Photo IDs Aren’t Just For People

In a touching story from a few years ago, we all learn that it doesn’t matter your position in life, everyone can wear a name tag!

To be easily identified in the hospital wards, Ralf, a Giant Schnauzer, must wear a Photo ID on his collar. Ralf has been working miracles by getting kids back on their feet after their operations. He sits with them during treatments or takes them on walks around The Royal Children’s Hospital.


An excerpt from Ralf, by Anne Crawford

therapy hospital dog wearing photo id name tag name badge“It was late March 2012 when Caroline Lovick discovered that the family pet, Ralf, a Giant Schnauzer, had become famous. Ralf was a ‘therapy dog’ at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, padding the wards every week with Caroline, visiting young patients who were ill and injured, helping in their recovery in often remarkable ways. A daily newspaper published a story on 20 March about the ‘miracle’ pooch and the effect he was having on children and adolescents, with a photo of a toddler, Zeke Harrison, who had a rare genetic disease, walking the corridors of the hospital next to the huge black dog. The article and picture of the chubby-legged infant wearing a nasal-gastric tube went from Melbourne to Sydney to newspapers in the United Kingdom and the US, and then spread on the internet. The story took off in Europe. Spain. Turkey. India. Chile. A German radio station sent a crew to Australia to record a show on Ralf. Dawn French, the British comedienne, posted Ralf on her Facebook page. A woman called Karla from Donegal sent him a gift of engraved dog tags on behalf of the people of Ireland. Caroline had always known that there was something special about the dog that looks you directly in the eyes from beneath his shaggy forelock and bushy brows with kind brown eyes. But she wasn’t prepared for this. Ralf had gone global.”

custom name tags name badges used as pet tags


All pets can have their own Photo ID or name tags. Design your own, or choose from a variety of stock name tags.

Size Matters for Name Tags

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping
Tag sizes can important when you wish to have everything conveyed clearly without making your tag too big to be comfortably wearable. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when setting up your tags to ensure their quality:

1. Logo size and placement
It’s a common issue for logos that are designed to be printed on larger areas to not show correctly when reduced. We recommend that you carefully check your proof to see if all logo elements are readable at the requested size before signing off on it. Logos can take up space for names, so tag sizes will likely be increased if you include a logo.

2. Maximum and minimum sizes
The minimum size for all tags is 2.75 inches wide by .75 inches high; The reason for this is that it is difficult to cut by hand with reliable accuracy, speed, and safety under this size.  Anything over 8 square inches is considered to be a name plate.

3. Maximum size for Full Color
The maximum size we can print for Full Color is 3.25 by 2 inches, because the machine uses cards that are the size of a credit card.

4. Font
Certain fonts do not show up well at smaller sizes; If you’re set on one of these fonts, tag size may need to be increased.

5. Wear-ability
If your tag is too big, then it could be uncomfortable or distracting to wear. If this is a concern, you can request for us to send a first article to see how it looks and feels to wear before you order all your tags.

6. Length of names
If you require longer names or many credentials, it may be possible to fit everything on the tag by simply expanding the width.

7. Number of lines
Each line that is added will add some height or text size will have to be reduced. It is sometimes hard to balance these considerations if a lot of information or a large logo is required on your tags.

8. Frame sizes
Frames come in 3 styles: metal, black plastic, or picture frame. And 3 sizes: small, medium, or large. Tags must be made exactly to the frame size or they will not fit.

We hope that you will keep these considerations in mind the next time you order some name tags to maximize their effectiveness. Our goal is to give you the highest quality products we can, and part of that is informing you about what works best and why.

Get your name tags today!

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Name Tags: The Great Equalizers

ribbons-badge holders-engraved signs

Whether you’re wearing a name tag for a conference, meeting, or every day for work, chances are you feel a little silly. But in meeting and conference situations, name tags can level the playing field. Sure, you may be uncomfortable at first, but once you realize that the pros outweigh the cons, you won’t have an issue wearing your name tag again!


  • Everyone else is wearing a name tag. You aren’t alone. Everyone can read your name, but hey, you can read everyone’s name, too! You get to avoid the awkward, “What was your name again?” conversation and skip right to the good stuff: networking.
  • It will help you be fearless. Wearing a name tag in a room full of strangers is an invite for people to talk to you, and for you to talk to people. You don’t need someone to introduce you, so be fearless and take networking into your own hands.
  • Your name tag will reflect who you are, and therefore humanize you to those around you. People tend to judge harshly on first impressions, especially when everyone in the room is a stranger. But if you personalize your name tag, you give yourself a safety buffer, so make it funny and memorable.
  • A name tag reminds you to be open and transparent. You can’t hide behind a name tag. The name tag basically forces you to network, to put yourself out there, and to make new friends. In a society plagued with lies and dishonesty, wearing a name tag gives you the opportunity to brand your image with honesty and trustworthiness.


  • Depending on the fastener, you might have pinholes in your shirt at the end of the day, or your shirt might get weighed down or droopy. Just make sure you follow proper name tag etiquette to avoid anything too embarrassing!
  • That feeling of silliness or dorkiness won’t go away immediately, if at all. At the end of the day, wearing a name tag still might make you feel uncomfortable, but at least you’re learning better socializing and networking skills.

The good clearly outweighs the bad! Click below to get yours today!

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Why Every Employee Should Have a Name Plate

metal-plastic-name plates

Name plates are one of the four resources we suggested for increasing brand awareness, but they are also a way to boost morale and confidence of your employees. Overall, custom name plates have multiple benefits and do much more than simply state a name and a job title.

Benefits of name plates:

Employee Integration: The first day on the job can be nerve racking. The newbie is coming into a foreign environment, not 100% what they’re getting themselves in to.  A good way to curb the anxiety of the new employee and make them more at home is to have a custom name plate ready and waiting at their desk. They will realize that you’ve taken the time to invest in them, and to make them feel like part of the company family.
Not only that, but if everyone in the office has a name plate, then the newbie will be able to focus on their new job duties, rather than learning the names and positions of every other employee in the company.

Increased Professionalism: If every employee has a uniformly designed name plate, it adds a fluency to the work environment. Because one name plate isn’t flashier than another, your employees will feel more like a family than competitors, and with the feeling of family comes loyalty.
On top of that, if clients or customers come into the office and see the name plates, they will notice the extra care your company takes to cultivate working relationships and professionalism.

Navigation: If displayed properly and efficiently, name plates can be a compass in your work environment. They can create a flow from department to department, so that when visitors or newcomers enter the office, they will have no problems finding where they need to be.
Invest in Your Employees = Invest in Your Customers: Name plates are a monetary and time investment in your employees, and furthermore, they’re an investment in brand new employees who haven’t even had a chance to prove themselves. Regardless, ordering name plates for your staff illustrates your willingness to put faith in the future of your employees and company, and that directly translates to your willingness to invest in your customers in clients.

What name plates should include:

Company Logo
Employee’s Name
Department/Job Title

Where to put them:

On the employee’s desk
On the door or wall leading into the employee’s office
On the wall of the employee’s cubicle