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We are happy to be open and serving you for all your name tag needs. Our business hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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mighty badges - reusable name badges

Mighty Badges™ (No Logo)

Mighty Badges™ are a three part badge system that can be customized using a laser or inkjet printer. A metal plate, a transparent insert, and a domed lens cover fit together easily for an elegant reusable name badge.

Minimum order: 10 badges

Set-up: None

Price: $2.54 to $4.62 each*

*Price is dependent on quantity and options selected.

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sizes available for mighty badges

Standard Fasteners: Pin, Swivel Bulldog Clip, Double Clutch. Upgraded Fasteners: Deluxe Magnetic, Pin/Clip Combo.

Back Plate Colors: Gold, Silver, White.

Inserts: There are two ways to print your Mighty Badge™ inserts. Use the NamePrint® Graphics Software or use one of our Microsoft® Word templates. While Microsoft® Word templates are free of charge, we do not provide any troubleshooting or support. We recommend the NamePrint® Graphics Software due to its ease of use and for the option to print additional names on your inserts at a later date. The transparent inserts are available for inkjet and laser printers.

Pricing(Please see order forms for complete pricing.)

Price Includes: Metal back plate with a color logo, plastic dome, and no fastener or a standard fastener (pin, bulldog clip, double clutch). Upgraded options may increase the price.

Inserts: The 8.5x11 inch insert sheets are available for inkjet and laser printers. The number of individual inserts on each sheet varies depending on the size of the Mighty Badge™. Film Classic Inserts (inkjet printing): $4.50 per sheet, Plus Film Pro (laser printing): $5.50 per sheet.

Size 20+ 30+ 50+ 100+ 250+ 500+ 1000+
All Sizes 4.62 4.04 3.47 3.02 2.89 2.54 CALL

Speedy Badges

These name badges feature a gently curved frame and are easy to assemble and change. Slide the plastic lens into place over the paper insert to identify all your employees quickly. Two sizes are available.

Large: 1.1875 x 2.875 inches | Small: 0.8125 x 2.4375 inches

Minimum order: 25 badges

Set-up: None

Price: 75¢ to $2.00*

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Speedy Badge Sizes

Available Fasteners: Pin or Magnet

Inserts: Download and print the inserts using a Microsoft® Word template. Templates are available for both sizes.

Pricing(Please see order forms for complete pricing.)

Price Includes: Speedy Badge frame, a plastic lens, a paper insert, and a fastener (pin or magnet).

Inserts: The 8.5x11 inch 67 lb paper insert sheets are available in packages of 10 sheets. Large Inserts have 160 total inserts per package (10 sheets with 16 inserts per sheet). Small inserts have 360 total inserts per package (10 sheets with 36 inserts per sheet). Prices start at $7.50 per package.

Large (1.1875 x 2.875 inches)

3 Badge Colors

Minimum order: 25

Price: 85¢ to $2.00*

Small (0.8125 x 2.4375 inches)

3 Badge Colors

Minimum order: 25

Price: 75¢ to $1.75*

convention or meeting badge holders

Badge Holders

Providing badge holders to guests at a conference or an event enables them to identify each other and their affiliation. A badge holder can ease introductions and offer a conversation starter. Badge holders also offer event planners and sponsors a way to monitor attendance at a conference or an event.

Minimum order: 25 badges

Price: 10¢ to $2.30 each*

*Price is dependent on product, quantity and options selected.

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Description and Sizes

2.25x3.5 inch and 3x4 inch Badge Holders: Available with pins, deluxe magnets, pin/clips, bulldog clips, and punched holes and slots.

Vertical Badge Holders: Available in 5 sizes and a variety of styles.

Badge Holder Material

Acetate: The thinnest badge holder material we stock (7.5 mil acetate front and back). Recommended for single use only.

Light-Weight Vinyl: Slightly thicker than the acetate material (8 mil vinyl front and back). Provides a sturdier solution.

Vinyl: Our most popular badge holder option (10 mil vinyl front / 8 mil vinyl back). Durable enough to be used more than once.

Also Available

Add magnetic fasteners to your badge holders so they will not tear holes or snag fabric, or use a more traditional solution and add stock or custom lanyards to your badge holder order.

deluxe magnetic fastner and flat lanyards
Stick On name badges

Adhesive Badges

Adhesive Name Badges are the best solution for quick, no-fuss identification! These stick-on name badges are ideal for meetings, parties and conventions. Adhesive Name Badges are shipped in packets of 5 sheets with 8 badges per sheet.

Minimum order: Five packages (25 sheets | 40 badges). Colors may be mixed.

Price: $1.25 to $2.40 per package*

*Price is dependent on quantity.

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2-5/16 x 3-3/8 inch badges: 8.5 x11 inch sheet with 8 badges per sheet; 5 sheets per package. Available in white, blue, orange, red and green.


Download and print using templates for Microsoft® Word.

Pricing(Please see order forms for complete pricing.)

Minimum order: Five packages (25 sheets | 40 badges); colors may be mixed.

Size 5+ 10+ 25+ 50+ 100+ 250+ 500+ 1000+
All Colors 2.40 2.32 2.00 1.75 1.60 1.50 1.35 1.25

Production and Shipping

Production:Orders of less than 250 of these stock products normally ship within 24 hours. Add an additional day of production time for each additional 250 items. Orders must be submitted to Name Tag, Inc. before 11 AM (MT) to receive same day shipping.

Shipping: Name Tag, Inc. is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Most products will be shipped from this location. When ordering your products, the shipping time will be selected in the shopping cart. All products will be shipped via UPS. The methods available include: Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select, and Ground. If you provide a 'Need By Date' on the order form, customer service will work with you to adjust production and shipping times to meet that date. Complete production charts are available on each product's order page. Name Tag, Inc. is not responsible for, and assumes no liability for, missed delivery dates caused by a failure on the part of the shipping company.