Name Tag Deficiency Syndrome (NTDS)

Is there really a condition called Name Tag Deficiency Syndrome?

From Scott Ginsberg, The Name Tag Guy:

name tag name badge name tag deficiency syndrome“Over a half of a million people suffer every year from Emblema Nomenpenia, more commonly known as Name Tag Deficiency Syndrome (NTDS). This debilitating condition has run rampant through the American business community for many decades, experts say, although only recently has it been classified.”


Symptoms: You may experience localized font shrinkage, inflammation of the company logo, noticeable eye irritation due to cluttered texts, absence of upper chest name tag placement and mild conversational uncertainty and frustration.

Possible Side Effects: Beware of sudden, sever attacks of name forgetting, possible networking anxiety, unapproachable behavior, missed opportunities to make new friends or business contacts, and feelings of annoyance due to the inability to say hello to a new member or employee whose name you can’t read because their name tag is turned tag name badge Name Tag Deficiency Syndrome (NTDS)


While NTDS is completely “made up,” the side effects are serious! However, this disease is easily treatable and completely curable!


Kris Hay, Communications Coordinator at the University of Puget Sound, offers her advice:

name tag name badge name tag deficiency syndrome“When it comes to networking, a name tag is a necessity. Anonymity is not to your advantage in these situations. Worn properly, a legible name tag helps people remember your name and then quickly move on to exchanging information with you.

“A poorly located, illegible, or absent name tag can cause consternation, and even embarrassment. A name tag should make it easy for people to meet and greet you without having to gaze at body parts other than your face. Wearing your name tag correctly demonstrates your etiquette and networking savvy.”


Come find your solution to Emblema Nomenpenia (NTDS) at! We have all possible solutions. From blank name tags to name badges to customized name tags with a logo, we truly are your one-stop shop for all things related to personal identification!

Adhesive Name Badges For Games

Here are three great games to keep kids busy and active this summer! Play them at parties or just as a great way to get kids out with their friends.

adhesive name badgesGrab That Badge!

This game helps get children moving among a group to learn other kid’s names and mingle more. One child should be chosen as the group leader and has everyone form a circle. He or she will then pass out adhesive name badges and pens to each child. The badges should still have the backing on them so the sticky side is not exposed. Each child writes his or her name on the badge. After everyone is done, the group leader collects all the name badges and mixes them up. The group leader will then give each child an adhesive name badge and tells everyone to peel off the backing and place the name badge on the back of the person sitting to his or her right. The members of the group must then wander through the group and search for the name badge with his or her name. Once they find it, they will take it from the person wearing it. The game becomes extra entertaining if someone’s name badge ends up on his or her own back.

adhesive name badge sheetsSteal A Friend!

A group leader will need to be chosen for this game as well. This group leader will give each child an adhesive name badge and a pen. Everyone will write his or her name in the middle of the name badge, but will need to leave room for other things. In each corner, the child will need to write in the following: one or two activities he or she enjoys (e.g. running, seeing movies, dancing), one or two movies he or she enjoys, one or two favorite musicians or musical groups, and one or two words he or she thinks describes himself or herself. After everyone finishes filling out their name badges, he or she will attach them to the front of his or her shirt and wander about the room. The point of this game is to locate a friend that has the same thing written down on his or her name badge. Each child will have to team up with four other friends. The game ends when at least two groups of five children have been formed. Here’s where the game gets fun, the catch to this game is that without having a group of five children, each friend may be “stolen” to finish another group. Once a group is complete, the children cannot be “stolen” for another group.

adhesive name badgesWho Am I?

Start this game with pre-written adhesive name badges. Each name badge should have a famous person’s name written on it; make sure each name is appropriate for the age group. Stick the name badges on each child’s back until everyone has one. Each child is allowed to ask three yes or no questions to others and then must guess whose name is on their back. For example, the guesser might ask questions like, referring to the name on his or her back, “Am I a woman?” or “Am I a man?” Each question must be phrased as to only receive a yes or a no answer. Other questions might be “Is she an athlete?” “Is he a movie star?” etc. After three questions, the child will have to venture a guess. The game continues until everyone has guessed whose name is on his or her back.

Wearing Your Name Tag Proudly

The Simple Use of A Name Tag

Name tags are a friendly greeting, a statement of your name, and, more importantly, a direct line from you to your end consumer or goal; such a simple and yet efficient idea. Wear it around your neck or on your shirt, maybe put it on your desk as a name plate. A name tag identifies who you are and what your presentation or purpose is.

name tag name plate reusable name badge

Name tags are used by customer service companies so that customers are able to identify employees at a quick glance. Professional organizations where employees do not wear uniforms may use name tags as a way of distinguishing or identifying themselves.

By wearing a name tag, you let the work know who you are. You show them the pride you have in your name. This name can represent you, your company or your goal or purpose. But in any way, you are showing how much pride you have in this name or purpose; you let them know that you’re serious about your name or purpose. By wearing a name tag, you let your customers and those around you know what you’re really about.

While the presentation is simple, the message goes way beyond that. A name tag can be used as a point of intrigue. By using only a first name on a name tag, it gives the consumer an opportunity to ask more in depth questions about who you are and will help them learn what you’re truly all about.

By identifying yourself with a name tag, you’re making a statement. You’re telling those around you that you’re proud to go by that name and that you’re proud to be representing yourself or your purpose. A name tag is not only your name but can also include more explanation about your cause. Perhaps there might be a title that has been given to you, maybe one that has been earned that you’re proud of.

By wearing a name tag, you become the face of your purpose, and you are representing that to everyone around you. In many ways, this benefits you and your purpose so that the customer is able to put a face with a name. It has been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words;” you tell that story with your smile and a name tag. Wear your name tag proudly and let it serve its purpose!

The Importance of Wearing A Name Tag (Part 3)

Is it necessary to wear a name tag? (Part 3 of 3)

Scott Ginsberg name tags name badges approachability

“If everybody wears name tags, no more fighting, no more intolerance and no more disrespect.”

~Scott Ginsberg~

Name tags are part of many people’s daily lives. They are worn at department stores, restaurants and many other places in order to identify the wearer to the patrons of these establishments. Pulling from the definition of a name tag: it is an identification label worn as a means of showing one’s name and/or affiliation.

Scott Ginsberg has come up with a philosophy about wearing these name tags. “Everyone should wear name tags, all the time, everywhere, forever.” Scott is The Name Tag Guy. He is the only person in the world who wears a name tag 24-7. He has taken this simple idea and turned it into a business and his adventures have earned him recognition as “The World’s Foremost Expert on Name Tags.” Scott has written several books on approachability, marketing, branding, leadership, creativity and business strategy. He also speaks about these topics.

“A few years ago I gave a speech to a group of individuals with disabilities. I was terrified. I thought the message would go completely over their heads. And I assumed that their intelligence level would keep them from understanding me. I was wrong. They loved it. Best audience I’ve ever had. Afterward, a young man from the front row ran up to me with a huge smile on his face. And although his mental condition made it very difficult for him to speak, he placed his hand on my chest and said: ‘It’s not the name tag; it’s the heart behind it.’ Just because someone is broken doesn’t mean they can’t teach you.”

adhesive name badge name tagThese special people taught Scott a great lesson and everyone else can learn the same. Name tags may be a standard in many places, but they are unique. They present you in a way that is very specific to you. No one else can take credit for you, except you. So, in answer to the original question, YES! It become necessary at a point in everyone’s life to wear a name tag.

Whether it’s for professional or social reasons, name tags will always play an important role in your life. To quote Scott, “Through the basic unit of self-disclosure, we reduce the social distance between each other. We don’t have to snap our fingers to get someone’s attention. We just say their name and start engaging. The name tag is a conversational entry point. It’s an interactional accelerator. Permission granted, socialization ensues and the lines of communication are sparked open.”