Customizing Spring and Summer Weddings

Roses and lace are traditional for bright spring and summer weddings, but the fun doesn’t end there. Personalized products are the perfect finishing touch for your happy day, and you can customize everything to go with your colors and theme.

Customizing spring and summer weddings with personalized products.

So, you have a venue and your guest list and have started thinking about everything else you need for your special day. But, have you started thinking about decorations? We’re here to help when it comes to the personalized details for your wedding. Start with custom engraved signs with your marriage date. Then throw in some name tags to identify your wedding party. Finally, finish with other special touches using name plates and other customized items for your wedding day. And, don’t forget that personalized ribbons are just as important for your spring and summer weddings!

Engraved Name Plates for Best Wishes

Ribbon pink plastic name plate with white engraving to show wedding guests where to put gift cards and other presents.

Name plates are perfect for springtime weddings and simply need to be personalized to match the event. Create custom text informing guests where to stash their gifts for the couple. And, with all sorts of material colors, they are here to help your decorating as they can match everything you already have. Choose from an abundance of colors that will fit perfectly with any wedding. Then, add graphics and details, or add names for seating your wedding party.

Get your creativity flowing with these custom name plates, from food designations to decorating for a beautiful evening. Add a name plate to your buffet tables to designate different dishes. Or customize a fancy table number or seating arrangements. You can also display the bride and groom’s names at the reception hall entrance. Decorate with different name plates around the reception area of favorite quotes or sayings. Use your imagination and create something unique for the couple that will help the wedding be memorable.

PRO TIP: Custom plaques are unique to every spring and summer wedding when used at the guest book table and customized with wedding details.

Wedding Party Name Tags for Spring and Summer Weddings

Euro gold plastic name tags with black engraving showing mother and father of the bride names and titles for spring and summer weddings.

Place settings are more fun with custom name tags for each guest. So, help your guests find their seats at your spring wedding using name tags as place settings. From custom shapes to matching colors, let us help you with a seating chart that will amaze every guest. Once your guests find their seats, they can wear their name tags so that everyone can mingle with ease.

Everyone will be excited about this unique idea, from the mother of the bride to the flower girl. And, no one will feel left out or awkward because they don’t know who everyone is! Match the material and color to your wedding theme, and even get creative with titles.

Custom Engraved Signs for Everything Else

Plastic custom sign in claret with white engraving and a ring bearer for a spring and summer wedding decoration idea.

Stray from tradition and use a personalized sign to announce the coming of the bride. Match the plastic material colors to your wedding theme, and create a message that will inspire your guests and captivate your wedding party. Have the ring bearer or flower girl carry this cute little sign with them so the groom can see this special message.

Custom signs are also a great way to designate guest books, names and dates, directions and so much more! Express your creativity with your text and graphics on these fantastic wedding signs. Share the love and feature the bride and groom’s names with their special date. Or, add a favorite quote or saying (or a unique hashtag) for a little extra wedding flair that adds to the day’s theme.

Planning a wedding takes time and a lot of patience.

With a wedding venue tucked into place and seating charts ready to go, all you’re missing for your fantastic fall wedding is customized products. So now is the time to work on all of your decorations and more minor event details. From ribbon rolls to custom signs, we have everything you need to make your fall wedding the dream you want.

But, no matter how simple or lavish your wedding is, personalized products guarantee to make any wedding unforgettable. Whatever you choose to use, from name tags to signs, make the most of them with personalization meant just for your special day.

P.S. Name tags and signs are as traditional as they come, but don’t forget those wedding ribbons! So, make this the wedding all of your guests remember by using unique wedding ribbon ideas.

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Business Essentials: Name Tags and Identification

Taking care of the customer is the number one priority of every retail establishment. Without good customers, a business will not thrive. So, make sure your customers are happy with every aspect of your store or restaurant. Start with the business essentials: name tags!

Customer happiness can stem from knowing a company’s staff. Enter the name tag. There are many benefits to providing name tags for your employees. Some of these include the use in marketing, providing store security, identifying staff and many other things. Overall, having staff wear name tags helps to build a company’s brand and they give the opportunity for employees and customers to interact.

Approchability with Name Tags

For the majority of retailers, name tags are a business necessity. And, because name tags are permission slips inviting conversation, they encourage engagement. This is due to their primary function being to personalize and humanize each person. Especially for a business whose focus is customer service and face-to-face interaction.

Business Essentials: Name Tags, Office Signs and Event Badge Ribbons

Why Name Tags are Business Essentials for Retail and Restaurants

From security to branding, retail stores and restaurants have almost become synonymous with name tag use. As part of your business essentials, name tags are a must for identification. But, don’t underestimate the power of other forms of identification. These can include stock signage and even badge ribbons. Here are some ways for you to utilize these items.

Reusable Name Badges

Speedy Badge for a coffee shop is an easy to change reusable name tag.

When you need to have more than one use out of a name tag, these are the badges for you. While most reusable badges are used by temporary retail workers or similar professions, they can also be a versatile option for a company that is looking to save on identification cost.

With printable inserts, these Reusable Name Badges are simple to use and quick to change. Speedy Badges are a great option for a reusable tag. The printed paper slides out from behind a plastic cover and is quickly replaced. Now all of your employees, volunteers and other staff are ready with new name tags.

Stock Signs

Stock office signs like a conference room sign with a frame will help both employees and customers.

From conference rooms to custodial closets, having signs around your store or restaurant is always helpful. Every sign you use helps communicate with your employees and patrons where things are located. And, they come in all sorts of colors so they will match your established spaces.

The best part about these signs? If you don’t see one you need, you can always order a custom sign instead! So, making engraved signs part of your business essentials just got easier. Choose a color and add them to your doors, desks and more.

Event Badge Ribbons

Use event badge ribbons at conferences, conventions and even in a store or restaurant.

As a business owner, you often times can find yourself needing to attend an event. So, when attending these events, upgrade your name tag with a title featured on a badge ribbon. It doesn’t matter what the title (stock or custom), just make sure it is highly readable at a distance.

You can also use title ribbons at your business. Identify servers, customer service and other staff around your store or restaurant easily with pretty strips of ribbon. Or, think outside the box with these versatile business essentials.

Other Business Essentials

The primary reason that name tags help businesses thrive and flourish is that they can add a personal and professional connection to employees to make them stand out. When people have a personal connection they’re sure to remember and return again and again. So, how much do you make name tags and other identification a part of your life? If you’re not already, start using them today:

Event Name Badge Etiquette: Part 1

Event name badges are the best way to identify yourself, especially when networking is a primary focus. Follow these guidelines and you will always be safe from sabotaging your own success. So, what is an event name badge and how do you wear them properly?

Networking with name badges

Should I bring my own name badge to events?

While arriving with your custom designed name tag assures your name and affiliation are printed the way you like. It may not be in your best interest to do so. Consider this: event planners usually create badges specific to a particular occasion to identify those who legitimately belong at the event and those who don’t. Wearing a name badge from outside the event may inadvertently convey the impression that you are crashing the party.

Squint Factor

There is nothing more disappointing than arriving at check-in to see ineffective badges. The logo of the hosting or sponsoring organization dominates the event badge. At the same time, names, company affiliations and every other detail, except your birth date, are printed so small they are not easy to read.

Remember the Purpose of the Badge

Classic Name Tags

When preparing event name badges, think through the purpose of the tag. The badge should make communicating and networking easy for your event attendees. Always show names in spoken order, given name followed by surname, followed by your affiliation or company underneath. Think twice about the need to provide any more information beyond these basics.

Hosts and Sponsors

Sponsors and hosts are important to every event, and they deserve recognition. However, it is essential to remember that the person’s name is the most important information on the badge. Therefore, the majority of space should be devoted to presenting the person’s name. Thus, the logo or sponsoring affiliation should be smaller than the attendee’s name. It should never be the reverse.

“Hello, my name is” Name Badges

I confess to not liking this particular style of name tag. They only serve a purpose for kids, are a waste of space, and should not be used in professional settings. Instead, it is best to use clean, professional looking adhesive badges with or without colored borders.

Handwriting vs. Printing on Event Name Badges

Badge holder with printed insert and written name

Having badges printed and waiting is the perfect way to start an event. When this is impossible, provide dark pens and encourage everyone to write large enough that you can easily read their information from a distance, at least one half inch in height. Allow as much white space as possible; it helps others to read the badge more easily.

Printed Tags

When generating pre-printed tags on a computer, choose a font that is easy to read. Arial, Myriad Web and Garamond are always good starting points. Sometimes it takes extra time to employ a little trial and error to find the correct font size and balance. However, it will be well worth the effort for optimum results. See part 2 of this article for information on printing event badges.

Wearing an Event Name Badge

Where should you place a name tag for networking? Wearing the badge high on your right shoulder gives other people the best view of the tag and your face. As you extend your right hand for a handshake, your eye and arm immediately draw to the right side of the person you are greeting. Because the uppermost part of your chest is the flattest area below your shoulder, this helps your tag to lie flat and be more secure. For women, this also prevents the awkwardness of drawing attention to a location we want to avoid having someone staring at. Placing the name tag high up in an easy-to-read and visible place keeps the focus on the tag where it should be.

Company Name Tags

Company Name Tag

Many businesses require their staff to wear name badges for identification. In this case, wearing such badges on the left shoulder is appropriate.

BONUS: Placing name tags straight and in plain view.

Never wear your name tag crooked, sideways or upside down. It sends a negative message to others, usually implying a lack of respect for the occasion or a lack of care or interest in your appearance.

What other tips do you have to add to this list? Let us hear from you.

Byline: Guest blogger Syndi Seid is a leading international business protocol and social etiquette expert. For more information on Syndi and other tips, visit www.Advanced

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