Feedback, Reviews & Customer Appreciation

Sometimes, we just need to let our customers speak for us! And here are some glowing reviews to prove it!

customer reviews for coller industries name tag inc


“The website is easy to navigate and easy to use. First-time success. I talked with Lydia on the telephone before placing the order, and she was very helpful and pleasant. She walked me through the steps. I am looking forward to using you again in the future.”

Kalyca said, “Customer service got right back to me and answered all of my questions in a friendly way!”


“First visit on this site, and I am very pleased! After searching similar sites (including local stores), this one offers the specific badge size I want. The custom order process is easy to follow. I had a product/processing question that was answered promptly, and additional information seems to be readily available on the site. Prices, setup fee and shipping are all reasonable. I’m looking forward to making this my new name badge vendor, and see what other great products you provide!”

Sheri said, “We have ordered before. The service is quick, the product looks great; never had any problems with quality or service.”


“I have been ordering from Coller Industries for several years now. Despite that I only order once a year, at most, the fact that the website recognizes me from past orders, and allows me to duplicate them so that our old and our new name plates look the same, is AMAZING and COOL! Also, being able to download a list is a thing of beauty too! I have called in the past and had wonderful customer service experiences. I would highly recommend your business to anyone who asks.”

Karlyn said, “Reordering is easy especially with the ability to upload an excel file.”

Other Great Reviews


“I ordered name tags for a charity Board on which I serve. You guys were fantastic! I received proofs, made some changes, received those very quickly, approved them and received the tags within a week. Your people were very polite when I called. The product is a wonderful quality. My Board is absolutely going to love them. Thank you for a great job!”

Susan said, “Your customer service rep told me how to order additional tags online for an existing account, and she was very helpful. Thanks!”

Chacha said, “This is my second time placing an order with you. Ordering is simple, and the product is high quality and exactly what I expect to receive. Thank you!”

customer reviews for service and product at coller industriesWe appreciate all the feedback received from our customers and would love to hear about your experience with our company. Send us your reviews, questions and comments on our products and services. And let us know if there is anywhere we need to improve.

Fun in the Sun with Coller Industries

Summer is always a wonderful time here at Coller Industries!

playing at the park with coller industries at the summer bbq and partyWe’re busy getting out orders and making sure we stay on task so that our customers get what they ordered. But, we also know how to have fun! Every year, Coller Industries throws a Summer BBQ Bash for the employees. And every year it seems just to get better.

The party is held at Germania Park (a local park here in Utah) every year. It’s a great place with plenty of space for all the employees to come and enjoy the food and company. There is always fun for all ages, and the employees were encouraged to bring their families.

This year included a bounce house for the kids and water guns for anyone who wanted to play. We also had fantastic food provided by Joe Morley’s BBQ. The spread they brought was fabulous and fed everyone till they couldn’t eat anymore.

playing at the park with coller industries at the summer bbq and party

playing at the park with coller industries at the summer bbq and party


As employees, we would like to give a special thank you to Coller Industries and especially the Coller family for providing such an enjoyable activity for their employees.

And here’s how we do that:

Mathew, Web Design and Development, said, “Being with family and friends was the best part. I love being with people that I can socialize with and be comfortable around.”

Lydia, Customer Service, said, “The food was my favorite part because it was all really good and there was nothing I didn’t enjoy.”

Charles, Sample Requests, said, “The ribs were delicious!” He also said, “I think we have an exceptional staff. I work for a very special company who really cares about its employees. And the result is that the employees have developed long lasting relationships.”

Amanda, Solutions Manager, said, “It was really HOT! But, my favorite part would have to be the BBQ. Coller Industries always tries out new and exciting BBQ places every year.”

What’s In It for You

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping
We’ve been talking a lot about our new building lately because it’s the major source of excitement we’ve had in our corner of the world. But now you may be thinking, “That’s nice, what’s in it for me?”

To begin with, we have streamlined our processes to be more efficient; With less distractions comes a substantially lower error rate.
We’ll also be able to serve even more customers without causing any delays in production times.
UPS will come to love our new facility too because there are no longerstairs to interfere with loading things in and out. Stairs were often acomplaint before we moved and raised concerns of potentially damagedmerchandise; Now there’s even less to worry about.
And of course, since we’ve been expanding and we’ve moved to a buildingwith room to grow is an excellent sign that we’ll be serving you longinto the future.

Put us to the test today, we’re ready for the challenge.

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping

Moving Day is Here!

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping

Things have been pretty interesting lately here at Name Tag. This week we got packed up and prepared for our move and finished as many orders as possible before shutting down operations today.

Beyond trying to get orders out ahead of time, we’ve been boxing everything up and taking down shelves, labeling chairs and desks so they go to the right places, and setting up some stations at the new building.

The majority of the move will be done by movers over the weekend and some people will come in to set up on Sunday. Hopefully we’ll be back up and running without a hitch on Monday.

Most of us are pretty excited for the new building because it’s much nicer and tailored specifically for each department. It’s especially exciting because it’s the biggest growth spurt we’ve had as a company and we won’t have to share our space with anyone else anymore (that’s not to say that our current neighbors weren’t wonderful.)

See how we can more efficiently handle your orders next week in our new and improved facility. We’re always looking at streamlining our processes to work better for our customers.

Try out our excellent customer service today!

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping

New Names at Name Tag

I’m pleased to announce that we have a lot of new faces around here at Name Tag lately.

We are strongly dedicated to our customers so we’ve carefully hand picked three new employees to better serve you. Ashley, Kathy, and Shennell are already great additions to our team here. We hope you enjoy working with them also.

Get your order started today at