Want better looking name tags? 7 Suggestions About Name Lengths

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One of the primary reasons name tags are used is to ease introductions between an organization’s employees and their customers. If names are illegible or distracting, the tags get in the way instead. Since this is a commonly asked about issue, we’ve provided some tips to make your tags more effective:

1. Provide your shortest and longest names when designing your name tags.
Our designers will set up your tag based on the longest name to ensure there will not be an issue. If shortest name is also provided it can be proofed as well, so you can see how it looks if any adjustments would be required by you.

2. Have first name and last name on two separate lines.
By separating names onto two separate lines it will allow for more text to fit on each line without issues.

3. Put credentials with title
Credentials can add too much length to a line of text. Consider switching some of them to a title line instead of including them with the names.

4. Choose a narrower font
Certain fonts, such as Arial Narrow already have a set, uniform compression to allow for more text to comfortably fit on each line.

5. Leave off middle names
Middle names can be dropped if they are making lines too compressed. Some employees may be insistent that they are included though.

6. Shorten or lengthen first name
Sometimes it is possible to change the length of a first name to accommodate the space on the tag if the employee is amicable to the change. e.g. change Ed to Edward or vice versa.

7. Additional layouts can be created
If all other options have been exhausted and you’re not happy with the way your tags look, our designers can create additional layouts to change the size of the text for different name lengths.

Quite often name lengths are not too noticeable and no adjustments need to be made. These are just suggestions to make your tags look better and allow names to be read by your customers more easily.

Keep these tips in mind for the next time you need some name tags. Our customer service and design teams are well versed in the ins and outs of name tags if you have any further questions.

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