Accessorizing Pets with Their Own IDs

Personal identification is a needed accessory for pets too!

animal therapy pets with id badges in a hospital for calming patientsMost companies offer employees personal identification. And this identification usually comes in the form of a name tag or name badge. While name badges are versatile and easy to change for volunteers and temporary staff, name tags provide a uniform look for all personnel. So, why not incorporate office pets into the mix?

Many employers these days have pet policies that allow for workers to either bring pets to work or have therapy animals available during lunches and other breaks. By identifying these animals with a name tag, employees will know that these pets are welcome in the building.

And, if there are service animals around, using proper identification helps people know how to respond to them. Some service animals require that they are left alone, and using name tags will help identify that need.

Name Tags vs. Photo ID Badges

Name tags are perfect for quick information such as your pet’s name and your phone number. And, choosing a custom shape such as a bone, dog or cat can be a fun way to add some creativity to your pet’s tag.

Photo ID badges make the identification process easy. You can include a photo, all pertinent information such as a phone number, address, pet’s name and so much more. These photo IDs are perfect for service animals and including company logos for office pets.

using photo id and name tags for petsDon’t forget to include all the essential information!

Each ID should include at least a name and an owner’s phone number. Other things to add would be an address, the owner’s name and additional information about the animal. If the pet works in an office, the company logo is always a great idea to include. As most owners do not remove name tags or identification from pets, this becomes free company advertising.

Finding A Lost Pet

Not only is a name tag a good idea at work, but it is also good in a general sense. Keep identification on your pets at all times in case they decide to take themselves for a walk. People are more likely to approach a seemingly lost pet if they have a name tag. And, if your information is current on this tag, you won’t have any problems getting them back.

So, whether you are around service animals or have a pet dropping by your office, let’s take a moment to appreciate every pet’s name tag.

6 Steps To A Professional Photo ID

A Guest Article by Melanie Bunch

Many companies choose to give their employees a Photo ID rather than a basic name tag. This can be a great idea for many different professions, as it creates a level of security, professionalism, and confidence for the customer.

But there are many details to consider when submitting photos of your employees to be used on the Photo IDs. Here are some tips to get your employees looking their best on their badges, making your company look even better.

photo ID identification picture tips

1. Create a set of standards for the photos used.
The best way to do this is simply to designate a camera, an employee, and a place to take all photos for the IDs. This will ensure control over the quality of the image (more on that below). If you allow employees to submit their own photos, you will have a varied range of images, which may not all represent your company as professionally as you would like.
If you DO decide to allow employees to submit their own photos, make sure they are following the rest of the tips listed below.

2. No “selfies”.
Photos used for identification should be taken by some one other than the person in the photo. Self-taken images do not appear professional, and frequently are not at a good angle, or do not show enough of the person for good identification.

3. No filters.
Photos submitted should avoid using Instagram filters, or similar processes that alter the focus, color, or overall look of the photo in some stylized fashion. Unless that is a look you want to apply to your Photo IDs company-wide, no single individual should have it.

4. Content of photo should be professional.
The photo used should contain only the person who the ID is for – employees should not be posing with pets or other people, even if they are partially cropped out. The employee should be wearing clothing that would be appropriate for their job, or standard business attire. The background should not be too busy or distracting, a blank wall or photo backdrop is ideal.

5. Image should show the employee well.
The employee’s face should be adequately lit in the photo, so that the details of their face are easy to see. Keep in mind that the photo will most likely be produced relatively small, so dark photos may lose the shape of the facial features entirely. Photos should be in focus.

6. Do not crop the photos.
Name Tag, Inc. will handle all cropping of the images as we produce the Photo IDs. Photos are all cropped to the same standards, creating a uniform look across your company. If a company submits photos which have been pre-cropped, there are sometimes issues with image quality, and the shape of some of the individual photos. Allowing Name Tag, Inc. to crop all photos to the dimensions your company’s badge was designed for ensures that every employee gets the best-looking ID that they can have.

Can I see some ID, please?

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping
A great way to increase familiarity and security around the office is with photo ids! We can make a wide variety of ids. We have a 1 year guarantee on the quality of our tags. If they bend or break within that amount of time we will replace them for free.
These professional tags have a set up fee of $35. You can have up to 5 changeable lines on them. Your photos will count as one of these lines, but your logo will not.
You will be provided with a proof of your IDs before we print them. It is important to remember that the proof will match your IDs almost exactly. We are able to match PMS colors fairly closely. Unfortunately, since the process is not a dye sublimation process we cannot guarantee an exact match. However, if the shade is not what you desire then we will remake them. A good way to avoid this would be to request a first article. A first article is when we make just 1 tag, and send it off to you to ensure everything is exactly as you need it to be.

nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-priority shipping
As soon as we have your approval on the proof the IDs only take 1 business day to make! We have a large variety of fasteners to choose from. Our fasteners selection includes lanyard, clip, punched slots, pin, magnet, double clutch, and a pin/clip combination(Please note that some of these fasteners require a punched slot).
Soon your photo ids will be worn and admired by everyone in the office. Prices start at $12 each, and decrease with higher quantity orders.
Start your order by clicking below!

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping

Do ID Badges Belong in Schools?

photo ids-full color-name tags
Imagine a time where students can order their lunches and do many other things with ID cards. As an example this could help reduce the stigma some children get if they are receiving subsidized lunches.
It’s time to weigh in on a slightly controversial topic: do ID badges and lanyards belong in schools? From the evidence so far it seems the benefits outweigh the negative aspects. Until recently, we weren’t aware that a few schools had already started using them and we hope you find the subject interesting as well.
First off, having picture IDs in schools would be a way to help students get to know each other faster and remember names so they can focus more on their schoolwork. If students and faculty have photo ID badges it would be much easier to tell if someone is supposed to be at the school or not.
Sure, there would be an added cost and students would likely lose tags, but it would teach them responsibility if they had to pay for their own replacements. We think the added cost is negligible next to the benefits of social advancement and added security. The only other concern could be one of privacy
Some schools such as those in the Fort Zumwalt school district and the School of the Future have already implemented the use of picture IDs for security and research.
What do you think?

Let us know in the comments, or get your own ID badges by clicking below!

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