Hey Day, Name Tags and Becoming Friends

Hey Day celebration has become a tradition at Auburn University

While to most people across America Hey Day represents a gathering of cultural exploration and historical treasury, Auburn University in Alabama has a different idea of what the celebration means. Hey Day at Auburn University is one of their oldest traditions and dates back to World War II. Originally, Hey Day began as a welcome back to students who had fought in the war. Today, however, the day is meant to showcase Auburn University’s friendly atmosphere.

hey day name tags name badges reusable badgesAnd what Hey Day wouldn’t be complete without the presence of name tags! Layton Dyess, assistant director for Hey Day at Auburn University stated, “Even though (it is) centrally located at the Greenspace, you can’t escape campus without getting a name tag.”

In an excerpt from The Auburn Plainsman, the campus newspaper, Kris Martins writes, “Though the entertainment for each Hey Day stays similar, every year the theme is different, according to Jacob Coley, assistant director for Hey Day and sophomore in biomedical sciences. This year’s theme is ‘Saying Hey Beyond Today.’

‘It’s all kind of about depth and making a friend on Hey Day,’ Coley said. ‘We want people to come into Hey Day and meet somebody new and have some deep conversations and allow that to carry over beyond Oct. 7. That’s the goal this year.’”

Jacob Tofani, director of Hey Day, hoped the event would encourage new relationships. “We have conversation cards on all the tables,” Tofani said. “Hopefully that will get students talking around to each other. We’d really like people to make new friends and actually have meaningful relationships past Hey Day.”hey day name tags name badges reusable badges

Adhesive name badges and reusable name tags are great tools for meeting, and remembering, new people. Not only are they easy to use, but they can be used over again or recycled. They are an inexpensive way to provide personal identification to those in a group or other surrounding that are new to each other and need to get to know one another, and possibly become life-long friends.

To read the full article, visit http://www.theplainsman.com/article/2015/10/students-participate-in-hey-day-tradition.

Name Tag Day is a huge success!

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Photo courtesy of nametagday.com

A couple of weeks ago we made a huge donation in order to support a new holiday being started in New York, called Name Tag Day. June 1st has come and gone and the holiday was a huge success!

The whole goal of Name Tag Day is to get people to open up to each other and talk! On that day hundreds and hundreds of Instagram and Twitter posts poured in with pictures of people wearing name tags, and connecting.

We couldn’t be more pleased to hear that this event went well. Name Tag, Inc’s donation process is all about helping people.

We received this letter from them:

“Dear Name Tag, Inc. team,

We just completed Nametag Day to incredible success, with 100 volunteers giving out 20,000 name tags. We can honestly say that we couldn’t have done this without you.

Because you saw the potential for this day early on and were so supportive, giving Nametag Day such an incredible boost we’ve been able to better get the word out and more effectively spread joy.

Thank you again!

Ale, Brett, Dina, Julia, Matt, Mike Nick, Pete, and Tim”

Thank you, guys for the sweet thank you note! We are so glad that everything went so well!

Would your organization benefit from a donation? Please feel free to contact us with your information! We can be reached at marketing@nametag.com.

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name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping