Donation Spotlight: Pediatric Smiles of Orem

name tags, full color, uv printed

Recently we had the opportunity to donate to Pediatric Smiles of Orem. They are a fantastic local dental office that sponsors programs to go to South American countries and teach children about dental health and hygiene. We spoke to Gemma from their office, and she answered some questions for us!

Name Tag: What is the name of your organization? Do you have a mission statement?

Gemma: Pediatric Smiles of Orem – Our mission is to be the premier pediatric dental office in Utah. Our dentists and team are knowledgeable, respectful, detail oriented, caring, and personable. We strive daily for professional dental excellence through our caring, sincere, and professional treatment for each patient. We promote superior dental health through precise diagnosis, expertise in dental procedures, and advanced patient education.

Name Tag: What was donated to you? How will it help your organization?

Gemma: We received name tags. It will help the children become more familiar with office stuff and be on a first name basis with them. This helps the children be more at ease in their surroundings as they have something familiar/a familiar face around them.

Name Tag: If you could describe your company in 3 words, what would they be?

Gemma: Helpful, generous, and caring.

Name Tag: Do you have any other comments you would like to add?

Gemma: I know you were interested in our efforts to help the local community. Dr. Shepherd and Pediatric Smiles of Orem have participated in the Give Kids A Smile event for many years. This event has helped many local  underprivileged children receive the dental care they need. Dr. Shepherd has also donated many thousands of dollars in dental work to another local charity, Community Health Connect. He has helped many children who are in pain and in dire need of treatment. Dr. Shepherd does all he can to help those in need. Not only in the community, but in his office and amongst his staff.

Wow, what a spectacular office. If you would like to find out more about Dr. Shepherd, and Pediatric Smiles of Orem click the link below!

6 Steps to a Professional Photo ID

Many companies choose to give their employees a photo ID rather than a basic name tag. This can be a great idea for many different professions, as it creates a level of security, professionalism and confidence for the customer.

But there are many details to consider as you submit photos of your employees for Photo ID Badges. Here are some tips to get your employees looking their best on their badges, making your company look even better.

photo ID identification picture tips

1. Create a set of standards for the photos used

The best way to do this is simply to designate a camera, an employee and a place to take all photos for the IDs. This will ensure control over the quality of the image (more on that below). If you allow employees to submit their own photos, you will have a varied range of images, which may not all represent your company as professionally as you would like. If you do decide to allow employees to submit their own photos, make sure they are following the rest of the tips listed below.

2. No “selfies”

Photos used for identification should be taken by some one other than the person in the photo. Self taken images do not appear professional, and frequently are not at a good angle or do not show enough of the person for good identification.

3. No filters

Photos submitted should avoid using social media filters or similar processes. This is because they can alter the focus, color or overall look of the photo in some stylized fashion. Unless that is a look you want to apply to your photo IDs company wide, no single individual should have it.

4. Content of photo ID should be professional

Use a photo that only contains the person who will be using the ID. Make sure that employees are not posing with pets or other people, even if they are partially cropped out. The employee should be wearing clothing that would be appropriate for their job or standard business attire. The background should not be too busy or distracting; a blank wall or photo backdrop is ideal.

5. Photo ID should show the employee well

Make sure to have adequate light on the employee’s face in the photo. This way the details of their face are easy to see. Keep in mind that we will most likely produce the photo relatively small, so dark photos may lose the shape of the facial features entirely. Photos should be in focus.

6. Do not crop the photos

Name Tag, Inc. will handle all cropping of the images as we produce the Photo IDs. Photos are all cropped to the same standards, creating a uniform look across your company. If a company submits photos which have been pre-cropped, there are sometimes issues with image quality and the shape of some of the individual photos. Allowing us to crop all photos to the dimensions your company’s badge was designed for ensures that every employee gets the best looking ID.

A Guest Article by Melanie Bunch

Donation Spotlight: San Raphael Chamber

conventions, scholarship, donation for charity

We recently had the opportunity to donate to the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce. They were kind enough to answer some questions for us about their wonderful organization.

Name Tag: What is the name of your company or organization? Do you have a mission statement?

San Rafael: San Rafael Chamber of Commerce – Women of Industry Awards Event

Mission Statement:  The San Rafael Chamber of Commerce is a member-based business advocacy organization providing a strong voice in support of the economic vitality of our community.

NT: What was donated to you? How did/will it help your organization?

SR: 250 3×4 magnetic badge holders for gifts to participants of the Women of Industry annual awards event.

Your donation of the name badges was invaluable to raising greater funds for our scholarships that offer financial assistance to a San Rafael woman entrepreneur or small business owner so she may attend the San Rafael Leadership Institute – a leadership program of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce. Without this donation the name badges would have been a necessary expense that would have reduced the funds raised.

NT: If you could describe your company/organization in 3 words what would they be?

SR: Chamber of Commerce

NT: Do you have any other comments you would like to add?

SR: We thank you very much for your continued support of this annual event, now in its 2 year, and look forward to having your support in years to come.

We are so pleased we could help out with the scholarship program at San Raphael Chamber. If you are with an organization that you think could benefit from a donation from our company please contact us a

If you would like to make a donation to the San Raphael Chamber yourself click below to go to their website!

Click Here!

Creative Way to Use Badge Holders

Badge holders that have printed inserts to help a young child in school by using dry erase markers.

It’s back to school time, and you need a way to make sure your child is ready. A great creative way to use badge holders to do that is to make a dry erase work book. You can replace the inserts with more challenging material as the school year goes on. Simply wipe away the dry erase marker with a cloth and reuse the badge holders again and again. This way you can make sure your child is ready for tests or quizzes. It is important to play an active role in your child’s life and this is a great way to get involved.

And, our badge holders can do a lot more than that. Do you have any ideas on how to use our badge holders? If so, let us know! We would love to feature your creative ways to use badge holders idea right here on our blog.

Start your order for these now!

More creative ways to use badge holders

While we don’t have pens and notebooks, we do have ideas you can use for any back to school needs. Here are even more creative ways to use badge holders at home or in any classroom.

  • Badge holders for name tags for staff or kids.
  • Parent volunteers and visitor identification (quick printing using paper inserts).
  • Easy accessibility of a calendar or schedule printed on the insert.
  • Classroom games with color coordinated inserts and appropriate text.
  • Label things around the classroom for instructing the students.
  • Fun personalized bookmarks that can be reused and redecorated.
  • Add a lanyard for an easy to use hall pass or when sending a kid on an errand.
  • Print the insert with students’ names and use them as backpack tags.
  • Customize fun and reusable desk tags for each student.
  • Easy to change seating arrangements for the classroom or a school event.
  • Print a special message on the insert for teacher gifts and then attach it to a present.
  • Slip in a photo of each student and hang them where kids leave personal belongings.

Multi Colored Name Tags

For some of you, our classic two colored, laser engraved tags may not be enough. We are here to let you know that you don’t have to settle for less than exactly what you want! You have a myriad of options to choose from. Here we are going to detail the choices you have if you want more than one color on your name tags.

full color printed logo, laser engraved text

Option #1:Printed Full Color logo on a plastic engraved name tag

This is one of our newest options, but it is a wonderful choice when it comes to functionality. With this process we are able to print your logo in the exact way you send it to us. We can do gradients, and photo quality. The text is laser engraved into the plastic. If you have a logo that you need replicated exactly as it is sent, this is the option for you!

stamped name tags, laser engraved names

Option #2:Hot Stamped tags

With this option we make a metal die of your logo and melt the colors of your logo into the plastic on the tag. The text is laser engraved into the plastic of the tag. We can do up to 3 colors in the logo, and it gives the tag an embossed professional look.

printed name tags, full color, full color printed

Option #3: Printed Full Color

This option is similar to the option #1, however in this case the entire tag is printed onto the plastic instead of just the logo. This is a fantastic option for photo IDs, and people who need photo realistic logos.

There you have it folks! If any of these options sound perfect for you, simply click on the links to go straight to the ordering page. If you don’t see quite what you are looking for then please give us a call at:


One of our fantastic Customer Service Reps will be happy to discuss the details of your tags, and recommend the perfect process for you!