Finding Quality with Your Name Tag Experts

Your business is more likely to succeed when you focus and commit to a high quality image and business model. The message to learn from this statement is that no matter the service or product, consistently providing and finding quality must be your primary business focus. And with that knowledge, you can make sure that your business maintains quality throughout your production and practices.

Multiple high-quality name tags with names and logos to help your company in finding quality identification.

So, where do name tags fit into this? Your name tags reflect your brand’s value and trustworthiness. A name tag also helps create a connection between you and your customer by providing quick identification. As your name tag experts, we offer only the highest quality so that your brand will shine above the rest.

Constancy of purpose means that quality decisions are not situational. End of month quality is the same as the beginning of the month. It means that the long term benefit of the organization is not sacrificed to hit quarterly targets. It means having your eye on the competition, whether it is in your industry or coming from elsewhere, with plans to stay ahead.
W. Edwards Deming, author of Out of the Crisis

Metal Name Tag with UV Color Logo

Metal name tag with UV color printed logo from Name Tag, Inc. (your name tag experts).

One of our top priorities is to make you (and your employees) look good. Therefore, our UV color printing process allows for bright, vibrant logo colors on our plastic and metal name tags. So, if you have a logo that needs colors to match your branding, look no further.

Your logo will get the attention it deserves when printed on your metal (or plastic) tags using our latest UV color technology. And, with these brilliant color choices, every detail will outshine your competition.

Other Ways in Finding Quality

We know that name tags are often the easiest part of your branding strategies, especially with Coller Industries on your side. However, make sure you don’t overlook our other custom products. After all, there are many other ways to use them to commit to your high-quality game.

Plastic Classic Name Plate in Desk Holder

Plastic Classic Name Plate in Desk Holder with engraved name that will help in finding quality for your business.

Stand out with a name plate that will have your coworkers and clients looking at you with respect while ensuring that your name will be one of the first things seen when they walk into your cubicle or office. With detailed engraving and multiple colors to choose from, you can up your professional game with custom name plates.

Choose from only text or add a single colored version of your logo to each plate. One of the best things about our name plates is that you don’t have to design them. Instead, you have the option to choose from pre-designed selections. This is one more way we make things easier for our customers.

Once you have all of your professional name plates, make sure you choose a suitable way to display them. From desk holders to wall mounts, we have several options that only add to the quality of your new office name plates.

Graphic Badge Ribbon

High-quality purple custom graphic badge ribbon for celebrating multiple years in service.

Whether you need marketing materials or added designations for name tags, badge ribbons are your answer. Personalize each custom ribbon with simple graphics or logos as well as text. Choose colors, fonts and more that match your needs.

Using these bright, eye-catching ribbons around the office or at an event will draw attention to your professional standards. And, with high quality imprinting, we can help you show off logo details and professional titles.

Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee

Here at Coller Industries Incorporated, we pride ourselves on our customer service expertise. We have a great team of customer service reps, and our team members from production, shipping and marketing are also here to help you in finding quality products. We do this while maintaining high accuracy with everything we do. Part of what makes us so great is our ability to keep our error rate so low.

Here’s a quick review of our current statistics:

We have maintained less than a 1% error rate since at least 2015!

In 2022:

  • We are just past our first quarter with over 9,035 orders!
  • From that total, only one error may have resulted in about 645 orders.
  • This makes our overall error rate 0.155% (still less than 1%)!

What that means for our customers…

Having a low error rate increases sales, and increased sales translate into happy customers. And with happy customers, Coller Industries remains in business to continue to serve everyone and their personal identification needs!

We will continue to put customers first by striving to give them what they want when they want it. We have learned from over 25 years in the industry how to make sure that every order is accurate and shipped to the correct place in a timely manner. And while there is always room for improvement, we remain committed to you and fulfilling your personal identification needs.

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