4 Unique Holiday Signs for Your Office or Home

Adorn your house or workspace with custom signs that reflect your personality. The holiday season is here, and that means it’s time to put up the decorations. Why not add custom holiday signs to your collection?

Signs are a great way to show holiday cheer in your home and workplace. And, customizing them allows you to express your personality. For businesses, custom signs can convey work hours and wish customers happy holidays. However you choose to use them, the quality of these custom signs makes them eye-catching and durable.

Holiday signs on Christmas wreath

Here are four types of holiday signs to customize for business or personal use.

Holiday Office Signs

Let your customers know when you are closed for the holidays with a custom office sign. Signs may also promote your business’s holiday and after holiday discounts.

Holiday Wishes

Wish people happy holidays from your company or family. Customers and neighbors will appreciate your season’s greetings displayed on your door or window sill.

Funny Holiday Signs

Everyone loves a good laugh. Decorate your home or office with fun custom signs like “Elves Wanted,” “Santa’s Workshop” or “This house is under elf surveillance.”

Favorite Quotes

Have a favorite Christmas movie or carol? Customize a sign to display your favorite movie quote or song lyric and add that personal touch to your holiday decor.

Holiday signs displayed on office door

Have fun creating your holiday signs!

Custom signs come in your choice of size, color, font and design. Additional options include round or square corners, border or no border, and gray or black frame. For hanging, order signs with pre-drilled holes for screws, or pick from several adhesives to have attached on the back. Hang custom signs from the walls of your home or office, or display them in the window. Attach a sign to a Christmas wreath using two Swivel Bulldog Clips on the back.

The best part about custom signs is that they are large enough for you to say whatever you want so that you can express your love for the holidays in your own way.

Product Highlight: Name Tag Fasteners

Name tags are all about visibility. And without the right fastener, name tags can’t reach their full potential!

From adding a logo to the right custom text, name tags are important to everyone. While most name tags are simple enough to feature a name and some company branding, they should also feature a fastener that will aid in the name tag’s presentation. Branding is one of the most important things for businesses, and keeping a name tag visible helps to maintain that hard work.

So, after choosing the right name tag for your business or organization, here are some tips for choosing the right fastener for those name tags.

The most traditional choice for a name tag fastener is a simple pin. Pin fasteners are sufficient to get the job done. However, putting a pin through clothing may be an issue for someone who wears a thin fabric or doesn’t want a possible hole forming. Keep in mind that pin fasteners are quite efficient, inexpensive and super easy to use!

name tags are never finished without choosing from our large selection of fasteners

Our most popular fastener choice is the deluxe magnetic fastener. This fastener consists of two parts. A metal plate with indentations, which holds the magnet in place and adheres to the back of most name tags, and a plastic bar that holds two strong magnets, which holds in place through multiple layers of clothing. Please also remember to never use magnets with a pacemaker.

Swivel bulldog clips are a less expensive alternative to magnets that don’t require poking holes in clothing. These fasteners are also great on photo ID badges and are frequently used with lanyards. The clip can attach to a pocket or a shirt collar for quick and easy use.

name tags are never finished without choosing from our large selection of fasteners

Two pins are better than one, right? Double clutch fasteners are a military style fastener that will keep your name tag in perfect position. With the two pins holding it fast to whatever you are wearing, that name tag isn’t going anywhere! Talk about visibility!

name tags are never finished without choosing from our large selection of fasteners

We also have three more fasteners available:

name tags are never finished without choosing from our large selection of fastenersClip on a Strap
A plastic strap is attached to a bulldog clip and then runs through a slot punched in your name tag.

name tags are never finished without choosing from our large selection of fastenersPocket Clip
The clip is attached to the back of a tag and then slipped onto the top of a shirt pocket.

name tags are never finished without choosing from our large selection of fastenersBulldog Clip with Pin
These bulldog clips with pin fastener allow the wearer to choose between the clip or pin fastener.

Your fastener choice will impact the name tag’s appearance, so choose carefully. Don’t make this decision too quickly. Make sure to weigh all possibilities before adding a fastener to your order. And, as always, if you need help, give us a call!