Hermes, but they are no longer making blanks.As new members join the High Adventure team we give them the tag.Our Team is associated with the Los Angeles Area Council – BSA. We supply name badges to several other Councils in Southern Cal, Nevada and Arizona.

The High Adventure Team trains Scout leaders to take their kids on backpacking and challenging activities like snowshoeing, rock climbing, caving, canoeing, back country first aid and rescue, desert travel, glacier climbing and that kind of thing.We conducted several seminars and weekend overnight training session each year. I also am the Reservation Director for Los Angeles Councils camp at Lake Arrowhead above Los Angeles. We run several thousand scouts and leaders through in week long camps. Camp runs from mid-June through late August with about 100 staff.

Keith is just one of our wonderful customers. Become one of our customers yourself by visiting our website: