Question & Answer: How to Use Identification

We often receive the same questions from multiple customers. Sometimes, these questions are easy to answer, but sometimes they require a bit more clarification. Have you ever had a question about name tags or other identification products? We are taking some time to answer some frequently asked questions that our customer service team repeatedly gets. And we will expand on each question so that you, too, will understand our processes. 

Find any answer to any question about name tags, personalized ribbons and more.

Question: Which name tag size should I order?

Answer: The size of your name tags depends on how much information you want on them.

For a simple 1 or 2 line tag with only text (name and professional title), we typically recommend a 1 x 3 inch tag. However, if you are working with visually impaired people, you may want something much larger, so the text size can be increased.

If you are ordering tags with your company or brand logo, you will want to consider where you want the logo on your tag, and if it will fit there. For example, if you have a horizontally long logo, we don’t recommend putting it to the left of the tag because there won’t be as much room for your text. The best option would be to center it above the text and go with a taller tag, such as a 1.5 x 3 inches. If you have a more circular or square logo, they typically look best to the left of the text, and you wouldn’t need as tall of a tag.

Question: Most of your products require a list of names. How do I submit this list?

Answer: We have two options for submitting a name list for your customized order.

The first would be to upload them while you are on the order page. You can type them right into the provided form or upload an existing file. Our system will ask you to review everything to ensure that you entered the correct spelling and punctuation. You do want to make sure you submit the list in the case you would like on the product (upper and lower; e.g., Jane O’Connor).

You can also email your list after you place your order to Once your order has been placed, you will receive an order number that needs to be referenced in your email’s subject line. This email goes to the customer service representative who is in charge of your order, and they will make sure that it is usable. If there are any issues, they will contact you.

Question: What is the best way to print names for reusable name tags such as Mighty Badges?

Answer: We have multiple ways you can format your printable inserts for your reusable name badges.

The recommended way would be to use the NamePrint Graphics software. This software lets you add text and graphics to inserts using your printer.

The other option we have for your printed inserts is a small collection of predetermined templates. We do not have these for every reusable product, so check the bottom of the product order pages for available templates. 

Question: How can I order more of the same name tags I already have?

Answer: We have an online reorder program to make ordering more name tags easier.

The first thing you need to understand is what is a reorder? A reorder is when you need to order more of the same product you already have in use, but require different names. Lucky for you, our reordering system is easy to use and quick to understand.

All of your design info is kept on file under your customer number. Once you place your first order with Coller Industries, you receive a customer number. This number allows us (and you) to quickly and easily locate your information and previous orders. To place a reorder for your name tags, visit or go to our home page ( and select the “Reorder” link at the top of the page. Once there, you need to enter your customer number and select the layout you need to order. After making that selection, you only need to submit the new name list (text) for the new order.

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3 Steps: Choosing Your Name Tag Size

name tag size infographic for text names and titles and logosDo you ever ask what should be on your name tag? How about what size a name tag should be?

Every name tag is unique! However, there are a lot of components to each name tag. From a name or title to a logo or image, making sure you have the correct amount of space, and name tag size, for all your information can be tricky. Here’s a quick guide on how to make sure that your name tags are the right ones for you.

So, let’s get started.

The first part of this process is to determine what you actually need on your name tag. Sometimes these are as obvious as a name, title or company logo. And sometimes you need a little bit more for the name tag to be as unique as yourself. We offer several selections for material and color choices.

Once you’ve decided what needs to go on your name tag, you need to choose a size. This is where it might get a bit tricky. Choosing the right size is key to making sure you completed the first step properly. And we’re here to make sure the idea in your head matches the finished product. Remember, it may not always be a direct path to the choice you need to make.

The name tag size should be chosen so that all of the contents fit on it comfortably. If the name tag looks crowded, consider moving up to a larger size. If the name tag looks like it could fit quite a bit more text on it, consider moving down to a slightly smaller size.

The three components most considered when making your name tags are: logos, names and titles. The more components you want to include on your name tags, the bigger the name tag should be. Make sure to also take into consideration how large the logo is or how long the name/title is.

Titles are generally done in a slightly smaller font than the names, but go too small and it won’t be legible. If someone’s title is too long, it can be broken up into multiple lines on top of each other. If this is the case, the name tag will need to be taller.

Remember that someone will be wearing these name tags so you don’t want to make them too large. Consider carefully what you need to include to make each name tag the most useful.

To make it a bit easier, simply review this information every time you need to update your name tag and you can’t go wrong.

View entire infographic by clicking on the image.
(Infographic courtesy of: Melanie Bunch, Graphic Artist, Coller Industries Incorporated.)