A message from CCSF’s Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program

A message received from one of our donations!

“Greetings, the CCSF DMI Program is an esteemed Radiology Program in Northern California.Recently, the cuts to our California State budget have left our educational program with a 17% decrease in operational funding. As a result, we are being forced to cancel or combine classes and function without necessary equipment.In an effort to assist, two of our educators have agreed to take on additional responsibilities without any financial compensation.

Due to the financial crises, the students on CCSF DMI Program had to make due with lack of supplies that will help them be successful radiological technologist.

One of these supplies are lanyards to help them get into their clinical hospitals.These lanyards will provide them the necessary materials that will allow them to succeed in the DMI Program.

We are extremely grateful that Name Tag has stepped up to the plate and donated these much needed Lanyards! Thank you!”

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Healthy Notions is a non-profit 501(c)3, volunteer driven organization charged with the mission of enhancing and developing the lives and total well-being of at-risk children (ages 6 to 12) in our communities and abroad through educational, health (physical/emotional) and inspirational projects and initiatives.We are empowered by corporations like Name Tag, Inc., U-Haul, Fed-Ex, The Kroger Co, Office Depot and many other corporations and individuals with a passion for the development of whole, healthy children. Our sponsors and partners collaborate with Healthy Notions to provide the resources necessary to create community environments and initiatives that support healthy choices.  Through valuable grants, co-branding, and in-kind contributions, partners invest in creating a world that produces healthy children that will become healthy adults.We are proud to be a participating organization with the Disney “Give a Day. Get a Disney Day.” family volunteerism program.  As a result of the fantastic exposure we’re receiving through the Disney program, we have hundreds of volunteers that have already committed to assist and support volunteer projects and events that will benefit local children in living homeless shelters, foster care and orphanages throughout Metro Atlanta and abroad.

Upcoming Event:

“Show Love with Your Soles” Campaign-Every year Healthy Notions collects shoes for orphaned kids in Haiti and Dominican Republic through our annual “Show Love With Your Soles” shoe drive campaign. Last year, the organization was able to donate over 800 pairs of new and gently used shoes for children in need. This year, our goal is to collect over 10,000 pair of shoes to benefit the orphaned Haitian children. Due to the recent earthquake and devastation…the children need our help now more then ever before.

On Saturday, February 20th…Healthy Notions will host the “Shoe Love with Your Soles” community-wide shoe drive finale.  From 9am to 5pm…volunteers, families and groups will come together to drop off collected shoes, raise funds to assist with shipping and distribution of the shoes in Haiti, enjoy food, fun and giveaways. Event Location: Kroger Supermarket/ 3000 Old Alabama Road, Alpharetta GA 30022

When will the Shoe Drive Take Place? The 2nd annual Healthy Notions “Show Love With Your Solesâ€ shoe drive campaign is taking place NOW through February 20th .
What is the Goal?-To Collect 10,000+ pair of shoes. The campaign is comprised of a series of supporting volunteer collection efforts to gather shoe donations.
Who does the shoe drive benefit? We will give desperately needed shoes to Haitian children in Port-au-Prince and throughout the country.
Why shoes?

A simple pair of shoes serves to protect children’s feet from cuts, bruises, and life-threatening diseases and illnesses which can be contracted through the feet. In many cases, children run barefoot because they have no shoes.  When they cut themselves or scratch themselves while running around playing, and then step into contaminated water, parasites and other things get into their body. In fact, many die that way.
Without shoes children in Haiti can’t attend school. Only 15% of children in rural Haiti attend school. The gift of a pair of shoes will allow a child to get an education.
Can donors make financial contributions? Yes. A Financial donations to assist with shipping and distribution costs can be made online at www.firstgiving.com/showlovehaiti

Please check out our website: www.healthynotionskids.com for more upcoming events throughout 2010

For more information contact us: Healthy Notions Inc. P.O. Box 767934, Roswell GA 30076

CEO, C0-Founder: Barenda Whitaker bwhitaker@healthynotionskids.com
Vice President,Co-Founder:Kim Whitaker kwhitaker@healthynotionskids.com

10 Tips to Get the Most of Your Badge Holders, and Lanyards

Badge Holders and Lanyards are two of the most commonly used products in trade shows, conventions and many other events.Read below to see how you can get the most out of your investment.

1] Maintain Security
Many places of employment require ID badges; they’re great for security, and getting to know all the people around the office.The use of badge holders and lanyards is essential in keeping your ID badges safe and visible.If you know your customers or employees use proximity cards, you may want to try a proximity badge holder.These are great for keeping proximity cards in place and storing them securely.

2] Dress to Impress
For formal settings, we recommend an attached fastener for your badge holders, such as magnetic, pin, or clip, so you can display your information with subtlety.

4] Stand Out
When printing inserts for your badge holders, keep the font as large as possible.You’ll want people to be able to read your name from at least ten feet away.

5] Get to the Point
You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t have too much information on your printed inserts.Simple, concise information which can be seen clearly and read easily is more effective – and if the customer wants to know more, all they have to do is ask you!

6] Get Organized
Printing and alphabetizing your inserts & badges prior to the event is a great way to save time and effort on the day of the event.

7] Take it Easy
For conventions, fund-raisers, and trade shows, you may want the ease-of-use a lanyard brings.Put the lanyard around your neck and clip your badge holder on – it’s as simple as that!

8] Get Your Name Out There
Getting your company’s name and contact information printed on your lanyards is a great way to make sure your company stays in mind after the event.

9] Give People Something Useful Beyond the Event
Take advantage of dual-use lanyards: they carry your badge holders and agenda holders around your neck, and after the event turn into eyeglass retainers.Your event attendees will love them!You may want to consider nicer giveaway items to secure sales from those more promising leads.Neck wallets, water bottles, and other handouts with your logo/information on them are great ways to generate buzz.

10] Be Generous
You may want to consider nicer giveaway items to secure sales from those promising leads.Neck wallets, water bottles, and other handouts with your logo/information on them are great ways to generate buzz.

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Donation Spotlight: Cast for Kids

August 8th, 2009 turned out to be a very cold and blustery day. I almost couldn’t believe that after such warm weather, the day of the event was windy and overcast. It’s better for the fish, I heard again and again. It didn’t seem to hamper the kids at all either.The day started out early, set-up at 5:30 am and registration beginning at 7:00 am.The BASS Association volunteers were there, ready to hit the water.At 9:00 am, the registered participants had all been assigned to a boat or pontoon and the boats took off.The on- shore volunteers, of which I was one, headed over to the main pavilion to decorate and set up for lunch and the award ceremony.

Lunch was prepared by the Weber County Job Corps student culinary team and the menu consisted of hotdogs and burgers.There were over 40 volunteers, helping kids return their gear and find their way to the pavilion for lunch.It was really cool to see so many people intent on making the day a memorable event for someone else’s child. At the pavilion, we got word that one of the children had fallen in the water, and thanks to the generosity of one of the campers, who offered dry clothes and blankets, the girl warmed up and got right back into the festivities.

After lunch, the kids received a plaque and a medal from the C.A.S.T. Foundation and a goodie bag from Reclamation.Numerous sponsors contributed items for the raffle which raised money for next year’s event.The kids and their companions left with armloads of goodies and a feeling of belonging.At least that was my perception from the looks on their parent’s faces and the kids’ ear to ear smiles.

I would like to thank Name Tag, Inc. for helping sponsor this event. Funds are hard to come by and the way in which the organizers at Reclamation stretch their funds is truly amazing to me. The donation from Name Tag allowed us to put money toward some treats for the participants and their companions.This event is held annually, for more information, go to


New Non-Printed Lanyards Page


The process of renovating the website continues with the revision of the non-printed lanyards

The lanyards section is by far, the most time-consuming and difficult product line to rework, simply due to the large number of products and the vast number of options and add-ons.We’ll continue to revise each subsection of the lanyards line and will release each completed section individually, instead of waiting to release all of the pages at once.

We are hoping the new pages will make it easier to navigate through the various materials and will simplify the ordering process.

Visit the non-printed lanyards page and let us know what you think.