Personal Identification Uses

Why should everyone use name tags, name plates and other identification?

Name tags and other personal identification products can have a significant benefit for your company. And while these products might seem like a trivial item to have around the workplace, using these tools has many advantages. They become part of your marketing as well as a means to offer your customers exceptional service. The conversations that come from wearing a name tag lead to better interaction and opportunities for sales. And, they make someone directly approachable at any time.

What is personal identification and why should you be using it?

Personal Identification (noun): the instance of identifying a particular individual or thing with a provided indicator; e.g., a name tag, a sign or a name plate.

name tags, name plates, custom ribbons and more are all important parts of personal identification

Name Tags

The primary reason for wearing a name tag is to provide an identifying feature for that person. These identifiers have become an essential and vital part of many companies, and yet still allow each employee to wear any required daily business style or uniform and remain unique in their aspect and personality.

Professional tools such as these name tags are essential in marketing and communication. They provide not only personal identity, but corporate branding as well. Employees who wear name tags offer a sense of customer service and responsibility for that business. And, name tags are often the hardest working element to a person’s uniform during any event.

  • Using Markers on Reusable Name Badges – Reusable means that you have the flexibility to customize names and other information on the spot. Since you can easily erase and write new names, you can reuse each badge for different events. (Learn more and watch a video!)

Badge Holders

Frequently used as an event staple, name badge holders are perfect for conferences, conventions, trade shows, meetings and all other events. Simple and easy to use, they are a fantastic option for reusable needs. And, from the workplace to events, badge holders solve many issues such as identification and providing security.


Make your brand stand out with custom lanyards. Not only do these tools help to keep a name tag close and easy to use, but they are great for a broad range of activities. From the workplace to schools and concerts to trade shows, lanyards are a perfect networking and branding tool. Attach keys, name badges, meeting agendas and more to a brightly colored lanyard at your next event.

Name Plates

When appropriately displayed, name plates are practically a compass in any work environment. Used on a desk, they provide names for colleagues and guests. Place them on a receptionist table, and they can be used for giving instructions or directions to clients and visitors. Or, use them throughout your office or store to create a flow from each department into another.

From wall hangers to desk wedges, name plates have become an almost essential piece to any work environment. And, with so many types available, it’s easy to add a professional and personal touch to any working space.

Custom Ribbons

We have every personalized ribbon you will ever need for any event, award or business venture. Customize most of our ribbons with text, logos and graphics to make them work for your next store sale, promotion, party, school event or wedding ribbon needs.

Ribbons can help you in so many ways. They help improve your brand image, holiday decorating and more. But most importantly, you can use ribbons to improve your business’ product packaging. From badge ribbons to ribbon rolls, we have something just for you.