Donations: Animal Care Centers of NYC

Coller Industries prides ourselves on our contributions and donations to our community. And we love bragging about our wonderful customers!

We care about all of our customers. And part of that caring means that we give back to our local community and all of our customers. With being the go-to specialist for all personal identification needs, Coller Industries enjoys making donations of name tags and other custom items to those in need.

This week, we’re highlighting a recent donation:
Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC).

coller industries customer donations to animal care centers of NYC

Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) is one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the country, taking in more than 35,000 animals each year. We are different from other rescue organizations because we never turn away any homeless, abandoned, injured or sick animals in need, including cats, dogs, rabbits, small mammals, reptiles, birds, farm animals and wildlife.

“(ACC is) relentlessly working hard… to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of pets and people in NYC,” explained Amy Bianciella, Special Events and Creative Manager, at Animal Care Centers of NYC.

Bianciella encourages everyone to “adopt, don’t shop” for their next loving pet.

Reusable badges are a versatile way to get a lot of name badges for a great, low price.

coller industries customer donations to animal care centers of NYC

Mighty Badges are a great way to use a reusable name tag. The metal plates can be ordered plain or with a printed logo and names are quick and easy to add with the printable inserts. The Mighty Badge system is easy to use, as the three parts simply snap together to give you a professional looking, yet reusable, name badge.

Animal Care Centers received a donation of the white Standard Mighty Badge. Deluxe Magnets were the fasteners of choice. These strong magnets attach easily, even through thick clothing, while preventing holes and clothing damage.

Coller Industries loves providing these donations, especially when given to such a great cause. We stand by our customers and strive to help in our community. All of our donations are something that helps us stand out from our competition. And the best part is working with these wonderful people!

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