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While most people know what a lanyard is, here is a quick guide to help you muddle through the wide world of lanyards.

badge lanyards what is a lanyard


What is a lanyard?
A lanyard is a piece of cord or ribbon that is formed into a loop and typically worn around the neck or belt exclusively to hold something, such as a name tag or name badge. Lanyards can also come as a chain or be retractable.


What are the different types of lanyards?
Lanyards come in a variety of fabric types and styles. Each fabric type has a unique look and most of the fabrics can be imprinted with text and/or logos so they can be personalized. Each lanyard also has different fastener choices to use with name badges.

Who uses lanyards?
As lanyards are an easy way to display a name badge or other personal identification, they are used every day by a variety of people. College students, teachers, employees in retail stores, some office workers and even government officials all wear lanyards to show ID or for security reasons.

Where are lanyards used, and when would I ever use one?
Lanyards are used everywhere! Schools, offices, businesses, stores and so many more places use lanyards frequently if not every day. Lanyards are also commonly used during conferences and conventions. Most of the time you would use one when either working at one of these places or helping to promote an event. Custom lanyards printed with text and logos are a great way of getting brands out to the general public.

custom lanyards what is a lanyardWhy would I ever need a lanyard?
Because most lanyards can be customized using text and/or logos, lanyards are extremely versatile. The text can be a phrase, a date or the name of an event or business. You would typically need to wear a lanyard if you need to have ID or credentials available to show to others or for security proof that you can be in a building or other typically private place.

How do I choose a lanyard to purchase?
No matter your need, we have a lanyard to meet it. Choose from our large variety of lanyards be selecting the type and features you want. Most choices can be customized with text and/or logos to promote your event, meeting or brand.

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