Donation Spotlight: Bethesda Thrift Shop

Our customers are amazing! And to help all of our customers realize how important they are to us, we’d like to spotlight a donation that we’ve recently made. We were contacted by Scott Glidden of Bethesda Thrift Shop in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Bethesda Thrift Shop is run by Bethesda Lutheran Communities. “They are a Christian organization that provides homes for people with developmental disabilities across the country. They create connections that support people on their journey to live the best life possible.”

bethesda thrift store bethesda lutheran communities

Glidden shared the following mission statement with us. “(We are here) to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through services that share the good news of Jesus Christ.”

medium plus mighty badges reusable name badges name tagsColler Industries provided a donation of Medium Plus Mighty Badges™ to Bethesda Thrift. Each Mighty Badge™ comes with a reusable, metal back plate, a printable insert, and a plastic lens that snaps onto the back plate to make the whole system work. This product is a wonderful option for those who need a quick, reusable name badge for volunteer positions.

“We use your name badges to recognize our volunteers for their hours of service. Some of our volunteers have over 19,000 hours, so they are very proud of their badges,” said Glidden. “The volunteers have just loved them in the past, and it is nice to see how much it means to them to give them one. I always let them know that they were donated by Coller Industries.”

Glidden describes Bethesda Thrift as “a place that welcomes volunteers who help support our mission. We pride ourselves with the fact that we have paid staff and volunteers with disabilities working in our store. We have demonstrated that people with disabilities have different skills and abilities and are able to have meaningful jobs in our community. We have helped many of them find stable rewarding employment.”

bethesda thrift store bethesda lutheran communities

Bethesda Lutheran Communities is a national leader in providing homes and support, promoting awareness, and advocating for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They operate in 14 states with more than 300 program locations and they succeed through the passion of their employees and volunteers who make a difference every day in the lives of those they support.

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