Introducing: Conference Name Tags

New products are an exciting time here in our office!

Whether it’s name tags, name plates or any other personal identification, here at Coller Industries we are always trying to keep up to date on our customer’s needs and possible want lists. Part of this process is to also keep up with the trends in the personalized identification business.

This month we’d like to introduce you to:

event name tags and name badges conference name tags come in three sizesConference Name Tags are a perfect solution for any meeting planner’s need for inexpensive name badges. Instead of spending time printing inserts and stuffing vinyl name badge holders, we print attendees names on custom laminated badges. An experienced designer will work with you to design a custom badge.

And, as always, we will maintain your layout and order information to make it easy to order name tags for your next meeting, seminar or conference.

Between conventions and conferences, the last thing you need to worry about is personal identification. While adhesive name badges are super easy to deal with, they can also be informal. And sometimes traditional name tags are just a bit too much, and possibly too expensive. While we have many choices to meet every need, this new product provides even further options.

Each conference tag is printed on a heavy card stock for durability and then sealed with lamination. This makes all the name tags have a professional, finished look. These name tags have three available sizes and the larger two have a choice or horizontal or vertical orientations.

Conference name tags come with several fastener choices. Much like other name tags, use magnetic fasteners, swivel bulldog clips or even pins. Try having a hole punched in the top of larger tags and hang them on lanyards.

With a low minimum order quantity at 10,
Conference Name Tags are affordable and easy to order.

  • Small (1.25×3 inch) start at $2.75 for a minimum order.
  • Medium (2.25×3.5) start at $3.00 for a minimum order.
  • Large (3×4 inch) start at $3.50 for a minimum order.

And, as with most of our products, we offer quantity discounts on each size to make these name tags even more affordable for your events.

conference name tags come in three sizes great for any event
conference name tags come in three sizes great for any event
conference name tags come in three sizes great for any event

Add logos, graphics and text to each name tag. Remember that branding at conferences is important for any company or organization. When an event is well organized and branded, it essentially guarantees a good impression. Your event’s first impression is sure to leave a lasting impact on attendees. Whether your conference is big or small, the overall attendee experience needs to be good enough for them to want to come back the next time.

No matter your choice for conference, convention or event name tags, make sure to find something that truly meets your needs. Conference name tags are a perfect solution to meet any need and still provide professionalism.

Donations: Cornerstone Assembly

Giving donations is part of who we are.

Coller Industries enjoys giving back to our surrounding communities, and part of this process is providing donations to companies and organizations that need personal identification products for their business or other needs. The most recent of these donations was given to Cornerstone Assembly of God in Flowery Branch, Georgia.

cornerstone assembly of god donations from coller industries name tag inc

“Here at Cornerstone we feel God has called us to help people become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter what your background is, what you struggle with or what hand life has dealt you; God has a plan for your life,” said Pastor Steve, Lead Pastor at Cornerstone Assembly.

“We encourage our congregation to not confine their God experience to the church building, but rather to experience God in the real world,” Shaun Hughes, Creative Arts Pastor at Cornerstone Assembly of God stated.

Cornerstone Assembly’s mission statement is “Empowering people to experience God in the real world.” Their aim is to impact their community with the gospel and love of Christ through their words and their actions. Their core values are joy, transparency and generosity and they accomplish this by being “real, relevant and rational.”

full color name tags cornerstone assembly name tag inc donations from coller industries

Cornerstone Assembly received donations of full color name tags with a dome finish and magnetic fasteners. Full color name tags are available as a digitally printed plastic tag. The thermal transfer printing process captures logos and images in crisp, bright full colors. The printing can also extend off the edge (bleed) and all text can be printed in any color.

“I can’t describe how much one simple little thing like name badges has really impacted our people. The volunteers LOVE them; the look, the feel, the ease of use. It has been a physical symbol of the unity they feel working together as a team greeting our guests and congregation members each and every week,” said Hughes.

“Our pastor commented that it was the most professional looking item we’ve ever ordered!” Hughes exclaimed. “These (name) tags will help identify our greeters and hospitality team to our first time guests. They will lend a polished, professional look to our hospitality team. The domed plastic ensures that the name tags will endure long term and still look fantastic.”

Four Favorite Name Tag Features

Name tags and name badges have a controversial past, but there is no reason to have a fear of name tags. Here are four name tag features to overcome that fear.

Some people believe that name tags are useful for businesses and others believe that name badges block individuality and are becoming obsolete. In either case, most people can agree on one thing, name tags and name badges can help when trying to identify people in large groups and in certain surroundings.

using logos as name tag features and name badge featuresFirst, and the most obvious, providing identification. One of the most important name tag features is that they reinforce someone’s identity. When a retail employee wears a name tag with a company name or logo clearly visible on it, that name badge becomes a subtle form of advertising and it reinforces that company’s brand into the minds of any customers.

The second name tag features, and maybe a little less thought about, is security. Name badges make it easier for employees to recognize those who might not belong. As an example, if an employee is accustomed to seeing his or her fellow employees with name tags, an abnormality would be spotted easier. This is particularly true for a company that deals with sensitive information or products. Anyone that may be out of place would be immediately spotted to help maintain the company’s security.

adhesive name badges provide name tag features such as quick identificationThird, providing an immediate relationship with the viewer. While this is a more subtle use of a name badge, it is just as important as other reasons to use a name tag. Name badges worn at a school reunion help attendees to locate old friends and job memories. They are great for ice-breakers and other games that might be played at such an event. Name tags allow someone to be easily identified and give information on who that person is, such as a title or department that said person might work in. Several surveys have discovered that customers prefer interacting with employees that wear name tags.

Last, but not least, is professionalism. This is probably the second most thought of name tag feature. Business name tags subtly encourage the wearer to maintain some professionalism while being worn. Sometimes it is easy for employees to forget where they are, but by adding a name badge or name tag, this is less likely to happen. While there is nothing wrong with having a casual working environment, a name tag will ensure a certain amount of professionalism.

So, don’t be afraid of the ever elusive name tag. They are your friend and can be very useful in many situations. They should never be overlooked.

Happy Thanksgiving From Coller Industries

happy thanksgiving mighty badges name tagsThis week’s Thanksgiving celebration is getting closer. Turkey is almost in the oven, family is gathering in the dining room, and thankfulness is all around. We here at Coller Industries Incorporated just wanted to take the time to say Happy Thanksgiving and give thanks to all of our customers, new and old, that have supported our business over the past year. Thank you for stopping by, leaving a comment, or shopping our large name tag selection. We are blessed to be part of your personalized identification needs.

To help celebrate the Thanksgiving occasion, here’s our list of what we are thankful for.

Classic name tags that come in different styles and printing options to meet any need…
There are so many Mighty Badge™ sizes to choose from that they will work for anything…
Adhesive Labels are great for parties, games and other events…
Reusable Name Badges that are perfect for high turnover employee positions…
The many creative ways a badge holder can be used to personalize for anyone…
Lanyards that are so versatile that the possibilities for use are endless…
Using name plates for a great quote or reminder as a gift for someone special…
Custom made signs that add professionalism to most any environment…
Finding like-minded people who adore name tags and name badges as much as us!

There are also a few customers that we need to thank:

Customers that answer our survey calls and questions with comments that help us to improve our services, quality and products.

Customers that keep asking all the right questions. Whether asking for a new product or finding out how something is made, thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

Customers that refer friends and colleagues to us. Your actions really are the highest compliment we receive.

And especially YOU!

Enjoy the day, your meal, and especially the company of your family and friends, and let us know what you’re grateful for! And in case, you didn’t know…


thanksgiving custom shape laser engraved name tags

4 Important Reasons for Wearing Name Tags

wearing name tags is essential in business practices

In any business, wearing name tags helps to build a corporate identity and help employees and customers to interact with one another.

Company name badge use seems to have taken a popularity dip recently. However, there are still significant benefits to wearing name tags and name badges. Use identification in marketing a company or business as well as provide security, ID and many other positive benefits. Here are a few reasons to utilize name tags and name badges in the workplace.

Identify Employees and Volunteers

wearing name tags that are metal material which has been laser engraved

Sometimes, especially in larger companies, it can be challenging to remember everyone’s name. By wearing name tags, or other personal identification, newer employees and other team members in the company can easily recognize each other. Name badges also provide accountability to employees. When wearing name tags, it requires the employee to accept responsibility for their actions.

Build Company Recognition

Corporate branding is a rising trend and doesn’t look like it will peak any time soon. Add a business or organization logo to a name tag, and quickly and easily identify every employee or volunteer. While wearing name tags is typically done in an office or retail setting, inevitably they are left on when going to lunch. Sometimes, employees wear them on their way home. When employees continually wear their name tags in public, a company’s name and brand is continually advertised. This type of branding can also be beneficial to advertise special promotions, sales or events.

Conversation Starters

adhesive name badges

Name tags are an excellent way for customers and consumers to start up conversations with employees or volunteers. Name badges let the customer know who they are working with from the first moment they meet your employee. Personal identification provides an easy way for customers to identify these employees or volunteers. If a customer has a question or requires assistance, they will know who to ask for help.

Provides Security In Offices and Retail Settings

photo identification badges are a perfect solution for wearing name tags and increasing security

When you require staff, volunteers and visitors to wear name tags, you can quickly identify and acknowledge whether or not they belong where they are. Name tags are particularly valuable in companies and organizations that deal with high tech gadgets, expensive equipment or sensitive information.

While identification doesn’t seem to be as common as it once was, wearing name tags will always have an essential place in any work environment. By utilizing name tags into a company’s culture, consumers and customers will be able to relate better to the company’s brand. Name badges eliminate any barrier between the customer and employees, so try adding these to your company today!