Customer Spotlight: Theresa Mathis, City of Wilson, NC

Theresa Mathis: City of Wilson, NC

I am an event planner for the City of Wilson, Human Relations Office. We are a community affairs organization that collaborates with many organizations across the county to engage, celebrate and educate our citizens.

What do you have planned for the future?

For myself, retirement at a lake house! But, within the job, we strive each year to expand our community events to provide more awareness and education for our citizens. Our goal is to have active citizens that are participating in the community.

How does the city organization working environment compare to that of a private business?

In working for the a City, the pressure is off to raise the profit margin. While we do have to make sure our budgetary spending is appropriate, helps the needy and is in no way wasteful. The focus is on the work not the dollar signs. We are given the opportunity to reach out to those citizens that really need help.

How have you been able to use our name tag products?

As an event planner, the name tag ribbons have been priceless! I first was introduced to your products through student activities on college campuses in the mid-90’s. I have used your name tag products and ribbons for events ever since! Every job I’ve moved to, your catalog/web info has been clutched in my hands. I am a big fan of the name tag ribbons.

I think the ribbons are so important for many reasons. One, they give a level of distinction to participants. Whether it is a judge, keynote speaker, volunteer or committee member, receiving that special name tag with a beautiful ribbon makes everyone feel important. It raises the bar of performance. Anyone can slap a sticky label on their lapel with a name written in magic marker. But, preparing a proper name tag and adding a ribbon demonstrates to the person that you care and are prepared and thus makes them interact the same way. As for the patrons of the event, the ribbons help those “in the know” stand out. They automatically know who can help them, who to congratulate or who to thank. The name tags become a keepsake for everyone. When folks want to keep a piece of your event, that is a milestone of a well planned event.

A fun side story, when I worked for a couple of years at a dot com web company, we were a very tight knit group. We all worked in one large war room style office, a very chatty group and over time, we all developed nick names. One summer the boss wanted to have a retreat to refocus the group. He asked that I set up the weekend as if it were a professional conference and hundreds were attending. We had a great weekend and all went well. The key element that everyone still remembers, were the custom name tag ribbons. The plastic badge had our official name, but the ribbons had our nick names. Mine said “office princess”. When I catch up with my old buddies from the office, they always talk about those ribbons and many still have them 10 years later. TRUE STORY!

What advice would you give other organizations?

Don’t hesitate to use these products. You will not regret it! Name Tag, Inc. has provided consistent, high quality products that I’ve grown to depend upon. The customization office is flexible and creative. They will help you tackle any project. When planning events, details such as name tags show that all is well.