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Inserts for Mighty Badges.

Square Mighty Badges™ Inserts

Add new names to Square Mighty Badges™ quickly and at your convenience with these printable inserts. Inserts are printed and then placed between the domed Lenscover™ and the metal back plate in this three-part system, creating a high-quality reusable name badge.


SHEET SIZE: 8.5x11 inches

Inserts for Mighty Badges™ are ready to print on your laser or inkjet printer. These can be printed using most printers; however, compatibility with your printer is not guaranteed. (HP LaserJet machines are only inkjet insert compatible.)

Clear Peel Off Inserts:
$6.33 per sheet
These clear, plastic peel off inserts are designed for those who only need one name badge at a time. No need to use the entire sheet. Just print the names you need and remove those inserts from the backing sheet. The remaining inserts can be saved for later use. These are available for both laser and inkjet printers.

White Paper Peel Off Inserts:
$4.03 per sheet
Perfect for any graphic, logo or text, these opaque, white paper peel off inserts will give your name badge a unique look. They cover the back badge entirely, so they do not work with UV printed logos. Use either a laser or inkjet printer and remove them one at a time from the backing sheet or use the whole sheet at once.

If you find that you ordered the wrong insert type, please call us for exchange and return information.

Templates for printing inserts

Software for printing inserts

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Templates for printing inserts:

Name Tag, Inc. offers several generic templates to help you print your inserts. These templates can be used in Microsoft® Word or OpenOffice™. DUE TO THE NUMBER OF VARIABLES IN HOW YOU MIGHT HAVE YOUR DOCUMENT SOFTWARE CONFIGURED, WE DO NOT OFFER TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR THESE TEMPLATES. All templates have been set up using Microsoft® Word. Adjustments might be needed when using another software program. PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS (PDF)

Software for printing inserts for Mighty Badges™

NamePrint Graphic software

NOTE: Compatible with Windows® Systems only

The software and included license are required in order to install the program on one system; additional licenses must be bought separately.

Software with one license: $55.00

Free technical support is available for this software at 866-540-5417 ext. 5.

We are NOT responsible for lost software or licenses.

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