Social Media Conference

I reached a professional summit in my life two days ago as I attended my first work-related conference. For most business folk, it’s probably not too big of a deal, but I felt pretty special sitting among other professionals and taking notes on my yellow junior legal pad.

The Radisson accommodated the event, The Social Media Marketing Conference, which was put on by SkillPath Seminars. Aarin Tran, our Marketing Manager, and I attended the conference.

So what do they talk about at a social media conference? Let me list a millionth of the topics:

Companies’ success stories
Return on Investment (ROI)
Peperoni pizza

Just making sure you’re still with me. And that bulleted list is just a small fraction of the topics addressed. Social media is such an integral part of the marketing world, and if someone wasn’t convinced of that phenomenon before the conference, he is now.

Much to our delight, we at Name Tag, Inc. are already applying many of the tools that the two speakers, Kristy and Jeremy, spoke about. Of course, there is always room for change and improvement that we plan to implement, but overall, we are right on the social media mark. Obviously. I’m blogging right now!

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