3 Sets of Products That Work Better Together

From the simplest of pairs to the most personalized sets, here’s a list of all of our products that work better when paired together.

Badge Holders & Lanyards

Let’s get started with the most basic and well-known personalized product: badge holders. They are so underrated, and we think that’s a shame. Badge holders are great for so many things. From identification needs at conventions to at-home DIY projects, these unique products are downright perfect.

And, with printable inserts, badge holders are products that are only limited by your imagination, and maybe your printer. Add graphics, logos and any text you need for any event or craft. They come in several sizes and either a horizontal or vertical orientation. From lightweight to heavy duty, these vinyl badges are perfect for any need.

Don’t limit a badge holder to an event staple at your next conference, convention or trade show. They are so versatile that they will last through any meeting. And, they are an excellent benefit for schools to use as visitor passes. Retail environments also get significant reuse from these identification products when using them for seasonal employees.

Now, let’s pair these badge holders with the power of a lanyard!

Whether it’s a chain or full-color printed ribbon, lanyards have a power all to themselves. They are perfect for branding for any company or event. Keep essential items close at hand with a lanyard. And, you can find these tools anywhere you find badge holders. After all, badge holders come with a slot at the top specifically designed to go hand-in-hand with a lanyard.

And, with the variety of available lanyard styles, materials and colors, they provide an excellent source of advertising. Design your lanyards with logos, graphics and text to make them stand out. Even more important, make sure that your design flows with your badge holders. When used together, these two identification products provide multiple functions for a variety of events and situations.

Badge Holders & Badge Ribbons

badge holders and badge ribbons are two identification products that pair well together

We’re beginning to sense a theme here. Badge holders are making another appearance.

Badge holders and badge ribbons, it’s all in the name! They really do go hand-in-hand with each other. But, this time they are being paired with badge ribbons. These ribbon products are a fantastic tool at any conference. They help identify different participants and vendors. Badge ribbons are available with stock or custom titles so no one will be left out.

Badge ribbons are often used to promote brand recognition, events, sales and to market services or products. Add a ribbon to the bottom of a badge holder to make someone stand out in a crowd. Or use them for DIYs and home crafts. But, no matter what you use them for, remember to grab a badge holder to go with them.

Name Tags & Name Plates

Yes, you may not think that these two identification products work better together, but we beg to differ.

pair a name tag and a name plate together and make all of your identification products work well together with matching colors and logos

No matter how big your company is, using your brand is what makes you stand out. Your logo represents not only you and your company but also your brand and overall commitment to your clients and customers. And, in the name tag world, using your logo consistently on all personal identification products helps to define and identify you and your company.

From colors to logos, consistency matters. So, finding the right consistency with logos, colors and fonts helps to solidify your message. By defining what your brand is up front, you help establish your company as an industry leader. Find a way to keep your logo and text the same on all name tags and name plates. A company who ensures that their brand is well developed will retain and obtain connections with their clients and customers.

So, lesson learned. Never underestimate the power of combined identification products. Let them work for you, and your job will be even easier.

4 Perfect Products for Any Event

Standing out at your event is a must for any company! Let us help you to create that one of a kind look made just for you. Here is a small selection of options for your next event.

Conference Name Tags for Your Event

choose from our large line of personal identification products for your next event

These name tags are a perfect solution for any event! Networking is easy when everyone has a professional name tag, and the low cost won’t destroy your event budget. Instead of spending your time printing inserts and stuffing vinyl name badge holders, let us print your attendees’ names on custom laminated badges.

Event Lanyards

choose from our large line of personal identification products for your next event

Lanyards are popular for their ability to keep essential items like a name badge or pen close at hand. Most often they have a name badge holder attached, and sometimes the badge holder displays the entire agenda for a meeting or conference.

Lanyards are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, materials and colors. Customize them with your logo, text or slogans. Lanyards can serve as an efficient and inexpensive source of advertising when worn or given away at events.

Badge Holders

choose from our large line of personal identification products for your next event

Badge holders are an event staple as they are frequently used for conferences, conventions, trade shows, meetings, schools and visitor passes. Not only are they a good choice for these events, but they are also a fantastic option for reusable needs.

Use these reusable tools for an agenda holder. Print out the schedule of classes or a map of your event for attendees to keep near them for easy access and reference. You might also include a dry erase marker for each person as a way of keeping notes that can be easily wiped off when not needed anymore.

Badge Ribbons are perfect for your event!

choose from our large line of personal identification products for your next event

Attach these simple ribbons using the adhesive strip to name badges and name tags to show who is who at a corporate event. Use titles such as president, secretary, staff and so much more. Also use these as achievement ribbons by using titles like sponsor, alumni, delegate or pretty much anything else. Badge ribbons are a great tool to use at events like corporate meetings or conventions.

The Importance of Wearing A Name Tag (Part 1)

Why are name tags important? (Part 1 of 3) While the importance of wearing a name tag will be covered, first things first. Most people don’t randomly search for name tags. Those who do search for name tags are specifically looking for the product that will best suit their needs; whether at work or for another purpose (e.g., conferences or parties) name tags come in quite handy.

So, first things first, right? Why should you go to www.nametag.com for your name tag needs? Check out what our other customers have to say about us!

Customer Reviews

Name tag example package to help learn the importance of name tags.

M. Whitfield said, “Requested a sample…sales rep incredibly friendly. Sample arrived in timely manner. Great product, great service!”

C. Price said, “I have ordered the Mighty Badges from you many times and we have always been happy with them.”

L. Planchard said, “I used your chat function for a question and it was great! Fast and efficient. Easy site, too!”

M. Shaw said, “Very easy to move through your website. Simple. Great selections. Tried many other sites, none had small quantities allowed.”

Badge holder with a deluxe magnetic fastener.

N. Byrne said, “A co-worker ordered your magnetic name tags for use by our volunteers during an event held here in the City, and they were the perfect size! I would like all my staff who deal with the public to wear them. Clean and customizable. Just perfect!”

B. Martin said, “I just reordered some name tags and in the small box we a 3 fold flier that had some products listed on it and it triggered my mind that I needed to order the whole office name plates.”

Patrick said, “Your folks sent me the original proof very quickly. I requested some changes and the new proofs were available the next day! When I received the final product…it was just as I expected.”

A.M. Pratt said, “Used you guys in the past at companies that I have previously worked for. Great product, great service.”

Badge holder with printed insert and stock imprinted badge ribbon.

V. Meagher said, “First website I found that had the simple ribbons I needed for name badges and a straightforward way of ordering the quantities that I required. You made it easy. Thank you.”

K. Southerland said, “I enjoyed the fact that what I needed was right there and straight to the point. I didn’t need to guess about anything. Thank you.”

*All of these comments have been left through our customer service satisfaction survey.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check us out for all of your personal identification needs, and to learn more about the importance of wearing a name tag.

Keys to a Successful Spring Event

By Michael Green

Are you getting ready for a spring event? Use these four keys to a successful spring event to make sure you and your staff get your feet in all the right doors.

four keys to a successful spring event such as a convention

Key #1: Communication at your spring event

Did you do your research on your target audience?

Having 500 people attend your event is great, but it matters less if your speakers talk about selling backpacking equipment to computer nerds. Present the correct information to the right people, and you will yield much greater results. Did you get the best speakers possible for your event?

A lot of times, you can get really great speakers just by showing you have a decent attendance rate. The better the speakers, the better the event.

Do not hand out brochures at the event itself. Your promotional items are the only long term marketing materials you should expect people to hold on to after the event. These items are things like lanyards, mugs, water bottles, anything permanent and reusable that people can get some use out of and that displays your company logo and information so you stay in mind.

Key #2: Identification

Is a name badge available for every person who walks through the door?

This is crucial. People need to be easily identified—you, your staff, guests, speakers, everyone. This can help you build and maintain your brand, among other things.

Take it a step further for VIPs. Consider badge ribbons for your speakers, board members and important guests to help them stand out and feel appreciated. This helps in the long run, as the more effective speakers will want to simultaneously come back and help your cause and their own. Give as many options as your budget allows. Magnetic fasteners are great; just be aware that some people have pacemakers. Have another option available for them (pin, clip, etc.).

Key #3: Staying Organized

Do not try to wing it.

Do your guests know the event schedule? Have one prepared and available well before the event date.

Numbers matter. Get an accurate headcount and pass this information on to your caterer and purchasing agents. Too much or too little of anything can get you into a whole heap of trouble.

Assign seating. At least organized by guest category. You will want all of your speakers sitting up front, probably in chronological order and so forth.

Spell it out. Are your staff and volunteers trained and prepared to do their assigned tasks? Having job descriptions for anyone involved helps move things along without taking up your time for constant reminders and explanations.

Key #4: Remember who has you covered for your spring event

From (hopefully) helpful tips to all your promotional and identification product needs, Coller Industries Incorporated has you covered.

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Badge holder with a colored insert designed for a spring event with a badge ribbon attached at the bottom.