Basic Lanyard Uses

While a lanyard is often required for identification, many don’t realize how effective they really are.

The best thing about a lanyard is that they can have social and practical uses in every day occasions and special events. From identification to advertising, lanyards can be used in multiple ways.

Lanyards are ideal for identification and safety.

Typically, lanyards are worn in offices and conferences to provide identification. And, traditionally these work really well as most lanyards are specifically designed to compliment a name badge or name tag. If a company requires security cards or photo IDs, lanyards are a great and useful way to keep these items handy. So, as you come to a security check point or somewhere else you might need to show ID, you won’t have to search for your ID card. Lanyards are a low cost option for identifying who belongs and who doesn’t. When employees are provided with custom lanyards with either a company logo or slogan, they are easily identified to provide better security.

Lanyards are also effective advertising.

Lanyards provide simplistic and efficient advertising. As lanyards are usually worn around the neck, they remain easily accessible. As such, they are a perfect advertising opportunity. Providing employees with a custom lanyard with a business logo or slogan not only allows the employee to keep their name badge handy, but most those who wear lanyards as part of their uniforms do not remove them after leaving work. This provides your company with extra, and free, walking advertising.


If the lanyard is provided during a convention or event, they will be continually used around someone’s home or in their life. A lot of people find it convenient to attach keys to lanyards for easy access and the lessened likelihood of losing them. Again, free advertising. So, next time you are thinking about advertising strategies, think about how effective custom lanyards are.

Name Tag Deadly Sins – Part 2

The Seven Deadly Sins of Ineffective Name Tags

*This list is adapted from Scott Ginsberg, The Name Tag tag name badge Ivan Misner, the "Father of Modern Networking" seven deadly sins of ineffective name tags

“Your name tag is your best friend for several reasons. First of all, a person’s name is the single piece of personal information most often forgotten, and people are less likely to approach you if they don’t know (or have forgotten) your name. Second, it’s free advertising for you and your company. Third, name tags encourage people to be friendly and more approachable.” ~ Ivan Misner, the “Father of Modern Networking”

Last week we covered four of the seven “deadly sins” of ineffective name tags presented by Scott Ginsberg. This week, the remaining three “deadly sins” that make name tags ineffective; and what to do to make them more effective in your branding practices.

Fifth, placement: Name tag placement serves a different purpose depending on the event or function it is being used for. For example, if the name tag is placed on the right side, it is visible when meeting new people or greeting others with a handshake as it becomes parallel with the viewers line of sight. Another example is if the name tag is placed on the left side, it is more visible to those who are approaching you from an opposite direction. The first example is great for corporate meetings and other office events. The second example is best for large conferences or conventions.

logo name tags seven deadly sins of ineffective name tagsSixth, presence: While this typically refers to placement as well, this is more than just wear on your clothing you should wear your name tag. When choosing the placement, you want to make sure that the viewer will have maximum eye contact as well. So, don’t wear your name tag on your right pants pocket, but rather on your collar bone where it will be visible to whomever you are speaking with. “The most effective location is two to three inches below your collar bone on whichever side most appropriate for your function,” says Scott.

Seventh, maximization: To make the greatest or fullest use of a name tag, make sure to utilize all blank space. Use a large font to that the name is visible from a distance. Make sure that any blank space that is left is necessary. “Think of your name tag as your ‘front porch.’ It invites people. It makes them feel comfortable. And, it initiates conversations that transform strangers into valuable connections,” says Scott. And indeed, a name tag is a piece of real estate that will help in any personal or business branding.

By avoiding these final three “deadly sins” your name tag will become more efficient and, as Scott always says, you’ll improve your approachability!

Name Tag Deadly Sins – Part 1

The Seven Deadly Sins of Ineffective Name Tags

*This list is adapted from Scott Ginsberg, The Name Tag Guy.

name tag name badge scott ginsberg the name tag guy seven deadly sins of ineffective name tags“Your name tag is your best friend. It is a lifesaver in meetings, trade shows and events to start conversations when you meet groups of new people. It also identifies you as well as your company in the minds of others,” Scott Ginsberg is known for saying.

So, what’s the trick to making sure that your name tags makes you approachable? Follow these first four attributes as set forth by Scott from “The Seven Deadly Sins of Ineffective Name Tags.” *Follow up will come next week with the remaining three.

First, size: Have you ever been in a situation where someone is squinting and staring directly at your chest or other area desperately trying to make out tiny letters on your name tag? “This is self defeating, embarrassing and actually works to decrease your approachability,” says Scott. A name tag should be readable from at least 10 feet away, thus making the recommended font size a minimum of 24 point. Try and make the font as big as you can, also avoid cursive, script or other fancy writing styles.

adhesive name badges seven deadly sins of ineffective name tagsSecond, color: The most effective background color for a name badge is white. While having an outline in a bright color does grab attention to the wearer, make sure the background is stark white for visibility. By doing so, this allows maximum visibility for a logo, your name and, if necessary, your position within your company. All font should be either black or dark blue ink. “Fashion must be outweighed by your name tag’s approachability and visibility!” exclaims Scott.

Third, turnaround: One frustrating name tag problem that people face is “the name tag turnaround.” No name; no logo; no company; just the blank back of the name badge. This happens especially when the name tag is worn around the neck on a lanyard or worn with a clip. To avoid having “name tag turnaround” (a phrase coined by Scott), make sure to always write the exact same information on both sides.

Fourth, clutter: “Avoid name tags with overly thick borders, unnecessary clutter or too much text. All of the information contained must be readable and memorable in less than five seconds. Remember, they call them name tags because the name must be the focal point, whether it’s the name of the person or the name of the company, those are the two most important pieces of information,” says Scott.

By avoiding these first four “deadly sins” your name tag will become more efficient and, as Scott always says, you’ll improve your approachability!

Donation Spotlight: Water Mission

“Water Builds Life,” says Lisa Cottingham, of Water Mission.

Water Mission, formerly Water Missions International, sees the need to address a global water crisis. Lisa Cottingham, Director of Development for Water Mission, explains, “We view the global water crisis as a problem that needs fixing, not a cause that needs unending donations. We are resolving the crisis as we scale the work. The global water crisis is enormous, urgent; and is desperate for innovative, break-through solutions. Therefore, we aspire to be experts and best in class in all aspects of our work.”

Water Mission name tags rebranding

Water Mission is a nonprofit Christian engineering organization that designs, builds and implements safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) solutions for people in developing countries and disaster areas. Since 2001, Water Mission has used innovative technology and engineering expertise to provide access to safe water for more than 3 million people in 52 countries. Water Mission has over 200 staff members working around the world in permanent country programs located in Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

“Our Mission is to be a best in class Christian Engineering Ministry that transforms lives through sustainable safe water solutions,” stated Cottingham. The organization’s values include compassion for those in need, excellence in their work, and integrity in all their relationships and activities.

UV color logo plastic name tagsDue their name change, Water Mission recently went through a rebranding phase. Part of the rebranding included needing new name tags for their organization.

Coller Industries stepped in to help out the effort with a donation of UV Name Tags with Water Mission’s new logo.

“The new, rebranded name tags from Coller Industries Incorporated will help us present our brand and mission to the world,” said Cottingham. A UV color logo is a full color printing process which allows for quality, high resolution images with bright colors and gradients.

“The generous (donation) from Coller Industries allows us to devote more of our resources to providing safe water around the world,” said Cottingham. Water Mission also maintains a news blog to keep followers up-to-date on their actions and activities.