Trading Office Noise for Summer Fun

From the noise of machines to the buzz of a social activity, summer is definitely more fun in the sun.

Mondays through Fridays in the Coller Industries building are always noisy. From the ticking of keyboards in marketing to phone calls about orders in customer service, the noise is constant. And the loudest place of all is production and shipping. With the laser machines going full strength and the packing tape being stretched out to wrap each shipment securely, each employee is focused on one thing: our customers.

trading in the office noise for the park, good food and fun with colleaguesLast Saturday however, brought a different type of noise. From the creaking of plastic under bare feet in the bounce house to the gentle murmur of a crowd while they attempted to socialize while eating delicious barbecue, Coller Industries’ employees created a unique sound at the annual company barbecue get-together.

As always, the bounce house was a hit with the kids. And someone brought water guns for the kids to play with as well. While the adults chatted away, the kids ran around chasing each other, and everyone had a blast!

trading in the office noise for the park, good food from Joe Morleys and fun with colleaguesThe food was just as fantastic as the fun!

Joe Morely’s Bar-B-Q pulled it off again this year. With spare ribs, two types of sliced meat smothered in barbecue sauce, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, baked beans and rolls, the spread was amazing. To finish off the meal was a giant apple pie and a couple of strawberry cheesecakes. Oh, and cookies for the kids who were still chasing each other with the water guns!

While the noise of the office is anything but mundane, it’s always nice to be out with colleagues and to have the variety of the outdoors and social conversations. We want to say thank you to Coller Industries for providing such a wonderful event for their employees. The company works just as hard at keeping their employees happy as the employees do for the customers.

And, here’s some noise from those busy employees:

trading in the office noise for the park, good food and fun with colleaguesCreelaBelle, Content Writer, said, “I like that we have fun and do things together as a company, but we also try to do our best and make customers happy. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Patrick, Production and Shipping Manager, said, “This was our best barbecue yet! And, having the bounce house was great for the kids. My daughter loved it. But, by far my favorite part of working at Coller Industries is all the cool people I work with.”

Hannah, Customer Service Manager, said, “Even though the free food is always a plus, it’s great to see everyone in a relaxed environment and see all the kids. We have such a great group of employees, and it feels more like we’re friends than coworkers.”

Employee Appreciation Summer BBQ

Summer BBQ fun in the sun with Coller Industries!

We care about all of our customers. And part of that caring means that we give back to our local community and to all of our customers. It also means that we are constantly returning benefits to the employees and making work fun.

So, every year Coller Industries throws a summer BBQ bash that includes lunch, games and wonderful conversations!

People are still talking about how wonderful the catering was this year! Hats off to Meier’s BBQ & Catering for our fabulous meal which included: fresh fruit (melons, grapes, kiwi, strawberries and pineapple), macaroni shrimp salad, potato salad, baked beans, orange glazed rolls, brownies and not to forget the boneless ribs and barbecue chicken!

We had a bounce house for the kids. Another treat this year was goody bags for all of the kids that came. There was a whistle, a bottle of scented bubbles, a beaded necklace, a light-up yo-yo, and some candy. Most of the kids were blowing bubbles and playing with their new toys.

As employees, we would like to give a special thank you to Coller Industries and especially the Coller family for providing such a wonderful activity for their employees. And here’s how we say that thank you!

summer bbq for employee appreciation at coller industries incorporated
summer bbq for employee appreciation at coller industries incorporated
summer bbq for employee appreciation at coller industries incorporated
summer bbq for employee appreciation at coller industries incorporated

Joey (Customer Service): I think it’s awesome the company does things like this. I want (the Coller’s) to know I do appreciate what they do for us. It was a good time.

Audra (Purchasing Agent): I usually go every year! (It’s always) good food, good people and fun for the kids.

Rod (Programmer): I went this year to enjoy good food with friends and co-workers. I enjoy their company outside of work. It is nice to meet with them and their families in a casual setting. It always nice to talk with the Coller’s about other things besides work. I saw the children having a lot of fun with the bounce house and the gift bags they were given.

Slim (Quality Control): There was a much larger turn out this year. We had lots of fun. There were more people than I have seen come to any of the summer parties in the past. I always enjoy them, so I always go. And, I almost always bring my guitar!