New Name Plates As Unique As You

Creating new name plates for your office doesn’t have to be boring. Get creative using these ideas.

Everyone seems to have one, a boring name plate sitting on the edge of their desk. How does it read? Your first and last name? Your generic title? Boring, right? Well, why not lighten up the mood in your office and share a laugh with your coworkers with new name plates. So, let’s get creative and get rid of the boring!

Your name is unique so it should stay put on your new name plates.

Custom Design Plastic Name Plates (No Logo) from Coller Industries

But, let’s put some class into it. Whether your name is short like Jim Shu or long like Vernon Ringo Fyre don’t underestimate the importance of font. Yes, you should remember to keep your name plate consistent with your company brand, but have a little bit of fun. With more than 15 different font choices, you can class up your name plate easily by changing the font.

And, what about that generic title.

Even if you are the CEO of your company, there are still better ways to say it on your new name plates. Use creative phrasing like “Master of Everything” or “The Man Who Signs Your Paycheck” to get the laughter going. Or are you the office clerk? Use a title such as “Magical Paper Transferrer” or “Organizer of Random Thoughts and Erratic Activity” to redefine a job that may seem boring. This can be done with any job title! Check out these other examples:

  • Human Resources becomes Timeline Overlord!
  • Social Media Manager becomes Entertainment Seer!
  • Customer Service Manager becomes Head Unicorn Wrangler!
  • IT or Computer Specialist becomes Warlord of Ingenuity!
  • Content Writer or Blogger becomes Ink Magician!

Who said it had to be a logo?

Okay, so we have your name covered and your title, but what about that logo? Why not go for something a bit more unique. Yes, if you are ordering in bulk, it will have to be the same for every name plate. But, you can still be creative. Instead of your company logo, make up a graphic that is just as fitting. Do you have a mascot? Or, try a unique icon that is suitable for your business.

Funny name plates also make great gifts!

From Father’s Day to Christmas and everything in between, everyone will love your creative side when you present them with a thoughtful gift of a new name plate. And, they don’t just have to be names and titles. Add a quote, personal thought or nickname to your new name plates. If the text can be engraved, put it on an Acrylic Desk Block or an Executive Desk Wedge to make it even classier.

get new name plates as Acrylic Desk Blocks and give them as gifts with a special and unique quote

If you are ordering for yourself, the sky may be the limit on this! And, with UV color printing available as well as engraving, you can include colors and images. Pick your favorite animal or other unusual and defining hobby. Do you like quilting? Provide an image of a quilt block. Are turtles or owls your absolute favorite? Well, you get the idea.

No matter what you decide for your new name plates, make sure you are representative of who you are and get that creativity flowing.