4 Products You Need to Increase Brand Awareness

Carrying out marketing and advertising campaigns can be an expensive, albeit effect way to increase brand recognition for your company, business or organization.

However, for smaller businesses, creating brand recognition is essential to increase sales and influence. And with small businesses comes a smaller marketing budget, so how can you inexpensively promote your brand?

Name tags: If you work in an environment where employees interact directly with clients or customers, then name tags are an essential tool for creating brand awareness. Name tags will give you a chance to put your logo as many places as possible, so your customers won’t be able to escape it. They will also set a standard for professionalism, and they can say a lot about the personality of your company. When you design your name tags, take into consideration what you want them to say about your company. Do you want to be recognized as clean and professional? Or fun and hip?

Lanyards: They’re inexpensive and highly customizable. If your work environment necessitates security or ID badges, give branded lanyards to your employees and they can wear them and keep their badges handy. If your employees leave work, they will likely be wearing their lanyards still, so people will be continually exposed to the brand. Lanyards are also a great promotional tool. You can resell them, give them to customers or clients, or hand them out to family and friends. As far as usability goes, lanyards can be convenient for holding keys, USBs, whistles, cameras or small MP3 players. So the more people who use your lanyards, the better chance you have of your brand reaching the masses.

Custom Signs: Presentation can make or break a brand, so having a carefully designed, high quality sign to represent your brand is can be pretty important. Like name tags, your company’s sign tells customers and clients about your values and personality. If you run a quirky cupcake shop, try adding some flare to your signs with a playful font and a colorful image. If you’re a prestigious marketing firm, try a bold font with clean and sharp features.

Personalized Name Plates: If your company, business or organization deals directly with clients or customers, then having name plates for all of your employees is essential. Have the name plates include a logo, the employee’s name, and their position within the company. For one, it will show that your company is invested in its employees, which will then incite respect from your clients. If you’re invested in your employees, you will likely be invested in your customers and clients, too. It also adds to the professionalism of your company. The little details count, and your customers and clients will notice, and spread the word about you.

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8 Ways to Use Name Tags

ribbons-badge holders-engraved signsRegardless of your work environment, name tags can be a valuable tool for branding, bonding and building relationships. Whether you’re blending smoothies, working in retail or working behind the scenes, wearing a name tag can have endless benefits.

Here are just a few:

Brand Recognition: If all employees wear name tags, your clients or customers are bound to see your company’s logo, and hopefully it will be imprinted in their mind. Even the simplest name tags are effective at creating a brand recognition among your clientele base, and the more places you can put your brand, the better.

Add Personality to Your Brand: Spice it up a little and add some color or shape to your name tags. Custom design a name tag to fit your company or organization’s personality, like making them in the shape of fish for a seafood restaurant. Or add a touch of color to make the name tags vibrant and unforgettable, especially if it matches the upbeat tempo of the work environment.

Increase Professionalism to Your Brand: By wearing sleek, clean and professional name tags, your employees will be able to bring your brand up another level. Name tags say a lot about what your company or organization is like, and if you’re want to be known for respectability and professionalism, the cleaner and more sophisticated the name tag, the better.

Employee Accountability: If a customer or client can see the name of the person helping them next to your company’s logo, your employee will likely feel more accountable for what they say and how they act. They wouldn’t want to get reported, would they?

Differentiate Departments: If there are multiple departments to your business or organization, then name tags can be a way to differentiate between those departments. Try color coding the name tags or ordering name tags in different shapes (rectangle, oval, etc.), but keep a uniform logo and font style.

Learning Names: Is a new employee feeling like the odd one out? Name tags can easily fix that dilemma. If everyone is wearing a name tag, learning names can be painless and effortless. Avoid the awkward, “What’s your name again?” conversation simply by equipping every employee with their own name tag.

For Visitors: Name tags make it easy to know visitors from employees, especially if you have a large staff. Employees will be more helpful if they can point out the visitors, and visitors will be more comfortable if they can see name tags of the employees helping them.

Increase Security: For work environments that demand higher security measures, ID badges are an easy way to make sure that identification is constantly visible. If someone isn’t wearing an ID badge, then they aren’t supposed to be there. And with ID badges, you can manipulate them to let employees through secure areas, or allow them to clock in and out.

Which Name Tag Fastener is Right for You?

You’ve chosen what name tag you want, designed your logo and made a list of the names you need printed on them. There’s still one crucial part of the name tag equation left: choosing a fastener. It’s not a decision that should be taken lightly, as different occasions and environments call for certain fasteners. Work attire and uniforms should be taken into consideration as well.

The fastener you choose will directly impact the appearance of the name tag, so choose carefully!

Magnet Fastener
Pros: Of all our fasteners, magnetic is the most popular. A strong magnetic current secures the name tag in place, but without snagging or pinning holes in the material.
Cons: If the name tag is hit or caught on something, it could be displaced and you might lose one side of the magnetic fastener.

Pin Fastener
Pros: Tried, tested and true, the pin fastener is simple and effective. Just pin it to your pocket or shirt, and your name tag will stay put. It won’t be dislodged unless the pin is accidentally unhooked, which is unlikely.
Cons: It might poke holes in your shirt or pocket. This isn’t a problem if your uniform or attire is made of heavy duty material, but if you’re wearing something more delicate, the pin might snag it.

Swivel Bulldog Clip
Pros: This fastener easily clips onto pockets and lanyards, securing your name tag without having to pin it through a shirt or fixate the magnets to stay put.
Cons: If you’re not wearing a lanyard, a jacket or pants with pockets then you’re out of luck. You want to avoid placing the name tag in an awkward place.

Bull Dog Clip with Pin
Pros: This fastener combines the best of both worlds. This can be clipped onto a sturdy pocket, lanyard, or onto your shirt. This particular clip ensures that your name tag will be wearable in every occasion, and with every outfit or ensemble.
Cons: There aren’t many cons with this fastener. But as with the regular pin fastener, the pin clip option of this fastener can make holes in your shirt or jacket.

Double Clutch Fastener
Pros: Two pins are better than one. Double clutch pins stabilize the name tag, preventing it from getting bent or hanging on the shirt too much. With even support on both sides, the name tag won’t flop or droop.
Cons: Like the regular pin clip fastener, double clutch fasteners can snag or create holes in the material it’s pinned on.

Customer Spotlight: Theresa Mathis, City of Wilson, NC

Theresa Mathis: City of Wilson, NC

I am an event planner for the City of Wilson, Human Relations Office. We are a community affairs organization that collaborates with many organizations across the county to engage, celebrate and educate our citizens.

What do you have planned for the future?

For myself, retirement at a lake house! But, within the job, we strive each year to expand our community events to provide more awareness and education for our citizens. Our goal is to have active citizens that are participating in the community.

How does the city organization working environment compare to that of a private business?

In working for the a City, the pressure is off to raise the profit margin. While we do have to make sure our budgetary spending is appropriate, helps the needy and is in no way wasteful. The focus is on the work not the dollar signs. We are given the opportunity to reach out to those citizens that really need help.

How have you been able to use our name tag products?

As an event planner, the name tag ribbons have been priceless! I first was introduced to your products through student activities on college campuses in the mid-90’s. I have used your name tag products and ribbons for events ever since! Every job I’ve moved to, your catalog/web info has been clutched in my hands. I am a big fan of the name tag ribbons.

I think the ribbons are so important for many reasons. One, they give a level of distinction to participants. Whether it is a judge, keynote speaker, volunteer or committee member, receiving that special name tag with a beautiful ribbon makes everyone feel important. It raises the bar of performance. Anyone can slap a sticky label on their lapel with a name written in magic marker. But, preparing a proper name tag and adding a ribbon demonstrates to the person that you care and are prepared and thus makes them interact the same way. As for the patrons of the event, the ribbons help those “in the know” stand out. They automatically know who can help them, who to congratulate or who to thank. The name tags become a keepsake for everyone. When folks want to keep a piece of your event, that is a milestone of a well planned event.

A fun side story, when I worked for a couple of years at a dot com web company, we were a very tight knit group. We all worked in one large war room style office, a very chatty group and over time, we all developed nick names. One summer the boss wanted to have a retreat to refocus the group. He asked that I set up the weekend as if it were a professional conference and hundreds were attending. We had a great weekend and all went well. The key element that everyone still remembers, were the custom name tag ribbons. The plastic badge had our official name, but the ribbons had our nick names. Mine said “office princess”. When I catch up with my old buddies from the office, they always talk about those ribbons and many still have them 10 years later. TRUE STORY!

What advice would you give other organizations?

Don’t hesitate to use these products. You will not regret it! Name Tag, Inc. has provided consistent, high quality products that I’ve grown to depend upon. The customization office is flexible and creative. They will help you tackle any project. When planning events, details such as name tags show that all is well.

Branding on a Budget!

name tags-conference tagsIf you’ve been to any conferences or business meetings then you’ve probably seen or worn these stick-on name tags before.

Are these the best choice, you ask?

First of all, wearing one of these tags is better than wearing no name tag at all. They are inexpensive, and it can be fun to let your creative side shine through by writing or drawing on them yourself. On the other hand, they do wrinkle and tear easily. Secondly, they’re much harder to brand than more traditional name tags. It can be hard to read your hand-written name and company on a wrinkled name tag. However, these can also be run through a printer. This would eliminate the need for handwriting your name and company. You always want to make a positive and memorable impression. This is the first rule of any decent branding strategy for meeting potential clients and business partners.

So if the most inexpensive option is not what we are looking for, what is?

If you want your the effects of your branding to be more permanent and long lasting, your name tags ought to be too. This doesn’t mean you have to spend top dollar on a set of name tags with each employee’s name printed or engraved permanently onto each badge (But we do those too!). Plenty of lower-cost options exist which give your organization the ability to reuse branded, professional badges for multiple events or employees.

reusable mighty badges-dye sublimated logo-name tag-window badgeMighty Badges are a fantastic product to use in any setting – especially if you handle smaller events and rotate volunteers in and out, or need new logos for each event.
They are elegant, and highly reusable. They are also the top reusable seller among Non-Profits. They’re affordable, and clean looking. Print names and even your logo onto the transparent insert sheets for a crisp, well thought out look that is sure to make a memorable impression.

reusable mighty badges--name tag

For conferences or other large scale events, badge holders are one of the more recognizable and popular products because they’re sturdy, easy to use and rather inexpensive. Additionally, you can attach ribbons to your badge holders to further separate yourself and your staff from the rest of the conference attendees.

These are three products which allow you to further your branding strategy without breaking the bank.

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