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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
April 2020

Selection Guide: Permanent Name Tags vs Reusable Name Badges

Long Lasting, Quality Name Tags

A name tag helps to create a connection between you and your customer, and it lets them know you are here to help and your objective is to service their needs. Names and text will be permanently engraved or printed on each name tag. Available in plastic (UV Color, Full Color, Laser Plastic Engraved, Hot-Stamped) and metal (Laser Metal Engraved). Dome surface and frame upgrades are available.

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Reusable Name Badges

Reusable name badges are great for positions with a high turnover rate and for temporary or volunteer positions. Names may be added by printing labels or inserts, or simply writing on the badges with a permanent marker.

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Single Use Badge Holders and Adhesive Name Tags

Whether you are hosting an event and need to provide the attendees with identification, or are looking to furnish your staff with their own badges for a convention or trade show, badge holders and adhesive name badges are a quick and inexpensive idea for a name badge.

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