11 Ways to Use Ribbons in Product Packaging

Ribbons can help you in so many ways. They help improve your brand image, holiday decorating and more. But most importantly, you can use ribbons to improve your business’ product packaging.

According to Mailchimp, “Product packaging is the process of designing and creating packaging for a product.”

Ribbons are so helpful in elevating your business’ product packaging. Use these tips to improve product packaging and customer satisfaction.

Wrap product packages neatly with ribbon rolls

Topping off products with ribbon rolls neatly tied around them is a great way to elevate your company’s packaging. Since ribbon rolls come in 100 yards each, you can package almost any product, regardless of shape or size.

Check out these examples:

A pink ribbon roll wrapped around a product package.
A white ribbon roll tied around a blanket.
A red ribbon roll tied around a product package.

Label products with badge ribbons

You can label multiple products with badge ribbons. They’re great when you have various items in a package that may not be clear on what they are, what its name is or who it belongs to. This is an excellent method of letting customers know the difference between products.

Personalize ribbons with your company name and logo

You can personalize ribbons to include both your company logo and name. This method of personalization helps with improving brand image when packaging products.

Here are some ribbon ideas:

A blue ribbon roll with a company logo and name on it.
A ribbon roll with a company name printed on it.
Pink ribbon rolls with a company logo printed on them.

Promote deals, events and more with custom top ribbons

When you use informational custom top ribbons, customers who have recently purchased from you can know about deals and events. They’re fantastic because they can be easily placed onto product packages.

Here are some examples for inspiration:

A custom top ribbon promoting a fun event.
A custom top ribbon on a product package promoting a deal.

Follow a seasonal theme for product packaging

If you want to make your office or workplace more festive and seasonal, ribbons have you covered. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors so you can customize them to whichever holiday.

Look at these great examples:

A seasonal custom top ribbon on a product package for Christmas.
Ribbons on a product's package that lean into the Christmas, seasonal theme.
A ribbon roll tied around a plant to go along with a seasonal, Christmas theme.
Seasonal ribbons to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Share encouraging messages with ribbons

One of the great perks of ribbon rolls is including custom text. This allows your company to share cheerful messages. For example, you can uplift those who pass by with ribbons that say, “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.”

Here are a few ideas you could try:

A badge ribbon with a custom, encouraging message printed on.
A ribbon roll with a custom, encouraging message written on it and placed on a product package.
A badge ribbon with an encouraging message printed on it.

Thank customers with badge ribbons

Give thanks to your customers with badge ribbons that let them know your business appreciates their support and loyalty. Customers are a huge reason your business can continue to thrive because they purchase your products and services. You give them a product they will use and they give you their money. With badge ribbons, you can give them more than just the product they were expecting.

Check out these ribbon examples:

Ribbon rolls that thank customers.
Badge ribbons that thank customers for their purchase inside their product packaging.

Share extra details with custom top ribbons

Informing customers of product details got even more clear. Your company can customize custom top ribbons to notify customers about more information they should know after purchasing your product. You could share product instructions or warnings. With custom top ribbons, they can be placed on your product’s package to make sure they see them first.

Simplify product packaging with ribbon rolls

Packaging your products is simpler when you use custom ribbon rolls. When you use a ribbon, customers can open their purchase with a simple tug of a ribbon end.

Add subtle accents with ribbons tied around product packaging

There are several textures to choose from when choosing a ribbon to package your products. Combine ribbons of different textures to highlight your company’s products, starting with it’s packaging.

A ribbon roll wrapped around a basket of products to at accents to a product packaging.

Bundle similar items using a custom ribbon roll

If you have various items typically bought together, bundle them with custom ribbon rolls. This gets rid of the hassle of packaging each product by itself.

These are just a few tips to help you use ribbons in your business’ product packaging. Now you are informed about the many ways you can use them. Visit Personalized Ribbons to start customizing ribbons to work for your business.

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