Keys to a Successful Spring Event

By Michael Green

Getting ready for a spring event? Make sure you and your staff get your feet in all the right doors by utilizing our keys to a successful spring event.

Key #1: Communication

Did you do your research on your target audience?

Having 500 people attend your event is great, but it matters a lot less if your speakers talk about selling backpacking equipment to computer nerds. Present the right information to the right people, and you will yield much greater results. Did you get the best speakers possible for your event?

A lot of times you can get really great speakers just by showing you have a decent attendance rate, the better the speakers, the better the event.

Don’t hand out brochures at the event itself. The only long term marketing materials you should expect people to hold on to after the event are your handouts. These items are things like lanyards, mugs, water bottles, anything permanent and reusable that people can get some use out of that displays your company logo and information so you stay in mind.

Key #2: Identification

Is a name badge available for every person who walks through the door?

This is crucial. People need to be easily identified — you, your staff, guests, speakers, everyone — it can help you build and maintain your brand, among other things.

Take it a step further for VIPs. Consider badge ribbons for your speakers, board members and important guests to help them stand out and feel appreciated. This helps in the long run, as the more effective speakers will want to come back and help your cause and their own simultaneously. Give as many options as your budget allows. Magnetic fasteners are great; just be aware that some people have pacemakers. Have another option available for them (pin, clip, etc.).

Key #3: Staying Organized

Don’t try to wing it.

Do your guests know the event schedule? Have one prepared and available well before the event date.

Numbers matter. Get an accurate head count, and pass this info to your caterer, as well as your purchasing agents. Too much or too little of anything can get you into a whole heap of trouble.

Assign seating. At least organized by guest category. You will want all of your speakers sitting up front, probably in chronological order and so forth.

Spell it out. Are your staff and volunteers trained and prepared to do their assigned tasks? Having job descriptions for anyone involved really helps move things along without taking up your time for constant reminders and explanations.

Key #4: Remember who’s got you covered.

From (hopefully) helpful tips to all your promotional and identification product needs, Coller Industries Incorporated has you covered.

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