What are Lexan Sliders?

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Lexan Sliders are used to keep metal name plates from moving inside desk holders and wall mounts. They are automatically added free of charge when ordering metal plates and holders together. Unfortunately, they do not work with reusable name plates and desk holders because they are too thick to fit inside with the inclusion of a printed insert.

Lexan sliders are easy to use and we will include an instruction sheet with every order. Corners are rounded on all metal tags and plates for safety. With a holder you can hardly see that the corners are rounded.

Not only will the slider keep the plate from moving around in the holder but it also acts as a screen to protect your plate from scratches. Lexan sliders are there to enhance the quality of our metal name plates and their holders.
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name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping

Have Fun with your Name Tags

When we redesign web pages, promotional materials or catalog products, our designers like to get creative and have some fun with the names on our name tags.

Sometimes they’ll see if they can trick someone into thinking a name is real, but the name is really just a play on words.

Here are a few they’ve done over the years:

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Did they trick you?
You can create a fun name tag for your company or organization, too!

If you work in customer service, try getting a name tag that matches the rest of the employees but with a “play on words” name and see if any of your customers catch on. You could even give customers a discount or prize if they noticed it!
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