3 Ways We Went Green

Here’s something you might not know about Name Tag, Inc.:

We offer green products!

reusable name tags and badges help us to keep our many personal identification products greenWe live in a world that seems to be focusing a lot on reusable or “green” products for consumers. Here at Coller Industries, we support this movement to keep our world going around for the benefit of all. And as part of that, we offer several reusable products.

From name tags to name plates, you’d be surprised at the products that can be reused! Here’s a short list, but we’re sure you can find more!

Speedy Badges

reusable name tags and badges help us to keep our many personal identification products greenThese reusable name badges are custom name tags that are a great solution for companies with positions that experience high turnover rates. They are inexpensive and easy to use. Each plastic badge is simple to assemble and comes with a colored frame and a clear plastic lens. Each frame features a gentle forward curve that accents the style and classiness of this badge choice.

What makes this a green choice is the printable paper insert. Just print with your name and even a logo. These can be used over and over again by removing any used insert from the badge and adding a new printed or written paper insert.

Mighty Badges

reusable name tags and badges help us to keep our many personal identification products greenWith three easy to use parts, these name badges are perfect for any business. The metal back plate can feature your logo for easy brand recognition. Add names by printing on the clear, plastic inserts. Then add the clear, plastic lens by snapping it into place over the top of everything to hold it together.

These badges are green the same way a Speedy Badge is. Need a new name badge? Just replace the printable insert at any time.

Logo Only

reusable name tags and badges help us to keep our many personal identification products greenName badges are ideal for high-turnover positions and volunteers. Adding a logo to a name badge will help to associate your employees with the brand image you have worked to build for your company. Add a logo to either a plastic or a metal name badge to make your badges stand out.

This green choice makes your name badges last exceptionally long! Add names and titles to these name badges with either a permanent marker or a label. Just peel off the label or remove the writing with an alcohol pad and reuse again and again.

So, pretty much anything that is labeled reusable is considered a green product. Come on over and find your perfect green product today!

Logo Only and Blank Name Tags

Constructed out of the same materials as our Classic Name Tags, both the Logo Only Classic Name Badges and Blank Name Tags make for excellent reusable tags.

Blank Metal Name Tags

For organizations with high turnover rates, a Logo Only Name Badge is the ideal solution for a traditional name tag look with the versatility to be reused. By having your logo engraved or printed on the badge, you can reuse a previously occupied badge by swapping the name label or by erasing and rewriting a new name with a permanent marker.

Companies with tighter budgets or those with their own printing/engraving machines can save time and money by choosing our Blank Name Tags. Available in both Plastic and Metal, these blanks are highly affordable and flexible.

Either way, you’ll have a properly branded reusable name tag. One that you can quickly change in-house, without needing to spend additional time and money to reorder a new badge.

name tags-reusable-logo only
Laser Engraved Plastic Name Tags (Logo Only)

Logo Processes: Laser Engraved – Printed – Hot-Stamped
Reusable Name Tags

Materials Available: Plastic and Metal

name tags-reusable-logo only