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Mighty Badge™ Bundles

Mighty badge bundle with 10 badges, fasteners and inserts.

Mighty Badges™ help your employees and temporary workers work more effectively. They will also be able to provide your customers with quality service. Personalize the badges by printing names on the inserts using a laser or inkjet printer. Each bundle comes with a metal backplate, a clear lens cover, a standard fastener and printable transparent inserts.

Mighty Badge™ Bundles include 10 badges and 3 sheets of inserts.


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Product Specifications

Each badge comes in three parts: the aluminum back plate, the printable insert and the clear lens. The inserts are fully printable on an inkjet or laser printer and can be replaced as needed for new names. The clear, plastic lens snaps into place over the top of everything to hold the badge together.

Badges: Each Mighty Badge™ Bundle comes with 10 reusable badges. Choose from eight different sizes; each size includes a metal backplate (gold, silver or white) and a domed lens cover.

Fastener: A standard fastener (pin, double clutch, swivel bulldog clip) is included with each badge. An additional charge will apply for an upgraded fastener (magnet).

Inserts: These transparent inserts work for different printer types (one side prints on an inkjet and the other works for lasers). For the best results, use the entire sheet all at once. After you have printed names and titles, punch out the insert and slip it between the metal backplate and the lens cover. Insert quantity depends on badge size and will be reflected on the order form.

Printing Templates: For each size ordered, you will receive a template download that will help you with name and title placement for printing perfect inserts every time. Templates for printing may be found in the Resource Center.

Surprise Offer: Each order will receive a discount code to be used on your next order of Mighty Badge™ inserts.

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