Creative Way to Use Badge Holders

Badge holders that have printed inserts to help a young child in school by using dry erase markers.

It’s back to school time, and you need a way to make sure your child is ready! A great creative way to use badge holders to do that is to make a dry erase work book. You can replace the inserts with more challenging material as the school year goes on! Simply wipe away the dry erase marker with a cloth and reuse the badge holders again and again. This way you can make sure your child is ready for test, or quizzes. It is important to play an active role in your child’s life and this is a great way to get involved!

And, our badge holders can do a lot more than that! Do you have any ideas on how to use our badge holders? If so, let us know! We would love to feature your idea right here on our blog!

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