To Wear, Or Not To Wear. What is a Name Tag?

Many people feel that name tags are pointless and kind of a pain to wear. While most of these people will complain about wearing a name tag, they can all agree on one thing. That is the point of the name tag in the first place. Once someone is wearing a name tag, it becomes easier to identify them. So, those who become self-conscious once they actually break and don a name tag or name badge, they will agree that the identification does aid in the day-to-day activities.

andertoons name tags name badges hate wearingWhile there was a focus on Scott Ginsberg, a man who wears a name tag every day, Mark Anderson is annoyed by this small personal identification tool. Anderson says, “Well, I should say I hate wearing a name tag. I find them very useful when I’m speaking to someone because I’m horrible with names, but I always feel self-conscious with that big red ‘Hi, I’m Mark’ branded on my chest.”

“So, instead of hobnobbing and mingling, I set my mind to work on other ways people are identified with tags or signs, and this cartoon popped out. I suppose a therapist might suggest that I was feeling trapped in my job, but mostly I just felt goofy, and was able to turn it to my advantage. This cartoon came from attending one of those business events where I had to wear a name tag.”

In rebuttal against these feelings, name tags really are a great equalizer. Name tags always help out when meeting a lot of people at once, such as a conference or convention, and in a short time frame. “If everybody wears name tags, no more fighting, no more intolerance and no more disrespect,” says Scott Ginsberg. Wearing a name tag where people can easily see and read it makes getting to know them easier and puts everyone ease. The important thing to remember is that when meeting a lot of different people, they have an easier way to really remember who you are and what you stand for. No one will be left to assume anything about anyone with the simple aid of personal identification. Name tags RULE (even if we are biased)!

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