Creative Ways to Effectively use Recognition

Most people love the recognition that comes from a job well done. While there are many ways to show appreciation for others, personalized products can play a big part. From engraved desk blocks to award ribbons, we are sure to have something that will help. So, start acknowledging colleagues, family and friends with help from these incredible options.

Remember that you wouldn’t be where you are today without the people in your life. Your team is one of your greatest assets, so make sure that they remain happy in their positions. Employee happiness boosts productivity. So, make sure you provide recognition for people in every way possible so they feel grateful for their employment.

Using award plaques to provide recognition for professional achievements.

Why personalized awards matter for recognition

Businesses that implement appreciation programs will help acknowledge employee work. These awards will also help recognize leadership, following company values, outstanding sales and so much more. Each reward is sure to be appreciated by the recipient and will help inspire them to continue being their best selves on the job.

How do I effectively use personalized products to highlight achievements?

Employee recognition has long been a cornerstone of effective management. But today, as the competition for talent escalates, the ways organizations show that they value their employees have become more important than ever.

From a very early age, we crave recognition from parents, teachers and friends. So strong is our desire for positive affirmation, particularly during developmental periods, that we can even perceive a neutral reaction as a negative one. This continues to hold true as we move into the workplace. Employee recognition helps to retain top talent, increase employee engagement and encourage high performance.

Customizing awards provides meaning that goes beyond the physical award. They go beyond simply expressing value. They help to create emotional connections and provide a sense of accomplishment and pride. Any award engraved with a name, a title and a short message of appreciation communicates more than something without customization. By adding names and award titles to custom products, each recipient is sure to feel your support and know where they stand.

People want to know that their achievements have meaning, and praise from others does a lot to help fuel that emotion. Personalizing awards shows how much you appreciate someone for their hard work. Make sure that every time you acknowledge someone, it means something to them so they feel appreciated. This will help create a culture of excellence, ultimately leading to improved performance and results for everyone.

Custom awards and reasons to celebrate

When someone receives recognition for their hard work, it can also inspire others. By personalizing an award (like a plaque or name plate), you encourage those who see that award to do their best, hoping to get similar acknowledgment. The recipient will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they get to look at their reward continually.

Not only do custom awards have a motivational effect, but they can also serve as marketing tools for businesses. By adding a company name and logo to any award, businesses can help promote visibility and brand awareness. So, no matter where someone places the award, everyone who sees it will know who gave it and why.

Personalized Ribbons

Custom rosette ribbons, custom top ribbons and badge ribbons showing awards to different events.

From badge ribbons to the ever glorious rosette, your award ribbon choice should be based on your needs. Badge ribbons are a quick way to highlight everyone at events. Using custom top ribbons is a bit more exclusive, but you can still use them for a large group. These full color ribbons are perfect for giving to participants at a conference or fair. Rosette ribbons come with respect that just can’t be beat. With their flourishes and streamers, any winner will be pleased with their award.

While each ribbon has multiple uses, it has its own setting. Badge ribbons work really well when partnered with name badges (like badge holders). Adding custom titles and expressions to these imprinted ribbons goes a long way in identifying others at events. By adding these colorful ribbons to identification, you can award others for their presentations and participation.

The most common place we see rosette ribbons is in a fair or festival environment. From blue ribbons for prized livestock to placement ribbons for sporting events, there is a rosette that will show value for every participant. Custom top ribbons are a mix between the two and go well with large group activities. Use these full color ribbons at any larger event for all sorts of accomplishments.

Custom Awards

Award plaques, executive desk wedges and acrylic blocks with titles and text to honor outstanding achievements.

Giving a personalized award goes beyond the physical value. It creates an emotional connection and a sense of achievement and pride. Receiving any award creates a desire in most people to work even harder. They work to fulfill additional goals and dreams, increasing their overall value.

By presenting someone with an award plaque, a desk wedge or an acrylic block, you show off their accomplishments. Engrave plaques with a lot of detail and make excellent gifts. An executive desk wedge is also a perfect gift for someone who has achieved greatness. Or, go with a modern look of an acrylic desk block. Add names and accommodations to each of these name plates to show the recipient just how much you care.

PRO TIPS: Give award plaques to a little league player or a school group, such as debate, and presented to someone for their success in business and even for community service. Acrylic blocks and desk wedges can come with an acknowledgment of growth or service that a company or organization would give.

Expressing your appreciation and providing recognition

Personalized awards have become popular as everyone constantly seeks ways to express their gratitude. They help recognize an individual’s or team’s achievements, contributions and efforts. When you give recognition to others, you help build business goals and boost self esteem.

Reasons to celebrate and product examples for each:

  • Business Milestones (such as anniversaries): award plaques
  • Sales awards: award plaques and rosette ribbons
  • Employee of the Year/Month/Department: executive desk wedges and award plaques
  • School Awards (spelling bee, dean’s list, etc.): custom top ribbons, badge ribbons
  • Graduations: award plaques, acrylic desk blocks
  • Weddings: acrylic desk blocks, acrylic plaques
  • Sporting Awards: rosette ribbons, custom top ribbons

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