Name Tag, Inc, Coller Industries, or Personalized Ribbons?

For those of you that have called us recently, you may have heard us answering the phone: “Thank you for calling Coller Industries. How can I direct your call?” For many of you this may be very confusing! What happened to Name Tag, Inc?! I work with them! Well, we would like to put your fears to rest!

In 1996, our CEO, Clyde Coller, founded Name Tag, Inc. We started out making name tags only, but in our many years as a company we have increased our product base a great deal!
As many of you know we sell much more than name tags now. Our hard working marketing department, in collaboration with our owners, have decided that the people need to know that we can do so much more than make name tags now! For that reason we have started calling ourselves Coller Industries, Inc. This name incorporates Name Tag, Inc, and our other website, Personalized Ribbons.

Our goal is to spread the word to all of our fantastic customers.

We can do so much more than just name tags!

To see what we can do for you visit our websites!

Personalized Ribbons

Name Tag, Inc