Holidays and Celebrating Nametag Day

Nametag Day is all about spontaneity and silliness!

As we walk around our cities, we often forget to notice the people around us and miss out on chances to connect. A name tag says “I am open. I want to talk to you.” It adds an element of humanity to our day, breaking down an invisible barrier between us.

This holiday was started by a group of friends with organizing experience who decided it would be a great way to spend their time. They are the ones jump-starting this particular endeavor, but anyone who puts on a name tag is part of Team Nametag Day.

This special day is typically celebrated on the first Saturday in June. However, we are with these organizers and agree that every day should be Nametag Day.

And they believe that this holiday belongs to everyone!

nametag day is celebrated currently in san francisco and new york city

Nametag Day is entirely non-commercial, staffed by volunteers, and no people or organizations will profit financially from the event. All funds raised go to name tags, markers and other logistics costs. And we all profit from the day! We want people to make new friends, learn new things, and share a few extra smiles.

Who is helping make this holiday happen?

You! Every person who volunteers, donates money, wears a name tag, or spreads the word contributes to making Nametag Day a reality.

We are especially grateful to The Awesome Foundation, and NYC Social Sports Club for their generous contributions.

How can you start your Nametag Day?

nametag day celebrated in san francisco but can be celebrated anywhere name tags are wornAnyone can celebrate this holiday, wherever you are – just wear a name tag! If you’d like to conduct a larger event, we request that you follow these core principles of Nametag Day:

The spirit of this holiday is to encourage openness, connection, and spontaneous fun. That’s it, nothing more.
Participants are expected to go to extra lengths to appear non-commercial. This means not wearing the same hats or shirts, etc.

Nametag Day doesn’t stop at 5pm. We hope that you will continue to acknowledge the people who make up your world. Smile and reply, “It’s okay” next time someone bumps you on the Muni. Say hello to that shy coworker.

Thank you to these organizers for making a holiday so special and dear to our hearts. We love being a part of this day and celebration!

3 Practical Reasons for Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is one of the best ways to grow and maintain your business.

using name tags for your corporate gifting this year is just as important as picking out the right wrapping and ribbonsThere are many reasons for corporate gifting that range from thanking consumers for their business to recognizing employees for outstanding work. But, the primary reason seems always to be the same. It is to sustain relationships and deepen the personal connection between the giver and the recipient.

Most companies agree that this fundamental reason is an opportunity to share your holiday cheer, connect with your clients and strengthen employee ties. Recruiting, retention and development are three other great reasons to give a corporate gift.

But here are the best three reasons to give a corporate gift!


The holidays are built on the premise of giving and volunteering in your community. No matter the reason for giving anything, you should only expect one thing back: a friendly smile, a “please” or “thank you,” or maybe even a hug. But no matter what you give, it is the thought that counts.


Some people just possess the talent to wrap gifts perfectly. Some don’t. But, no matter if you’re one of these wonderful people or not, everyone loves to get a wrapped present! Don’t sell your gifts short with bland packaging or by not even wrapping them. Choose bright, happy and seasonal gift wrap for your corporate gifting.

Name Tags

Last is the most important, right? Well, we sure think so! Name tags and other personal identification products are great ideas for corporate gifts. Whether it’s a new name badge for your employees or an executive desk wedge for your best customer, we’re sure to have the right gift for your needs!

using name tags for your corporate gifting this year is just as important as picking out the right wrapping and ribbons

Name tags can always use an upgrade each year and for each employee!

using name tags for your corporate gifting this year is just as important as picking out the right wrapping and ribbons

Give top quality name plates to your office team this year.

using name tags for your corporate gifting this year is just as important as picking out the right wrapping and ribbons

Why not be unique and give everyone in the office a fun, new lanyard!

Spend the time and money on the wrapping to reflect the value of your client and employee relationships. But remember, choosing the right gift for your associates is just as important as the packaging. Add your personal flair with custom ribbons today! Need a great idea for a gift to give? See “Personalized Ribbons Blog” for all our best ideas!

Happy Halloween from Coller Industries!

Trick-Or-Treat and Happy Halloween from Coller Industries!

happy halloween from coller industriesNot only do we make and sell the best Halloween name tags, signs and ribbons, but we also know how to celebrate! Every year our company looks forward to our annual employee costume contest and potluck. And each year the costumes and food get better!

In past years employees have dressed as werewolves, cartoon characters and more. This year no two costumes were alike. And we had outstanding participation! From a gnome to a banana and even our own resident Forest Gump, the costumes were well chosen and planned out. Some of the costumes were incorporated to fit exactly to the person. Our social media manager came as a social butterfly and an employee named Rainbow came as Rainbow Brite! And, as always, we love to share our festivities with our customers. So, here are all of the costumes!

happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries
happy halloween from coller industries


Thank you to those who participated, and congratulations to the winners!

happy halloween from coller industries
1st place – Rainbow
happy halloween from coller industries
2nd place – Crystal
happy halloween from coller industries
3rd place – Eboni

Every employee cast their vote for their favorite costume. And, each winner received a stock place award ribbon for their efforts. The first place winner also received a gift card in celebration of their hard work!

The company potluck this year was a build-your-own taco bar. Employees participated by bringing taco toppings such as lettuce, cheese, olives, tomatoes and even jalapenos. We all had a choice of taco shells, tortillas and even taco bowls for a salad. Of course, there were sides such as healthy black beans, chocolate covered marshmallows that looked like Frankenstein’s Monster, homemade peanut butter cheesecake, and a wonderful red drink concoction that bubbled and fizzed. No one went hungry!

We also had a reverse trick-or-treat from our marketing department to all our employees. Treats were passed out to everyone, even a couple of visitors. Coller Industries had no shortage of fun and sweets this year!

Giving Back: Name Tag Edition

Giving back is what it’s all about!

From giving time and money to those in need, each year Coller Industries strives to give back to our local community. And, each year, we like to show the appreciation we receive for these generous gifts. It’s like a thank you for a thank you!

Annual Donation: Granite Education Foundation (from Name Tag Experience 12/15/15)

Every year Coller Industries makes an effort to recognize its employees during the holiday season. Part of this recognition tends to extend into the surrounding community. And, in turn, this translates to donations to various parts of our community. For the past six years, Clyde and Gary Coller, the CEO and President, respectively, of Coller Industries Incorporated have generously donated monetary benefits to The Granite Education Foundation.

“It makes us more responsible in the community,” said Gary Coller. “Hopefully our customers appreciate when they see that we give back to our own community.”

Coller Industries Incorporated started donating to the GEF in 2009 and to day has donated over $37,000. We are happy to continue our annual support of this wonderful foundation. And as employees here at Coller Industries, it is a pleasure knowing that our employer is so generous with their time and money.

The Granite Education Foundation provides educational opportunities for Granite School District students. They educate students, teachers and members of our community on positive ways to impact the community.

The Granite Education Foundation has kindly supported our business by giving us these wonderful notes and thank yous. And now here they are for you, as our reader, to enjoy!

valentines from the granite education foundation giving back to our community valentines from the granite education foundation giving back to our community


Included with thank yous from students and parents was a wonderful letter from the Foundation:

“This year, Granite Education Foundation and students from throughout Granite School District wanted to express our heart-felt thanks for your continued generosity and support. Enclosed you will find hand-made Valentine’s Day cards that our students created with YOU in mind.

In our opinion, YOU’RE AWESOME SAUCE, Valentine! Thanks for believing in our mission and for the extra boost you give students. We couldn’t accomplish what we do without YOU. You are O-‘FISH’-ally our favorite!”

Thank You and Happy New Year Wishes

As we come to a close of this great year, Coller Industries has to send a thank you to the most important aspect of our company: you, the customer.

We have seen growth in our company in many ways, and we have many people to thank for that. First, we have seen our website go mobile and provide access to so many others that may have not seen it before. We have seen growth in sales and in repeat clients. We are ever so grateful for that!

speedy badges reusable name badgesWe have also seen growth in our inventory. Earlier this year we were able to roll out our Speedy Badges and offer those to our clientele. Speedy Badges are so easy to use and come in three different colors. They are simple to assemble and are fully reusable. And, they have been a huge hit!

We have seen growth inside our company as well. We have a strong Customer Service Department who is ready and available to assist in any need a customer may have. They are a wonderful addition to our company. And, as customer service is our main goal, we want and need to make sure that our customers are happy with our products and that they match to the customer’s needs. Our Customer Service Department sees to that need and fulfills it with flying colors.

Production and Shipping also do a wonderful job with making sure all orders are produced and shipped appropriately and in a timely manner. Again, they assist with making sure that our customer’s needs are precisely met.

We have also seen growth in our Marketing and other departments. Marketing has made our website fully mobile and is working on other things to make sure that you, as our customer, are highly satisfied. Our first goal is to see that our customers are happy and satisfied with our products and that all needs are met when seeking personal identification products.

We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers for an outstanding year! You are the reason we are in business and we want to acknowledge that. And with that thank you, we also wish you a wonderful and happy New Year!

thank you and happy new year to all our customers