Basic Lanyard Uses

While a lanyard is often required for identification, many don’t realize how effective they really are.

The best thing about a lanyard is that they can have social and practical uses in every day occasions and special events. From identification to advertising, lanyards can be used in multiple ways.

Lanyards are ideal for identification and safety.

Typically, lanyards are worn in offices and conferences to provide identification. And, traditionally these work really well as most lanyards are specifically designed to compliment a name badge or name tag. If a company requires security cards or photo IDs, lanyards are a great and useful way to keep these items handy. So, as you come to a security check point or somewhere else you might need to show ID, you won’t have to search for your ID card. Lanyards are a low cost option for identifying who belongs and who doesn’t. When employees are provided with custom lanyards with either a company logo or slogan, they are easily identified to provide better security.

Lanyards are also effective advertising.

Lanyards provide simplistic and efficient advertising. As lanyards are usually worn around the neck, they remain easily accessible. As such, they are a perfect advertising opportunity. Providing employees with a custom lanyard with a business logo or slogan not only allows the employee to keep their name badge handy, but most those who wear lanyards as part of their uniforms do not remove them after leaving work. This provides your company with extra, and free, walking advertising.


If the lanyard is provided during a convention or event, they will be continually used around someone’s home or in their life. A lot of people find it convenient to attach keys to lanyards for easy access and the lessened likelihood of losing them. Again, free advertising. So, next time you are thinking about advertising strategies, think about how effective custom lanyards are.

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