The Importance of Wearing A Name Tag (Part 2)

Why should you WANT to wear a name tag? (Part 2 of 3)

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Let’s define what is a name tag: A name tag is an identification tag or label worn on the outermost clothing as a means of showing one’s name and/or affiliation. Name tags may be temporary, such as the iconic “My Name Is:” sticker, or permanent, such as a metal name tag worn at a retail store by the employees.

There are many types of fasteners to go with your name tag. These include deluxe magnets, pins, swivel bulldog clips, double clutch fasteners, pocket clips and more. Deluxe magnets have become more popular for name tags because they do not puncture clothing with pins. Name tags can also be worn around the neck using a lanyard.

Now on to the question of why one should WANT to wear a name tag. By wearing a name tag, one sets themselves apart from those in close proximity. Each name tag can bear a person’s name or title to help in this distinguishing. The point is that the wearer becomes unique by utilizing the simplicity of a name tag.

On a more technical note, name tags are used by many companies, such as restaurants and retailers, so that customers may identify an employee by name. Others use name tags for professional settings. These include universities, banks and other companies where employees typically do not wear uniforms.

The main usage of wearing a name tag is to provide a distinguishing feature to the wearer. These identifiers have become an important and vital part of many companies while allowing each employee to wear any required daily business style and still remain unique in their own aspect.

By wearing a name tag, one becomes more approachable. It’s all about friendliness and identity. Most people are cautious about strangers these days, but by donning a name tag, one provides an immediate breaking of the ice. By branding/personalizing yourself, you benefit those around you in helping them remember who you are. Set the trend and let those around you really know who you are!

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