Personalized Custom Luggage Tags

custom luggage tags from plastic name tags printed full color or laser engraved

Create your own unique way to identify your baggage during the holidays. With the holidays nearing rapidly, many people are starting to plan for their holiday travels. In the process of booking flights, packing your bags and getting to your destination, one minor detail can be overlooked. How do you find your bags at the airport or train station once you get to where you need to be? How about personalized, custom luggage tags!

With so many different types of luggage tags to choose from, trying to find custom luggage tags that meet your needs and expectations can be tough. When people think of luggage tags, typically they picture credit card sized plastic tags that require an insert you write your name and address on. While these type of tags are useful, why not create something that is unique and special to you?

Many of our name tag products can be used to create personalized tags for your luggage. Laser engrave plastic name tags with your name and address. Or, print them in full color with a logo or background to really make them personal and easier to see when trying to locate them on a busy, spinning baggage carousel.

Stock Template Plastic Tags

Choose from eleven professional templates to create a laser engraved luggage tag. Multiple colors are available in this two-ply plastic material. Each tag will be engraved with text that you choose. These make the design easy and also provide an inexpensive way to go custom.

Custom Design Plastic Luggage Tags

Use your own custom design for your laser engraved luggage tag. Create your own text with a special font and request a punched slot for easy attaching to your baggage.

Full Color Tags

Show your creativity with full color, digital printed name tags on a plastic material. The thermal transfer process captures your logo in crisp, bright full colors. The logo and background color may extend off the tag (bleed) and text can be printed in any color. These are truly the most unique way to go! And don’t forget to request the punched slot to attach these to any luggage you have.

2 thoughts on “Personalized Custom Luggage Tags”

  1. I like that you said that you can have plastic name tags engraved with your name and address. My wife and I travel a lot and sometimes is hard for us to keep track of our luggage. I’m going to let her know about making a custom tag for our luggage.

    1. Thanks, Ron, for your comment. We hope that you will consider us for all of your identification needs. And, remember that they aren’t just name tags, they are identification tools (yes, that includes luggage tags!).

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