Custom Shaped Name Tags as Unique as You

From dogs and fish to houses and teeth, we have custom shaped name tags to meet any and every need. No matter your business, organization or even for personal use, we have something just for you.

custom shaped name tags laser plastic engraved

Name tags are meant to be personal, they are meant to be unique. They have your name on them after all, so why not make them a little extra special? At Name Tag, Inc. you can choose a custom shape for your laser engraved plastic name tags with practically any shape you would like. Our unique, custom shaped name tags allow you to create a name tag that represents your company or cause completely and exclusively.

Highlight the shape of your logo. Or, simply draw more attention to it by choosing from one of our custom designs. Choose from a variety of stock shapes, such as an oval or a circle. While we have many stock shapes, if we don’t have what you need, our design team is ready to help. Our team will work with you on a shape to meet your specifications. They will also help out with those extra little ideas.

Adding Logos to Custom Shaped Tags

For those wanting their brand or logo to really stand out, the custom shaped name tags are definitely the way to go. Provide us with your logo and give us a list of names and titles of employees or volunteers to customize each name tag.

Now that you’ve gone to the trouble of requesting a personalized, engraved plastic name tag and provided a list of names and the perfect logo that represents your company or cause, you can add that extra bit of flair with a shape that will really make you stand out.

Make them YOU!

A name tag with a custom shape, color and size makes a visual verification of the name tag easier. These name tags draw the customers’ eyes straight to you, leaving them with nothing to wonder. The different shapes or sizes will help make your name tag stand out from the crowd. Just let your imagination run wild and design a badge that will separate you from your competition.

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