Name Tag Definitions: Part 1

Defining our business helps our customers to fully understand what we do.

While our FAQ pages are full of your questions, we thought we’d get down to the nitty-gritty for you. Here are some definitions of how our business runs. From what a name tag actually is to all the fun and fabulous details of ordering, we want to make this process as easy as possible.

So, what is a name tag or name badge?
definitions of name tags name badges and other personal identification
A name tag or name badge is a piece of plastic, metal or sticker worn on the outermost clothing piece. This provides a means of displaying the wearer’s name for others to view. They are commonly worn in places such as at a grocery store or restaurant so that a customer will know who works there.

Now let’s get some of the more technical definitions out of the way.

Need By Date
We often reference a need by date on our website when a customer is placing an order. This phrase might be confusing. A need by date is the exact date that a customer needs to have the product in hand. While we do our best to match everyone’s need by date, this date is not a guarantee.

A proof shows an image of one layout of a product. It is intended to be used for a final approval of the product ordered before heading into production. Proofs frequently include a price quote. Proofs are sent to the customer by customer service so that they will go directly into the production process once approved.

Design Worksheet
A design worksheet is only provided when you may not fully know what you are requesting for your design. It may show several variations for a layout and is intended to help narrow down the choice for a customer who is not sure what they want. The customer would look at the design worksheet and indicate which variation they like most. They may also make any changes to it they would like to see. Once a variation is decided upon, it is then sent as a proof for final approval by the customer. Even if the customer approves of a variation on the design worksheet, it will still be followed with a proof so there are no other versions represented on the page with the customer’s written approval.

First Article
A first article allows the customer to obtain one physical sample item of the product being ordered. These are made to the proof’s specifications before the entire order is purchased. These are highly recommended for customers with very detailed specifications.

Do you have any questions regarding these definitions?

There will be further articles with more definitions, but help us by letting us know what you need. How about anything of which you’re unsure? Please let us know what else you need help with as we’re here for all of your questions!

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