Company Branding with Name Tags

company branding corporate branding name tags name badges lanyardsWhat is company branding?

A company’s brand is what they are, what they want to be, and what they aim to become as a whole. It can be a promise of quality, trust or service. A brand is what makes a company or organization truly unique. Branding should make any company stand out from its competitors and lets the consumer know what to expect from that company.

Branding is one of the most important parts of any business, whether it be large or small. Building a strong brand helps a company or organization be financially strong. Product marketing is really where this process all begins.

In order to be successful in marketing a company’s brand, one must have a strong branding or marketing strategy. To determine the brand of a business, one must identify a target market and the product or service distribution means. By doing so, the organization can communicate the brand to this target market. And with the use of personalized ribbons, a company’s brand will truly stand out. Personalized ribbons are truly a great tool in company branding.

A few things to consider when working with an organization’s brand:

logo name tags name badge corporate branding company brandingBrand Identity: This is the customer’s knowledge of and ability to recognize the brand.

Brand Meaning: This is the character of the brand beyond the image, and includes product or business features, reliability, value and experience.

Consumer Relationship: This is the attitude of the customer toward the brand.

Remember that a brand is the means to communicate with a chosen market. Each brand needs to be visually stimulating, thereby encouraging product loyalty. Carefully designed branding leads to a secure business or organization. An organization’s brand should posses the above characteristics.

Many of our name tags and other personalized products can have a logo added. Name Tags can be laser engraved or printed with a logo and company name as well as a person’s name. Name Badges come with printable inserts that can easily have a company logo added. Even order custom lanyards with a company or organization logo to promote branding at a corporate event.

An organization’s brand serves as a promise to the consumer. Whether this promise is of services or product, remember that the brand will be used in a marketing strategy and requires copious research. Consumers must understand a brand to increase the effectiveness and value for the company.

Business Ethics and Name Tags

“Everything I needed to know about business, I learned from a name tag!”

The point of this article is to show how important it is to wear proper personal identification, i.e. name tags and name badges. Without name tags, people can be left in the dark in situations at a bank or a grocery store. And without a name badge, Scott Ginsberg wouldn’t be who he is today. To quote Scott, “Everything I needed to know about business, I learned from that name tag!”

adhesive name badges reusable name tags name badgesAnecdote 1: (from every day life)

Have you ever walked into a store and wanted something specific but there was no one in sight to help you find it? We’ve all experienced this. We’ve all wandered a store looking only to, desperately and at the last minute, find someone who can help. And, typically, this person isn’t wearing any identifiers, especially a name tag or name badge, that would have suggested he/she could help in the first place.

name tag name badge scott ginsbergAnecdote 2: (from Scott Ginsberg)

“So there I was, sitting in the audience at a seminar. Surrounding me sat hundreds of us wearing one of those little, handwritten, adhesive name badges. When the event was over, we all filed toward the exit. I approached the door and noticed a small trashcan filled to the brim with used name badges. And that gave me an idea. A crazy idea. Maybe I should keep my name tag on all night! About 10 minutes later I met up with a friend of mine at a local ice cream shop. And that’s when it all started. That’s when the silence was broken. People began to say hello. Random students walked up to me and started conversations. Even complete strangers yelled “Hey Scott!” from across the room!”

laser engraved metal with logo two color name tags name badgesAnecdote 3: (from someone required daily to wear a name tag)

“The only purpose of the name tag is for a customer to be able to refer to the name tag wearer in the context of a compliment or complaint. I am required to wear a name tag and find that it isn’t a huge thing for me. I will say that name tags are generally considered appropriate in this particular field (banking). I do give credit to the executives here as everybody wears one, not just the peons.”

A name tag is merely a symbol that represents several core values that Scott holds close to his heart. “The truth is; my name tag and my values are one in the same. You see, my name tag represents friendliness, approachability, fun, creativity, uniqueness and casualness. Let’s face it, if you wear a name tag all day, every day, wherever you go, you will stand out, and people will notice.”

The Functionality of Name Plates In The Work Place

The primary function of a name plate is to inform viewers of a specific person’s name and/or title.

Wall Mounts, Desk Holders, Cubicle Hangers for Name Plates

Many people need to work to earn a living. Those of us who must seek employment may end up in a job or career that requires some sort of personal identification. Personal identification could be as simple as wearing a name tag to work. However, those of us who end up in an office setting, are finding that this personal identification comes in the form of a name plate. Name plates are typically designed with not only the employee in mind, but also the employer.

To promote consistency, many companies tend to use the same style name plate for all employees. Each name plate Name Tag, Inc. offers comes in a plastic or a metal material. Each one can be ordered as a template design or custom made with or without a company logo. And each name plate can be ordered with a wall mount, a desk holder or a cubicle hanger.

These name plates are typically mounted on a door, wall or cubicle in an office setting. There are many ways to accomplish this task. There are desk holders that simply sit on the corner of a desk. There are wall mounts that can be fastened to a wall or door using screws or double-sided tape. However, many people don’t like using screws or tape to stick these name plates to their office walls or cubicles. It also becomes quite the process to make them sit level so that they look professional. Name Tag, Inc. provides another option for those leery of screws and tape. Enter the cubicle hangers; these provide an easy way to hang a name plate using double-sided tape, or just insert the name plate under the hanger so the tension holds it in place. And if a customer doesn’t want to use these cubicle hangers, we do offer velcro and magnetic tape.cubicle hanger for name plates use with double sided tape or tension set

Name Tag, Inc, Coller Industries, or Personalized Ribbons?

For those of you that have called us recently, you may have heard us answering the phone: “Thank you for calling Coller Industries. How can I direct your call?” For many of you this may be very confusing! What happened to Name Tag, Inc?! I work with them! Well, we would like to put your fears to rest!

In 1996, our CEO, Clyde Coller, founded Name Tag, Inc. We started out making name tags only, but in our many years as a company we have increased our product base a great deal!
As many of you know we sell much more than name tags now. Our hard working marketing department, in collaboration with our owners, have decided that the people need to know that we can do so much more than make name tags now! For that reason we have started calling ourselves Coller Industries, Inc. This name incorporates Name Tag, Inc, and our other website, Personalized Ribbons.

Our goal is to spread the word to all of our fantastic customers.

We can do so much more than just name tags!

To see what we can do for you visit our websites!

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What Makes a Good Name Tag Logo

ribbons-badge holders-engraved signs

Many customers struggle with their company’s branding when it comes to making their name tags. Frequently, a logo that was designed for use on the internet or printed media doesn’t come off as well when you try to fit it into your name tag. Assuming you’ve already decided that you do want your company logo to appear on your name tags, here are a few things to consider:

What process will you be using to create the tags? A Full Color Printed tag can hold more colors and detail than a Hot Stamped tag. Laser Engraving will limit you even further.
Keep the size of the tag in mind. In most cases, the logo will be much smaller than you are used to seeing it, and small details won’t be as visible any more.
Remember that you may have to be flexible on the colors associated with your logo. If you know you want a yellow name tag, and your logo is also yellow, you may need to change it to black so it shows up. If you are Hot Stamping, the colors that can be used are very limited, and you may have to compromise with a basic shade of your colors.
Keep in mind that the main purpose of a name tag is to convey the name of the person wearing it. Don’t make the names harder to read in favor of a bigger, fancier logo.

There are additional ways you can help your logo look its best on name tags:

For logos that incorporate an image as well as text, consider just using one or the other. When the logo is placed to fill the area allowable on the tag, the less there is in the logo, the larger it can be!
Try to limit the amount of detail in your logo. Not only will it not be visible at a smaller size, but many processes will have a hard time duplicating it. You only need enough detail to make the logo recognizable.
Even if your logo is mostly used for the internet or printed media, you should plan ahead and have a 1-color version created. Laser Engraving and 1-color Hot Stamping will need an image that is black and white only, with no shades of gray. Most logos can be converted into a1-color image, but some will require a lot of extra effort in order to maintain the visibility of all of the logo elements.
Logos that are short and wide, such as the company name spelled out infancy lettering, generally look best at the top or bottom center of the tag. Logos that are square or taller than they are wide will occasionally look good on the left or right side of the tag.
Consider a custom shaped tag! Your name tag could be cut into a shape the follows your logo, with an extra area created to hold the names and titles. This is only available for Laser Engraved or Hot Stamped logos,but can REALLY make a name tag stand out!

Get yours today!

name tag-full color-laser engraved-hot stamped