11 Ways to Use Ribbons in Product Packaging

Ribbons can help you in so many ways. They help improve your brand image, holiday decorating and more. But most importantly, you can use ribbons to improve your business’ product packaging.

According to Mailchimp, “Product packaging is the process of designing and creating packaging for a product.”

Ribbons are so helpful in elevating your business’ product packaging. Use these tips to improve product packaging and customer satisfaction.

Wrap product packages neatly with ribbon rolls

Topping off products with ribbon rolls neatly tied around them is a great way to elevate your company’s packaging. Since ribbon rolls come in 100 yards each, you can package almost any product, regardless of shape or size.

Check out these examples:

A pink ribbon roll wrapped around a product package.
A white ribbon roll tied around a blanket.
A red ribbon roll tied around a product package.

Label products with badge ribbons

You can label multiple products with badge ribbons. They’re great when you have various items in a package that may not be clear on what they are, what its name is or who it belongs to. This is an excellent method of letting customers know the difference between products.

Personalize ribbons with your company name and logo

You can personalize ribbons to include both your company logo and name. This method of personalization helps with improving brand image when packaging products.

Here are some ribbon ideas:

A blue ribbon roll with a company logo and name on it.
A ribbon roll with a company name printed on it.
Pink ribbon rolls with a company logo printed on them.

Promote deals, events and more with custom top ribbons

When you use informational custom top ribbons, customers who have recently purchased from you can know about deals and events. They’re fantastic because they can be easily placed onto product packages.

Here are some examples for inspiration:

A custom top ribbon promoting a fun event.
A custom top ribbon on a product package promoting a deal.

Follow a seasonal theme for product packaging

If you want to make your office or workplace more festive and seasonal, ribbons have you covered. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors so you can customize them to whichever holiday.

Look at these great examples:

A seasonal custom top ribbon on a product package for Christmas.
Ribbons on a product's package that lean into the Christmas, seasonal theme.
A ribbon roll tied around a plant to go along with a seasonal, Christmas theme.
Seasonal ribbons to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Share encouraging messages with ribbons

One of the great perks of ribbon rolls is including custom text. This allows your company to share cheerful messages. For example, you can uplift those who pass by with ribbons that say, “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.”

Here are a few ideas you could try:

A badge ribbon with a custom, encouraging message printed on.
A ribbon roll with a custom, encouraging message written on it and placed on a product package.
A badge ribbon with an encouraging message printed on it.

Thank customers with badge ribbons

Give thanks to your customers with badge ribbons that let them know your business appreciates their support and loyalty. Customers are a huge reason your business can continue to thrive because they purchase your products and services. You give them a product they will use and they give you their money. With badge ribbons, you can give them more than just the product they were expecting.

Check out these ribbon examples:

Ribbon rolls that thank customers.
Badge ribbons that thank customers for their purchase inside their product packaging.

Share extra details with custom top ribbons

Informing customers of product details got even more clear. Your company can customize custom top ribbons to notify customers about more information they should know after purchasing your product. You could share product instructions or warnings. With custom top ribbons, they can be placed on your product’s package to make sure they see them first.

Simplify product packaging with ribbon rolls

Packaging your products is simpler when you use custom ribbon rolls. When you use a ribbon, customers can open their purchase with a simple tug of a ribbon end.

Add subtle accents with ribbons tied around product packaging

There are several textures to choose from when choosing a ribbon to package your products. Combine ribbons of different textures to highlight your company’s products, starting with it’s packaging.

A ribbon roll wrapped around a basket of products to at accents to a product packaging.

Bundle similar items using a custom ribbon roll

If you have various items typically bought together, bundle them with custom ribbon rolls. This gets rid of the hassle of packaging each product by itself.

These are just a few tips to help you use ribbons in your business’ product packaging. Now you are informed about the many ways you can use them. Visit Personalized Ribbons to start customizing ribbons to work for your business.

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Brand Identity: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Brand identity is a core part of your organization’s marketing. This includes what you do, how you market yourself and how consumers perceive you and your brand. Brand identity works to build awareness, loyalty and desire. It helps shape your target audience’s perception. Does this sound like marketing buzzwords that are just hype? They’re not. Brand identity has been proven to make a difference in sales and customer retention.

logo name tag branding brand identity
Retail Worker Wearing Name Tag

Your Target Audience

When you think about your favorite brands, you probably don’t think about their customers. But that’s who the target audience is: those who buy from you and use your product.

And if there’s one thing that’s true about branding, it matters more than ever. In this age of social media and mobile devices, your customers are easily distracted—they can switch games or apps in seconds. They’ll go somewhere else if they’re not getting what they want from you. So businesses must develop a strong brand identity so customers know what to expect when they come to your product or service.

One way of doing this is by defining your target audience. Who are your customers? Why do they buy from you? What do they like about the product or service? Then, how can you ensure everything stays well presented so those customers keep returning?

By answering these questions and working with an expert on how best to craft a compelling brand identity strategy, businesses will be able to create a clear picture of who their customers are, what they want out of their experience with your business (and vice versa) and how best to deliver on those expectations to keep them coming back again.

Your Purpose and Values

A brand’s purpose is the reason it exists. It motivates the company and its employees to do what they do. For example, suppose a brand has a clear, compelling purpose that inspires its customers and those who work for it. In that case, the company will be able to build a reliable reputation for quality and integrity.

The best way to ensure that your brand remains consistent in its messaging is to establish what exactly you’re trying to accomplish with your business. What does your company stand for? What kind of value do you want your products and services to offer? And, what do you want people who buy from you or work for you to feel when they use your product or service?

Once you have a clear idea of what your brand stands for, it’s time to define its purpose and the specific ways you will accomplish it. This includes determining what value your company wants to offer and how you plan to deliver it. You should also think about how your brand can become more than just a business but an integral part of the lives of those who use it. If you’re selling something that people will use daily, ask yourself: How can I make my product or service improve the quality of their lives? What do I want them to feel like when they use this item? What kind of emotions do we want people to associate with our brand?

Visual Elements

The visual elements of your brand identity are a vital part of what makes your company unique.

Visual elements include:

• Your logo is an essential part of your company’s identity and should be something that customers and other stakeholders can easily remember.

logo badge ribbon branding brand identity
Badge Ribbons
  • The colors you use in your marketing materials. These should help reinforce the brand’s tone and message but also help it stand out from other brands in its industry.
  • The fonts used in marketing materials should be easy to read and reinforce the text’s tone.
  • Graphics that accompany text or images on your website, social media channels, etc., including icons or illustrations that convey a particular meaning or message related to your business.

A strong brand identity is an essential element of success for any small business. It defines a company’s personality and customer perception, leading to greater odds of customer loyalty, brand recognition and a sense of trust between the company and its customer base. This can lead to better customer retention and increased revenues. Moreover, having a strong brand identity will help any small business achieve more significant growth and long term viability, offering the best chance to succeed in a highly competitive market environment.

Bring your organization’s logo to life with name tags, name plates and lanyards.

UV color logo name tag for company branding
Name Tags
logo name plate branding brand identity
Name Plates
logo lanyard branding brand identity

3 Ways Awards Make You More Remarkable

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, it’s what you do that makes you stand out. Unfortunately, there’s a possibility your company can get lost in the crowd of mediocrity. Awards help you prevent that by standing out and attracting more attention to your brand. Here are four ways awards make you more remarkable.

Awards are a form of recognition that people and their organizations receive for their achievements. They represent an organization’s success and excellent performance, leading to public relations benefits. Awards not only gain publicity but also attract top talent and raise the probability of competitive advantage. They also gather positive attention from stakeholders.

Rosette Ribbon rewards for first, second and third place.

Awards Make You More Remarkable by Recognizing Your Hard Work

Awards are important because they help you feel like you’re doing something right. This is important for your self confidence as a worker. When you’re recognized for doing something well, it helps you feel like your work is not just an obligation but something that matters.

Receiving rewards also allows employers to show appreciation for employees’ hard work and dedication. This can make employees feel valued, which will make them more likely to stay with the company longer than they would otherwise have stayed if they hadn’t been recognized with an award. This show employees that the company is willing to invest in them and their work.

When employers reward their employees, they help promote themselves and their employees to the public. A company that recognizes its employees with awards is likely to be seen as an excellent workplace. It also makes customers more likely to patronize it.

name tag badge ribbon awards make you more remarkable

You Build Reputation

Awards are a great tool to build your reputation, which is essential for any company or organization. They are a way to identify the best in your industry, thus assisting you and your company to stand out from the crowd. In addition, they help improve resumes tenfold when you include awards and certifications earned.

You increase your visibility when others know about your recent accomplishments. Awards help solidify your strengths and knowledge in your field. They give people who already know about your business a reason to trust and support you even more.

When people see that an organization has won awards, they are more likely to believe that the organization is reliable and trustworthy. They are also more likely to buy from them. This is especially true if there are awards for specific products or services. “Best Product” awards are compelling because they show potential customers that your product is better in terms of quality and value.

Name Tag with a matching Name Plate awards make you more remarkable

Increase Your Productivity

Awards are a powerful motivator for employees. They motivate people to do more work and encourage people to work smarter. When you give your employees an award, you’re telling them their hard work has paid off, and that you are noticing their efforts. That feeling of validation can be enough to spur them on to greater heights. It also helps them feel more confident in their abilities and more willing to take risks with new ideas.

Organizations that give out rewards regularly help their employees feel like they’re part of something larger than themselves. This is when people start working together as a team. This is especially true if the award is based on teamwork rather than individual performance. Giving prizes out regularly helps everyone feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves, and that’s when people start working together as a team.

Awards Make You More Remarkable

Awards convey an elite status, which is what organizations want because of the increased professionalism. Organizations that win awards are gaining tremendous amounts of exposure and receiving a lot of goodwill points from their clients, peers and consumers. When people view a company as a leader in their industry, it means that the brands continue to meet the highest standards in both quality and ethics, something that competitors struggle to do.

Whether you’re a business, a non-profit or something in between, awards are a great way to show the world that you’re doing good work. In many ways, earning an award validates the positive impact that you’re making and sets you apart from your competitors—not to mention that they’re also a lot of fun to receive. Awards truly make you more remarkable.

Name Tags are Your Best Friend

Excellent customer service begins with name tags. They are an integral part of your work uniform. Dress codes state what workers should and shouldn’t wear to work. That is why you would typically see brokers wearing suits, teachers wearing business casual and retail workers wearing company colored shirts. When jobs do not require anything specifically, name tags do the trick just as well as regular uniforms. They tell guests and other workers your name, job title, business name and more. Name tags are your best friend because they help you quickly become friends with everyone you serve.

When you wear a name tag, you break the awkwardness of speaking to a customer when they do not know how to address you. With that, communicating with customers is easier than ever. With your name displayed, you give customers and employees permission to learn your name and address you as such. After that, you are open to communication for any reason.

business meeting with people wearing name tags

Relationships Start with Name Tags

Imagine you are at the county fair. You manage a game booth where kids compete for the biggest stuffed animal. When you are on the job, you and your coworkers only wear black, a subtle way to show that you are working. However, you could blend in just like an ordinary fair visitor.

Visitors don’t have to second guess when you wear a name tag. You and your coworkers are attentive workers when you wear them. You are the professional they can approach if they want to play the game at your booth. Wearing a name tag shows that you can assist them with whatever request or concern visitors have. Name tags are your best friend.

three logo name tags

It is comforting for customers whenever you wear a name tag. You appear to be a fun member of your community who enjoys helping other members have a good time. You are ready to show visitors a great time when you have proper identification.

The same is true when you work in retail. While wearing a name tag, you are easy to spot from a crowd. Consumers can call your name, making it more personable. Then, lead your consumers to whatever they are searching for. Finally, when you ring them up, you offer them a discount they were unaware of.

You can help customers save time and money with excellent customer service. You help your guests leave the store quicker and happier, and then they will keep coming back for more. They will remember interactions like these because quality service is memorable. When you take care of your guests, they will remain loyal to your business.

During volunteering events, name tags are essential. Volunteers usually work in casual clothes, making it difficult for people to tell the difference between volunteers and guests. Crowded events make things even more difficult. If no one wore identification, the place would be chaotic. That’s why you typically see volunteers wearing lanyards or badge holders with a tag on them. Volunteers see people come and go throughout the day, so it simplifies things when it is easy to see you are a volunteer.

Create Unforgettable Moments for Guests

When you present excellent customer service, your customers will remember. Excellent customer service can be as simple as asking if they’re finding everything OK and telling them they can come to you for anything. Then, you can take it a step further and walk them to the destinations. Finally, you can talk to them about deals and discounts they can sign up for during that time. 

engraved logo name tag

When you give your customers your full attention, it shows that you care about their satisfaction. Name tags are your best friend because they allow for more unique interactions.

Small talk helps friendships blossom because what everyone wants is to be understood. In addition, this back and forth lets guests know that you are willing to offer more than the assistance they are used to.

Name tags are your best friends because they assist you in starting conversation with people you serve. They are the catalyst you need to get closer to your customers. Wearing identification shows you are open to helping them. Treating people with excellent customer service means you treat guests with respect and trust. Because you treated clients well, you’ve begun two relationships: you and the customer and the client and company. Because you showed excellent customer service, you have started a significant relationship between the company and clients. Name tags are tools you can use to build relationships with your guests.

“A good relationship is when someone accepts your past, supports your present and encourages your future.” – Unknown

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