3 Fantastic Name Tag Uses

From branding to identification, name tags are more fantastic than ever.

There are many benefits to wearing a name tag. And especially in today’s business world where everyone wants to know your name. Many companies choose to have their employees use name tags for easy identification. Other businesses need the security which name tags provide. But, no matter your reason for using name tags, we are sure to have the fantastic product you need.

use these fantastic name tags for all your branding and networking needs

Build Company Recognition

Corporate branding is a fantastic trend. Identify every employee or volunteer quickly and easily by adding a business or organization logo to a name tag. While name tags and name badges are typically used in an office or retail setting, inevitably they will be left on when going to lunch or even on an employee’s way home. Advertising a company’s name and brand is easy when employees continually wear their name tags in public. This type of branding can also be beneficial for special promotions, sales or events.

Job Titles and Employee Awareness

fanstastic name tags with titles for company branding and networkingNot only will a logo help with running your business, but so will title recognition. Help your customers know who’s who in your company by including employee titles on name tags. When an employee’s name tag states that they are a manager or a cashier, your customers will find it easier to navigate your business. Identify critical roles in your company with this fantastic tool.

Wearing name tags will also help employees stay aware of their job responsibilities. With a name, logo and title emblazoned for all to see, people tend to stay on task because they know that they are being watched.

Knowing Someone’s Name is Fantastic Networking

Kris Hay, the Communications Coordinator at the University of Puget Sound, offers her advice on networking:

When it comes to networking, a name tag is a necessity. Anonymity is not to your advantage in these situations. Appropriately worn, a legible name tag helps people remember your name and then quickly move on to exchanging information with you.”

Name tags will help you be fearless. Wearing a name tag in a room full of strangers is an invitation for people to talk to you, and for you to talk to people. You don’t need someone to introduce you, so be fearless and take networking into your hands.

3 Steps: Choosing Your Name Tag Size

name tag size infographic for text names and titles and logosDo you ever ask what should be on your name tag? How about what size a name tag should be?

Every name tag is unique! However, there are a lot of components to each name tag. From a name or title to a logo or image, making sure you have the correct amount of space, and name tag size, for all your information can be tricky. Here’s a quick guide on how to make sure that your name tags are the right ones for you.

So, let’s get started.

The first part of this process is to determine what you actually need on your name tag. Sometimes these are as obvious as a name, title or company logo. And sometimes you need a little bit more for the name tag to be as unique as yourself. We offer several selections for material and color choices.

Once you’ve decided what needs to go on your name tag, you need to choose a size. This is where it might get a bit tricky. Choosing the right size is key to making sure you completed the first step properly. And we’re here to make sure the idea in your head matches the finished product. Remember, it may not always be a direct path to the choice you need to make.

The name tag size should be chosen so that all of the contents fit on it comfortably. If the name tag looks crowded, consider moving up to a larger size. If the name tag looks like it could fit quite a bit more text on it, consider moving down to a slightly smaller size.

The three components most considered when making your name tags are: logos, names and titles. The more components you want to include on your name tags, the bigger the name tag should be. Make sure to also take into consideration how large the logo is or how long the name/title is.

Titles are generally done in a slightly smaller font than the names, but go too small and it won’t be legible. If someone’s title is too long, it can be broken up into multiple lines on top of each other. If this is the case, the name tag will need to be taller.

Remember that someone will be wearing these name tags so you don’t want to make them too large. Consider carefully what you need to include to make each name tag the most useful.

To make it a bit easier, simply review this information every time you need to update your name tag and you can’t go wrong.

View entire infographic by clicking on the image.
(Infographic courtesy of: Melanie Bunch, Graphic Artist, Coller Industries Incorporated.)