How to Wear Name Tags

Many things help businesses succeed, such as employees, machinery and buildings. Those are all bigger and more obvious things that help with success, but what about the more minor things that also help? Name tags are small and an underrated tool that elevates a work uniform. Wear name tags for a subtle yet effective way to improve identification, security and success.

A manager and employee wear name tags while working together.

But why name tags? How do they help businesses succeed? Name tags help keep businesses safe by identifying staff and volunteers, so customers know who they can contact for assistance.

Businesses also have the chance to improve their branding when employees wear name tags. When employees are identified, customers will understand that they can be found by specifics like work uniform colors, being in certain areas or, most importantly, wearing name tags. Details like color choice, font and name tag material are essential. You may want to include your business logo on name tags. It all depends on what you want out of your staff’s name tags.

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A seasonal worker helping a customer while wearing a reusable name badge.

Name Tag Fasteners

Fasteners help attach name tags to clothing. There are several ways to fasten name tags onto clothing. From magnetic, pin and other fastener options, there is a fastener that suits your business’ name tags best. The most common type of fastener that people may be familiar with is a magnetic fastener, as they firmly attach your name tag to your clothing without slipping or damaging anything.

Wear Name Tags the Correct Way

You may be required to wear name tags as part of your work uniform at some point in your career. You will want to know how to put on a name tag when the time comes. Here is a storyboard that explains how to wear name tags with a magnetic fastener.

A storyboard showing how to wear a name tag with a magnetic fastener.

Another popular fastener for name tags is pins. Pins are also a reliable fastener for your business’ name tags as they are secured on clothing. Be cautious when putting on name tags with pin fasteners as they have a sharp point.

A storyboard that shows how to wear a name tag with a pin fastener.

Tips for Wearing Name Tags

Now that you know how to wear name tags properly, here are a few tips to know to use them for the most benefits.

  • Wear name tags slightly below the collarbone for best visibility.
  • When getting ready for work, put your name tag on at the same time, as they are also part of your work uniform.
  • If you lose or misplace your name tag, let a manager know so you have another one soon.
  • Explore Reusable Badges for name tags anyone can use.
A happy worker wearing a name tag.

Things to Do After Putting on Your Name Tag

Name tags are essential to your business’ success. Organizations with staff wearing name tags are united in a common purpose. When clear identification is worn, your customers won’t have to wonder where they can find a trusted staff member. Discover name tags that suit your business at Name Tag, Inc.

Explore more ways to elevate your name tags by pairing them with badge ribbons. You can also pair name tags with matching name plates for desks or office/store walls.

Deluxe Magnetic Fastener Benefits

A magnetic fastener holds everything in place!

Not all fasteners are created equal. As our most popular fastener choice, the deluxe magnetic fastener is an excellent choice for almost every name tag!

deluxe magnetic fastener for a name tag or name badge

This magnet fastener consists of two parts: a metal plate with indentations and a plastic bar that holds two strong magnets. The plate holds the magnet in place and adheres to the back of most name tags. And the bar holds everything together and in place through multiple layers of clothing.

Our deluxe magnetic fastener is the highest quality fastener available.

The strong magnets attach easily, even through thick clothing, while preventing holes and clothing damage. Among the many fastener types offered, the deluxe magnets are best for wearing with professional clothing as they do not leave holes. Something to consider when ordering name tags for your company is that these fasteners work great on loose clothing or expensive fabrics. Unlike pins, they do not leave holes or snag on softer pieces.

Magnets also give employees the opportunity to wear a single name tag with different uniforms or clothing choices. Wear one on a shirt collar or pocket. Try one on a jacket or suit coat. Wherever is most convenient to wear it, a magnetic fastener will make sure that a name tag is instantly visible.

deluxe magnetic fastener for a name tag or name badge with or without logoWe offer two choices for magnets. We have them available with or without our logo to match your needs and style.

And, there will never be another worry about losing a name tag. These magnets are strong enough to ensure all day wear without any damage to your clothing.

Remember, your fastener choice will impact the name tag’s appearance, so choose carefully. Don’t make this decision too quickly. Make sure to weigh all possibilities before adding a fastener to your order. (Including to remember never to use magnets with a pacemaker.)

Product Highlight: Name Tag Fasteners

Name tags are all about visibility. And without the right fastener, name tags can’t reach their full potential!

From adding a logo to the right custom text, name tags are important to everyone. While most name tags are simple enough to feature a name and some company branding, they should also feature a fastener that will aid in the name tag’s presentation. Branding is one of the most important things for businesses, and keeping a name tag visible helps to maintain that hard work.

So, after choosing the right name tag for your business or organization, here are some tips for choosing the right fastener for those name tags.

The most traditional choice for a name tag fastener is a simple pin. Pin fasteners are sufficient to get the job done. However, putting a pin through clothing may be an issue for someone who wears a thin fabric or doesn’t want a possible hole forming. Keep in mind that pin fasteners are quite efficient, inexpensive and super easy to use!

name tags are never finished without choosing from our large selection of fasteners

Our most popular fastener choice is the deluxe magnetic fastener. This fastener consists of two parts. A metal plate with indentations, which holds the magnet in place and adheres to the back of most name tags, and a plastic bar that holds two strong magnets, which holds in place through multiple layers of clothing. Please also remember to never use magnets with a pacemaker.

Swivel bulldog clips are a less expensive alternative to magnets that don’t require poking holes in clothing. These fasteners are also great on photo ID badges and are frequently used with lanyards. The clip can attach to a pocket or a shirt collar for quick and easy use.

name tags are never finished without choosing from our large selection of fasteners

Two pins are better than one, right? Double clutch fasteners are a military style fastener that will keep your name tag in perfect position. With the two pins holding it fast to whatever you are wearing, that name tag isn’t going anywhere! Talk about visibility!

name tags are never finished without choosing from our large selection of fasteners

We also have three more fasteners available:

name tags are never finished without choosing from our large selection of fastenersClip on a Strap
A plastic strap is attached to a bulldog clip and then runs through a slot punched in your name tag.

name tags are never finished without choosing from our large selection of fastenersPocket Clip
The clip is attached to the back of a tag and then slipped onto the top of a shirt pocket.

name tags are never finished without choosing from our large selection of fastenersBulldog Clip with Pin
These bulldog clips with pin fastener allow the wearer to choose between the clip or pin fastener.

Your fastener choice will impact the name tag’s appearance, so choose carefully. Don’t make this decision too quickly. Make sure to weigh all possibilities before adding a fastener to your order. And, as always, if you need help, give us a call!

Things To Consider: Name Tags

Does anyone ever really consider what it takes to produce that name tag they are wearing?

When considering a name tag the first thing that usually comes to mind is typically the name that appears on it. However, there is so much more to consider when looking at name tags.

An excerpt from a Coller Industries employee:laser engraved name tags

Name Tag, Inc. opened my eyes to what really goes into producing a name tag. When wearing a name tag one never really thinks about all the work, the people involved or machines used to make it. When first looking at a name tag the color, the person’s name and title, and the logo are what really stand out. Not much else is really considered.

As part of customer service, my view has definitely changed on what goes into making a name tag and the process behind the scenes. A lot goes into setting up orders, sending out proofs and working with design worksheets. There are so many colors and materials and different ways to put a name tag together. This may sound weird, but I feel like I help make name tag dreams come true.

Orders start with an internet order or a phone call. Once the specifics are laid out by the customer, the design team goes to work. Sometimes a customer has an image from the online design tool which provides a more visual picture of the “dream,” and sometimes only simple instructions like size, color and logo placement are included as instructions. Whatever the case, all customers end up with a PDF proof showing them what the name tags will look like.

consider using classy name tag frames - small, medium and large

consider adding an epoxy dome to name tags both plastic and metal

Once a proof is seen, all the extras and smaller details begin to take shape. Many customers have questions at this point, such as the tag size, the option of an epoxy dome, or adding a name tag frame. All these options come highly recommended, and while they do add a minor cost to the name tag purchase, the end results are worth it.

Once the proof has been approved by the customer, the order is sent to a quality checker to make sure that all the order information is correct and consistent. Then, when the order passes this check, the production team takes over. There are various machines that make different name tags. Laser engravers are used on both plastic and metal materials to cut and engrave names, titles and logos. There is also a full color print machine that prints in vibrant colors. Each name tag is carefully completed according to the specifications that were check and rechecked in customer service.

consider which name tag or name badge fasteners to usePart of production is assembly of the product. Fasteners, such as magnets, are affixed to the name tag. Before any name tag is shipped, two more quality control people review the order again. Once this is complete, the package is sealed and given to a trusty UPS driver who then gets them delivered directly to the customer.


Now that’s a lot to think about and consider when looking at a name tag! So, the next time you see a name tag, I hope that you can take a moment to reflect about all the hands and time (and care) that went into its production.

Donation Spotlight: Pediatric Smiles of Orem

name tags, full color, uv printed

Recently we had the opportunity to donate to Pediatric Smiles of Orem. They are a fantastic local dental office that sponsors programs to go to South American countries and teach children about dental health and hygiene. We spoke to Gemma from their office, and she answered some questions for us!

Name Tag: What is the name of your organization? Do you have a mission statement?

Gemma: Pediatric Smiles of Orem – Our mission is to be the premier pediatric dental office in Utah. Our dentists and team are knowledgeable, respectful, detail oriented, caring, and personable. We strive daily for professional dental excellence through our caring, sincere, and professional treatment for each patient. We promote superior dental health through precise diagnosis, expertise in dental procedures, and advanced patient education.

Name Tag: What was donated to you? How will it help your organization?

Gemma: We received name tags. It will help the children become more familiar with office stuff and be on a first name basis with them. This helps the children be more at ease in their surroundings as they have something familiar/a familiar face around them.

Name Tag: If you could describe your company in 3 words, what would they be?

Gemma: Helpful, generous, and caring.

Name Tag: Do you have any other comments you would like to add?

Gemma: I know you were interested in our efforts to help the local community. Dr. Shepherd and Pediatric Smiles of Orem have participated in the Give Kids A Smile event for many years. This event has helped many local  underprivileged children receive the dental care they need. Dr. Shepherd has also donated many thousands of dollars in dental work to another local charity, Community Health Connect. He has helped many children who are in pain and in dire need of treatment. Dr. Shepherd does all he can to help those in need. Not only in the community, but in his office and amongst his staff.

Wow, what a spectacular office. If you would like to find out more about Dr. Shepherd, and Pediatric Smiles of Orem click the link below!